Mainly Because He Gave Too Much Money

Raw Title: 主要是他给的钱实在太多了

Total Chapters: 89

Author: 荒木泽代

Translator: Avrora

Update: 7 months ago

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In order to resist the arranged marriage arranged by his family, the CEO spent 30 million to “buy” a professional actor.


Thinking that he had bought a “perfect and worry-free package,” he didn’t expect to end up with an extremely! Troublesome! And! Annoying! person!


This troublemaker is highly professional, he will do the things seriously when he takes money from others. With the demeanor of an experienced actor, he presents various professionally researched melodramatic plans for the CEO to choose from.


Troublemaker: “Mr. Yan, I would like to discuss with you the setup of our love story. Would you prefer a version where we love and hate each other, or a version where we fall deeply in love at first sight?”


CEO: “…”


Troublemaker: “I understand, you like something more exciting, like a Christmas night gift play?”


CEO: “Shut up.”


When the CEO is forced to put on a show in front of his parents:


CEO: “Why don’t you just sleep honestly and instead jump around on my bed?”


Troublemaker: “I am showcasing your bravery to your mother!”


CEO: …


As the CEO gradually becomes attracted to the troublemaker:


Secretary: “Sir, the Madam has taken the one million yuan check you signed for him and went to see your white moonlight.”


CEO: “Oh, did he take it to act out the scene ‘Take one million and leave my husband’?”


Secretary: “No, he told your white moonlight that he would give him thirty million yuan, and he immediately left…”


CEO: “@#¥%…! Bring him back to me!”


Cold and aloof CEO who dislikes trouble (seme) x Oblivious and flirtatious troublemaker (uke)


1. Marriage first, love later

2. Daily updates: 3000+ words

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