Marrying The Modern Crown Prince

Raw Title: 嫁给当代皇太子

Total Chapters: 95 Chapters - Completed

Author: 青律

Translator: Ace

Update: 2 weeks ago

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Living in a constitutional monarchy, Yue Yiwan never thought he would have any connection with the royal family. However, he attended a banquet, which was actually a consort selection event disguised as a flower-viewing party. The man was not only late, but also drank a glass of plum wine offered by a tall and handsome man. Father Yue coughed lightly: “If you drink it, you have to marry him.” The royal family members applauded enthusiastically: “So you’ve already hit it off! Congratulations—prepare to get married right away!”


Yue Yiwan: ??? Wait—I’m just a carefree rich second generation—



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