Military Marriage in the ’70s: Her Popularity in the Family Compound After Joining the Army

Raw Title: 七零军婚:随军后她风靡家属院

Total Chapters: 469 Chapters

Author: 胭回

Translator: Vertzy

Update: 1 day ago

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Shi Tingyu is a young artist with a bit of fame. She suddenly finds herself transported to the 1970s, becoming the daughter of a weapons researcher. Just as she’s about to enjoy her new life, she faces the dilemma of her parents being reported and sent away.


Her parents, not wanting her to suffer, quickly arrange for her to go on a blind date. She acknowledges she can’t endure hardship, so she agrees to the blind date. After all, soldiers exude a certain righteousness and spirit, so she doesn’t feel it’s a loss.


Little does she know, the military officer she meets is an absolute embodiment of pure, stern authority.


Later, she follows him to his military post, and the entire family compound buzzes with the news.


“Did you hear? The perpetually single Lu Weiguo brought back a beautiful wife.”


Those who had previously been on blind dates with Lu Weiguo, numbers one, two, and three, now felt guilty.


They regretted not choosing Lu Weiguo, thinking such a wonderful flower had fallen into a pile of cow dung.


Soon, everyone realized that while Lu Weiguo seemed stern, he was incredibly caring.


The family compound’s gossip changed again.


“Lu Weiguo is kind to his wife and a reliable man. His wife has landed in a blessing.”


Suddenly, Shi Tingyu became the envy of everyone.


Later, as the four-person group stepped down, more and more news circulated around the family compound.


But somehow, all the news kept circling back to the exceptional wife, Shi Tingyu.


“Did you hear? Old Li’s kid got into college!”


“So what? Lu Weiguo’s wife has been hired as a university professor.”


“Did you hear? Old Wang’s family started a business and made quite a bit of money.”


“So what? I heard Lu Weiguo’s wife sold a painting for a substantial sum.”


“Did you hear?…”


From then on, Shi Tingyu became the perfect military wife everyone in the family compound envied and looked up to.


Upon hearing these rumors, Lu Weiguo…

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    I’ll unlock 5 premium chapters weekly!! Enjoy Reading Comrade 🙂

  2. Gisele Alves has spoken 1 week ago

    waaaa estou gostando tanto de acompanhar a Novel. Está cada vez mais empolgante. Ansiosa para o desenvolver do relacionamento dos protagonistas principais. E curiosa para saber se em algum momento da novel Tingyu vai se encontrar com a protagonista da história para a qual ela transmigrou. Muito, muito obrigada mesmo pela ótima tradução. Ansiosa para os acontecimentos dos próximos capítulos. Espero que a tradutora esteja bem, por favor leve seu tempo na tradução e olhe sua saúde. Saudações dessa leitora do Brasil.


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