My Silly Boyfriend

Raw Title: 我的呆学霸男友

Total Chapters: 80 chapters and 2 extra

Author: 仲希 (Zhong Xi)

Translator: Avrora

Update: 1 day ago

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The campus belle Jing Li made a bet with someone and lost. As a result, she has to confess her love to Jing Ran, the top student in their department and date him for three months.


Jing Ran has an average appearance, with a very ordinary-looking mushroom haircut. He always wears black-framed glasses with thick lenses, and his dressing style makes him look like a poor student who just came out of the countryside.


After dating Jing Ran for a while, Jing Li realizes that this seemingly clueless top student is actually quite handsome, but his taste in fashion is questionable, making himself look tacky and unsophisticated.


Later, with Jing Li’s help, Jing Ran undergoes a transformation and suddenly becomes the heartthrob of the campus, attracting attention from various unknown girls.


Furthermore, Jing Ran’s low emotional intelligence both makes Jing Li love and hate him. She suddenly finds herself disliking this boyfriend who doesn’t understand a girl’s heart, but at the same time he is incredibly good-looking and kind…


Ah… should they break up or not?


A story of a simple-minded campus belle VS a socially awkward yet incredibly attractive top student.












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