[Phantom of the Opera] Lover

Raw Title: [歌剧魅影]情人

Total Chapters: 54 Chapters

Author: 爆炒小黄瓜

Translator: nacion

Update: 2 months ago

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Due to his terrifying appearance and pathological personality, he was known as the “Devil’s Son.”

No one cared about his intellect and talents.
On the contrary, the more he demonstrated his omnipotence, the more people around him feared him.

He lived in a terrifying hell, yearning for redemption throughout his life.

—Redemption arrived.

She had a charming face, like an angel with golden hair and fair skin, opening the iron cage that confined him and whispering softly, “Escape quickly.”

While fleeing, he glanced back at her, remembering her footsteps.

She wore Moroccan goat leather flat shoes, without socks, with a slightly arched instep and three small moles on her ankle.

After enduring hellish trials, he donned a mask and finally saw her again.

However, she had already married a handsome and unparalleled count.

“To find your father, you must divorce him.” He was very close to her, the burning breath on her lips, but his tone was ice-cold and non-negotiable, “Otherwise, I might kill him.”

Later, he brazenly appeared in her home, kissing her on the forehead in front of the count, lifting his golden flame-like eyes, and coldly and contemptuously surveying the count…

【Reading Warning】
1. Phantom of the Opera fanfiction; each book has slight changes in the male lead’s background, strictly not the same person.
2. Non-virgin male lead. The female lead is straightforward, with many past lovers, but her true love is the male lead. The male lead is possessive and jealous, a vinegar jar reincarnate. 1v1 sweet romance.
3. The male lead has a different attribute; be cautious if sensitive.

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