Please stop summoning me

Raw Title: 别再召唤我啦!

Total Chapters: 343

Author: 不是浪迹

Translator: anshi cia

Update: 2 days ago

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Eerie prayers were heard, and each name was distinct.
“Lord of the Ashes”
“Colorless City”
“Mist of the White Shore”
“Spirit of the Ancient”
” Dream of the Void”
“Ruler of the Chaos”

After Shen Yi transmigrated to a new world, mysterious groups seemed to be wanting to Summon him nonstop. The church, wizards, investigators, saints…

Every summoning group had something they desired. And at the same time, they offered various sacrifices.

Shen Yi was overwhelmed with annoyance, but there was nothing he could do to put a stop to it.

Eventually, he was successfully summoned by cultists.

And the first problem Shen Yi had to face was… A sacrificial little girl, who had slumped on the altar!

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  1. Elie350 has spoken 10 months ago

    really fun story. however, as you move along, the last few chapters feels like they were translated with google translate. perhaps they are a first draft. In which case, it would be nice if this was marked on the chapters. i prefer to wait for the final translation


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