Popularizing Physics to Teach a Group of Master Magicians?

Raw Title: 科普物理,教出一票法神?

Total Chapters: 777 + Extra 2

Author: Yu Yunfei (余雲飛)

Translator: ShangWiz

Update: 17 hours ago

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“I taught physics, never magic. I certainly never slapped evil gods, kicked demon kings, or shot down divine realms. All the rumors about me are completely baseless slander,” said Raine Tesla.

After he spoke, disregarding the trembling gods and demons in the sky, his chief disciple, Downs, turned to the other magician apprentices and said, “Master’s ‘modesty syndrome’ is acting up again. Remember, anything that sounds ridiculous coming from Master’s mouth is completely true.”

The other apprentices nodded in deep agreement.

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