Premarital Cohabitation

Raw Title: 婚前同居

Total Chapters: 36

Author: 陈隐

Translator: EuphoriaT

Update: 8 months ago

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This is a sweet slice-of-life story. After a neat-freak psychologist (Gong) and a modern designer (Shou) meet through a blind date, they start chatting online. Feeling a mutual attraction, they decide to give a romantic relationship a try. Due to the Shou’s poor eating habits, the Gong takes it upon himself to educate him daily, and since the Gong’s home is conveniently close to the Shou’s workplace, they end up moving in together directly.

Once they start living together, their life becomes filled with sweet moments. The Gong helps the Shou develop better and healthier habits, though occasionally indulging him. The Gong, who’s something of a medical aficionado, constantly imparts medical knowledge, and they collect various quirky items on their shared journey, making their cohabitation an interesting one.

Written with a humorous tone, this story depicts the journey of two individuals with differing personalities as they go from meeting and getting to know each other to living together and falling in love. The plot unfolds without major twists, focusing on the simple and heartwarming aspects of their daily life.

Wei Nanlin (Psychologist, Gong) x Chu Qi (Designer, Shou)

It’s just a series of serious cohabitations in daily life. Mm!

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