Romantic Refutation

Raw Title: 浪漫驳论

Total Chapters: 49

Author: 摇摇兔

Translator: purple_rose0766

Update: 4 months ago

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He once had a patient, a boy with borderline personality disorder.


Just when he was working as a full-time psychiatrist at University A, he met Fu Xingran again.


Fu Xingran is no longer the boy who was full of hatred for the world and always holding his hand with red eyes, but a sunny and cheerful college student.





“Dr. Su, do you remember me?”


When we met in the corridor, Fu Xingran was wearing a pure white sweater and bathed in the sun. He was tall and sunny, just like the name Ran, bright and dazzling.


He smiled and said, “Xingran, long time no see.”


“I should call you teacher now.” Fu Xingran approached him and said, “I can finally see you every day.”


He didn’t think there was anything wrong with this sentence at the time. , after all, it is normal to meet in the same school.


Until one day, he accidentally pushed open the ajar door.


The wall inside the door is covered with photos of him, from medical treatment, class, shopping… There is also an oil painting of him sitting on a chair in a white coat.


“Ah, I’ve been discovered.”


A smiley voice came from behind.


He turned around.


I saw Fu Xingran smiling brightly: “I finally found it, brother, we can’t leave.”





Title Tags: Age Gap, Exclusive Love, Romance, Boyslove





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One-sentence Summary: The little milk dog really has no ill intentions.





Concept: If love is a redemption, then mutual pursuit is a romantic redemption.

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