Rushing Towards The Flame

Raw Title: 扑火

Total Chapters: 10 (completed)

Author: 岁见

Translator: Avrora

Update: 3 months ago

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Tang Yi was 17 years old when she secretly loved Jiang Qiaosheng, and she married him when she was 25.


In the 10th year of loving Jiang Qiaosheng, Tang Yi proposed a divorce to him.



On the night she decided to get divorced, Tang Yi accidentally came across a popular topic.


“Why do all the stories of unrequited love that come true only end at the point of marriage?”


Tang Yi remained silent for a long time, and wrote down her own answer.


–Because the trivialities of life and the suspicions in the relationship will erode your love for him.


“Loving you is like a moth rushing towards the flame, exhausting all of me.”


Content tags: Urban, Drama


Search keywords: Main character: Tang Yi | Supporting character: Jiang Qiaosheng | Other:


One-sentence summary: Loving you is like a moth rushing towards the flame


Theme: Wise renunciation is better than blind persistence.

  1. jimmy lee has spoken 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for translating this. It meant so much to me.

    • Avrora has spoken 3 months ago

      You’re welcome ! I’m glad to know that it was meaningful for you. And I hope you always have a beautiful day.❤️


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