Sand Sculpture Spare Tire, Changing Fate Online!

Raw Title: 沙雕备胎,在线改命!

Total Chapters: 87 Chapters(83 + 4 Extras)

Author: 春风遥

Translator: EuphoriaT

Update: 8 months ago

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Lin Jindu, with the help of a system, entered a dog-blood novel called 《Moonlight Horizon》 and became the spare tire villain with the same name and surname inside it.


After the male lead and the male supporting character found Lin Jindu, this backup, following the “death” of White Moonlight, he was portrayed as holding up the  and did all sorts of evil deeds. In the end, he was defeated when White Moonlight returned.




The original male lead, Yu Yizhi, had a paranoid personality and extreme emotions. He left Lin Jindu with a warning, along with a pile of money, saying, “If you don’t act well as him, pack your bags and get out.”


Using the disguise effect of the system, Lin Jindu waited at the door the night Yu Yizhi returned from a business trip.


Under the streetlight, he had the same face as White Moonlight, pale and terrifying. 


After several days without sleep, Yu Yizhi, who had just finished a business deal, fainted on the spot.


Lin Jindu looked at the unconscious man and said softly, “Gege, I’ve had plastic surgery to look like him.”


“Plastic surgery for love, look at me, gege!”


The second male lead, Ran Yuanqing, appeared gentle but was actually a sound fetishist. He often stared at Lin Jindu’s face and said, “What a pity…”


Pity that your voice doesn’t sound like his.


On his birthday, Ran Yuanqing, as usual, thought of someone else through Lin Jindu’s face, “I hope you’re happy in heaven,” he said and blew out the candle.


“Happy birthday.” In the darkness, the voice of the deceased White Moonlight sounded coldly in his ear, and Ran Yuanqing fainted on the spot.


Lin Jindu looked at the unconscious man and said calmly, “Gege, the vocal cord surgery effect is amazing. Do you like it?”


“Changing my voice for love, look at me, gege!”


Shortly after the first male lead left the hospital, the second male lead was admitted to the hospital again. And not long after the second male lead left the hospital, the third male lead had his turn for a hospital visit.


…In less than two months, Lin Jindu became famous in the world of the wealthy!


Just as everyone was guessing who would be the next to suffer, Lin Jindu held hands with a real tycoon and announced the good news, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to retire from the world for love!”

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One-sentence Synopsis: Changing the world but staying true to oneself.


Concept: Don’t conform to others; embrace your authentic self!


Lin Jindu found himself unexpectedly transmigrated into a book, and not only did he transmigrate into the role of a spare tire, but he also met a tragic end of being left to die at sea. In the midst of confusion, the system informed him that as long as he played the perfect spare tire, there was a chance to change his fate. What does it mean to be the perfect spare tire? It means being at the beck and call of the male lead, always adhering to the principle of being readily available, and in simple terms, being as considerate and humble as possible. Lin Jindu smiled and nodded, embarking on his journey of playing the spare tire. The male lead liked White Moonlight’s smile, so Lin Jindu promptly ‘filially’ took him to the hospital. The second male lead liked White Moonlight’s voice, so Lin Jindu used his singing to get him into the VIP ward in just a few days…


I have all the qualities you love, provided that your love is genuine.

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