Strongest Racer’s Maintenance Guide

Raw Title: 最强赛车手保养指南

Total Chapters: 86

Author: 寒川歌

Translator: EuphoriaT

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“Ultimate Wife Doting Dad-Boyfriend (Navigator) Gong x Lifelong Ambitious Youth (Racer) Shou”


Navigator takes care of the racer’s daily trivial matters in life. On the racetrack, they are the racer’s brain, eyes, map, and also the racer’s…


“Also the racer’s dad,” Zhong Su said.


As Xia Qianchen’s navigator, Zhong Su was bombarded with preventive advice by the team manager a week before joining—


Xia Qianchen has a lot of quirks and is also sentimental. He wants to drink ice milk when he wakes up, washes the car every day, and the car paint must be reflective as a mirror. The navigator must have a pleasant voice while maintaining silence.


Zhong Su smiled, “These are just trivial matters; I’ll take care of him.”


“I’m not being sentimental, that’s called being particular.”


Xia Qianchen, the young prodigy racer, the ruthless person who takes turns at 300 meters on the Nürburgring Race Course, a stage 3 *Chunibyo no one can defeat him in his BGM.
*colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out, and who have convinced themselves that they have hidden knowledge or secret powers


He is the ruler of the Kunlun Tianlu at an altitude of 3100 meters.


He is the madman who, after losing GPS signal in the shifting sands, kissed his navigator and said, “This is a no-man’s land; we might as well die together now.”


Together, we’ll win the Ring Tower Championship once, run the Medog Highway once, and dominate the hundred thousand mountains.


We’ll drink together under the moon on the sand dunes, traverse the mountains and valleys of our homeland, experiencing what “four seasons in a day” truly means.


We’ll use a racing car to complete a journey to the places written in textbooks, no longer seeing the world through pictures.


“Where shall we go next?”


“To the next place we haven’t been to.”


Reading Guide:

1. 1v1, happy ending, no prototype.


2. It is feasible for a car to take turns at 300 meters, as a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series achieved this on the Nürburgring Race Course.


3. The author is just a rally racing enthusiast, not a professional. Feel free to point out errors during reading, but please be gentle qwq.


4. All driving skills in the text are fictional. Please follow traffic rules and drive safely in real life.


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Intention: Instead of lamenting that the road is hard to pass, it’s better to set off immediately.

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