The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife

Raw Title: 无良神明与不存在老婆的恋爱日常

Total Chapters: 1320

Author: 三久零

Translator: Xuan

Update: 2 months ago

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On the Rune Continent, there is a god who doesn’t want to be a god.

He spends every day slacking off and never does anything productive.

He is known as the Immoral God!

Making fun of his people is his greatest joy.

When the god is sleeping, it is the most beautiful time in the world.

Until one day, he falls in love with a non-existent girl.

The love of a god is destined to be bloody and intense.

Since then, this world has been destined to be restless…

The god said: “The sun is too bright, it’s hurting my wife’s eyes.”

So, the world lost its sun.

People asked:

“Where is your wife?”

“Why can’t we see her?”

  1. Bored Degenerate has spoken 2 months ago

    Man, this was one of my favorite novel alongside the Prequel, but it looks like the translator dropped this project.

  2. Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 4 months ago

    It’s been three months, is the series still updating?

  3. Kakarott has spoken 7 months ago

    well.. that’s one way to mess a good series up

  4. Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 8 months ago

    any more chapters so far?

    • TheGospel has spoken 7 months ago

      nope… its been so long … man.. and this used to be my favorite fluff series of all time

      • Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 7 months ago

        I know right!! i was in love with the fluffy and i asked the translator and she said a hiatus but i dont know when that is going to finish

  5. zer has spoken 9 months ago

    [wpd-tenor full=’1S9SwG_9f3oAAAAM/good-work-approved.gif’ preview=’1S9SwG_9f3oAAAAe/good-work-approved.png’ width=’498′ height=’498′]

  6. Kim. Miller (sung jin woo) has spoken 10 months ago

    I like this Novel

    [wpd-tenor full=’czj04U69NgEAAAAM/adam-levine-embarrassed.gif’ preview=’czj04U69NgEAAAAe/adam-levine-embarrassed.png’ width=’498′ height=’278′]


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