The Emperor is Pregnant With the Empress’ Child

Raw Title: 朕怎么可能怀了皇后的崽

Total Chapters: 100

Author: 初陌笙

Translator: oReo

Update: 2 days ago

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Female Alpha x Male Omega
The couple was transmigrated together
Content Warning: Male Pregnancy (Omega was male)


Bai Su, the heir of the business leader Bai Family, was an Alpha and will be married to the Duan Family’s Omega youngest son. As soon as the wedding night ended, she crossed to the non-ABO ancient world. She replaced her legitimate younger sister to enter the palace as The Empress.

In the palace, she was brought to the Emperor’s chamber….

She raised her eyes, seeing the bright-eyed, delicate, and handsome young emperor in the light reflected by the red candle. Realizing, wasn’t this the omega wife I married yesterday? But… why did he seem like he didn’t recognize her? Was it different people, or amnesia?

Bai Su was contemplating…






Would he get angry? Maybe… he will? Hmm… I wanted to see it.


Duan Changchuan was the Emperor of Datong, but he seemed extremely useless, with a Prince Regent who refused to return the power, and the prime minister who was eyeing him in the court.

Even the Empress was the prime minister’s unfavored concubine daughter. She was an Empress in name, but who knows what she was actually here for? It had gone too far!

Moreover, clearly, I had dismissed her to the side couch, yet why did I wake up on the side couch as well?

I was sleeping in my own chamber. Why did I find myself waking up on the Empress bed in the middle of the night??

I only wanted to take a stroll, why did I end up at the entrance of the Empress Palace???

I, also dreamt of being kissed by her!

One day, the young emperor with dark circles under his eyes, sat in the Imperial Astronomical Bureau, and slowly spoke, “I feel like I’ve been bewitched by the prime minister and the regent…”


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