The Farmer Lord is a Golden Carp

Raw Title: 农门相公是锦鲤

Total Chapters: 335

Author: 茶暖

Translator: MJ

Update: 5 days ago

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Transported to an ordinary ancient farming household, with just five mu of thin fields and two dilapidated houses, the original owner, who had been simple-minded for many years, possessed immense physical strength. His parents lacked any particular skills. The newly-wedded son-in-law who just entered the family was a thin and weak fellow who seemed bewildered by everything he saw.


Looking at the steamed buns in his hand, Jiang Mixia prepared to roll up his sleeves and work hard. Unexpectedly, the young son-in-law went up the mountain to chop firewood and found silver, went down to the river to catch fish and pick pearls, and made a fortune in business. He even excelled in the imperial examination every time he took it…


Jiang Mixia was stunned: “What about the female lead getting rich and prosperous?”


Interstellar Man · Song Jingyun: “Leave these matters to me, my lady, just lie back and enjoy the success.”


Keywords: farming, rural household, time travel, 1V1, struggle, getting rich, light-hearted, daily life, sweet pampering, character development, imperial examination, koi, refreshing, family anecdotes, heartwarming, light-hearted, without a system

Alternate reality, not to be taken seriously, all for the sake of the plot.


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