The Moonlight

Raw Title: 见空

Total Chapters: 82

Author: 罪加罪

Translator: hazelstar

Update: 5 months ago

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“I may not possess extraordinary talents, but I am willing to trade my life to ensure her lifelong safety.”

In the world of the illustrious Lord Liang, a mysterious woman enters his life, sparking rumors of a potential marriage.

However, he insists that she is nothing more than his doctor.

Meet Dr Xu Qingyan, a talented physician with a complicated past. Consequently, Xu Qingyan believes that in his eyes, she is nothing more than a physician, perhaps even a cunning one.

Are their assumptions accurate, or is there a hidden truth waiting to be discovered?

Amidst the uncertainties, “The Moonlight” takes readers on a captivating journey, where love, loyalty, and secrets intertwine.

Join Liang Jiankong and Xu Qingyan as they navigate a delicate balance between desire and duty, in a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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  1. ellianaaa has spoken 6 months ago

    Please translator when will you be updating?


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