The object is still in his mother’s womb

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Yin Luoqiu is a single nobleman.
Facing her mother’s urging marriage, her excuse was – my partner is still in his mother’s womb!

Then, one day, when she was almost worn out, she met one after another young puppies.

World 1: She was eight years old, and the aunt next door hugged a newborn boy and said to her: Luoqiu, this is Xiao Yi who will married you.
World 2: She is a thirty-five-year-old working woman who went to give a lecture at a university, met her friend’s younger brother, and got entangled.

World Three: Tomb-sweeping Day, she met the eighteen-year-old son of her ex-boyfriend, a female ghost who had been dead for eighteen years.
World 4: …
World X: The big monster who is about to usher in a thousand-year catastrophe is being pursued by the cubs of the little sisters who practiced together.

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