The Play of Ming Dynasty

Raw Title: 戏明

Total Chapters: 505 and 16 extra

Author: 春溪笛晓

Translator: Mel 。

Update: 2 weeks ago

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Wang Xiaowen became a baby with his memories. His mother was his father’s second wife, and she kept on brainwashing him every day–”You have a bad brother who loves to show off. He’s the one who loves to seek the limelight around here.”


“When he was born, he gave a message through a dream, causing your father to be very fond of him.”


“In the beginning, your father named him ‘Yun’ after the word ‘auspicious cloud’ and even changed the name of the place where he lives to Jade Cloud Tower.”




Wang Xiaowen, who was still breastfed, understood that his mother had taken the role of an evil stepmother being mean towards her stepson. His unlucky older brother was named Wang Yun!


Forget it. No matter what, she was his mother, so of course he would help her mother and not listen to reason!




Not long after, Wang Xiaowen heard his father introducing him to his unlucky brother, who had just returned home, while carrying him, “Shouren, this is your little brother.”


Wang Xiaowen, “?????”


Wait a minute, wasn’t his brother named Wang Yun?!

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