The True Scandal

Raw Title: 纯真丑闻

Total Chapters: 70

Author: 卡比丘

Translator: snaggletooth

Update: 2 years ago

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Xu Sheng x Tang Zhi
Using all of one’s brainpower and pawning away one’s life.

In order to coax his mentally sick sister to see the doctor, Xu Sheng sought out Tang Zhi and put forward a request for him to marry his sister. He even gave a condition that Tang Zhi could not refuse; he will help Tang Zhi’s mother with the case that sent her to jail.
After Tang Zhi moved into their luxury house, he had to face a mentally sick fiancee plus a cold and arrogant brother-in-law. However, he could only bear with it for his mother’s sake. That is, until his fiancee got into a car accident.

  1. Yu Yue has spoken 9 months ago

    Hi! How to apply as a translator?

  2. Lily has spoken 2 years ago

    sneggletooth dear, I hope you’re doing alright~ I wonder if you’re still working on this novel? :”>


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