The Villain’s Father’s Guide to Raising a Child

Raw Title: 反派他爹养崽指南

Total Chapters: 95

Author: 禾优

Translator: FallenMoon

Update: 11 months ago

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Before his death, Yu Bai gained memories from his past life. He discovered that his son, Yu Shuoxing, was the main antagonist in a previous-life novel about a fierce business battle. Yu Shuoxing grew up without a mother. At the age of three, his father died in a car accident, and he was sent to a private orphanage. In the orphanage, he was bullied by the director and other children of the same age. This led to the development of a dark, selfish, and ruthless personality. In the end, he met a tragic death on the streets, as depicted in the novel.

As Yu Bai lay in the emergency room, he thought to himself, “I feel like I can still fight for my life.” However, although he was saved, he lost his money and job in the process. Yu Bai looked at his penniless self and his pitiful son by his side and made a determined decision. He couldn’t let his child suffer, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

[3:38 PM] Drawing on the culinary skills from the past life that he remembered, Yu Bai started a small food stall and worked tirelessly from dawn to dusk to earn money. The result… Yu Bai’s food stall quickly became popular on the entire street and became the favorite of everyone from grandmothers in their eighties to three-year-old toddlers! With the help of influential people, it didn’t take long for Yu Bai’s food stall to evolve into a small restaurant and eventually a chain of stores. His son also became the beloved star among the neighborhood and the children, growing up surrounded by love. 

Yu Bai thought that he and his son would live a happy and fulfilling life together. However, he accidentally discovered something. That man who couldn’t do anything right, always acted spoiled, and always came to him for food—was secretly the benefactor who helped him expand his food business?! Moreover, this benefactor was also blood-related to his son and another father to him?!

For the first time, Yu Bai realized that he had a blood connection with his son. This benefactor, Ji Rongyu, who would compete with him for food and secretly scheme to drive a wedge between him and his son, turned out to be his son’s other father! Fantastic! Finally, he had a reason to give his mischievous son a taste of “love” education!

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  1. Miss caty has spoken 11 months ago

    i like this story can’t wait for chapter8🥰


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