Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself

Raw Title: 穿回二十年前领养我自己

Total Chapters: 102

Author: 青律

Translator: asoc1a7

Update: 1 year ago

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Jiang Wang fell into a lake due to a car accident and found himself back to twenty years ago.

In 2006, house prices were cheap, e-commerce was booming, and there were plenty of business opportunities everywhere.

But the first thing he did was to save his seven-year-old self from a drunkard’s house. The child kept crying non-stop with his eyes swollen red, “You… are you going to sell me, hiccup.”

The man with a sullen face threw a pack of tissues to the child, and went to the balcony alone to smoke.

‘How could I be so virtuous when I was a child.’

*Sweet and refreshing healing story
*There is a huge contrast between the character of the present male protagonist from when he was a child

  1. TJadakaa has spoken 1 month ago

    This is probably top 3 BL ive every read. its a VERY good read

  2. Fer 203 has spoken 1 year ago

    I loved the novel, I’m looking forward to more chapters. ♡•♡

    Apart from that, I am new to this platform and I would like to ask if it is not too much trouble: what do I do to follow the story? to know when they upload a new chapter and I don’t get lost while reading another one?

  3. snaz3 has spoken 1 year ago

    Thankyou for translating.
    I’m in love with the story. I’m looking forward to reading more chapters and future updates.
    Fighting!!! 🤍

  4. Pinki has spoken 2 years ago

    Don’t tell me he will marry himself ?

  5. ritone has spoken 2 years ago

    Its this yaoi romance?

  6. Panna Lycoris has spoken 2 years ago

    Waa~ Good to see You again and with such a great novel as this one! ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧ Thank You for translating ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

    • asoc1a7 has spoken 2 years ago

      Hiiii omg you’re here! o(≧∇≦o) Thank you for the support in VITK, I hope you enjoy this novel and the translation as well! ( ^_^)っ ♡♡♡


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