What’s Mr. Huo Eating Today

Raw Title: 霍先生今天吃什么

Total Chapters: 114

Author: 黑猫白袜子

Translator: Nen

Update: 1 hour ago

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《I’m sorry, I only thought of you as a cat》

On the third day after the death of his beloved cat, Guaji, the heartbroken He Yunzhou picked up a man on his doorstep.

Yes, he knew that the other party was just a neighbor who lives upstairs.

But before this day, he couldn’t have imagined that there really was such a person so similar to his Guaji……

It was probably because of this that he couldn’t help but raise this awkward, wayward, and troublesome man.

As for the industry elite; the dashing, rich, outstanding, wanderer, Huo Zheng,

He wouldn’t realize until much later,

That as it turns out, the man treated him so well wasn’t because he wanted to have a partner,

But because he……is just a substitute for a dead cat.


Huo Zheng: Every day I fall in love alone and rely on my own imagination to the ups and downs of love, sadness, joy, and parting……(he’s really a gong that thinks a lot)

Meanwhile, He Yunzhou: Cook with your heart and feed the one that looks like his cat on his dining table. Love? What is love? (bewildered)

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