Zhe Zhi

Raw Title: 折枝

Total Chapters: 40

Author: 困倚危楼

Translator: gumgum

Update: 3 months ago

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Duan Ling, the son of a righteous sect leader, was forcibly taken into an evil cult at a young age. Despite his circumstances, he grew up exceptionally handsome and held deep values of relationships and righteousness.

Lu Xiuwen, a young master of the cult, was naturally arrogant and bossy. He relished in bullying Duan Ling, always displaying spitefulness and capriciousness.

When they meet again, despite the latter’s loss of martial arts and limited time, he still maintains that tormenting and reckless personality. What’s more, even those enchanting eyes carry an unfathomable mystery…

The unsettled remnants in the martial world are still filled with danger, and Duan Ling begins to feel that perhaps he never truly understood Lu Xiuwen. Lu Xiuwen speaks vexing words, wears an annoying smile, and doesn’t care about other people’s lives or even his own, but why does he still risk everything just to… protect him?

*Zhe Zhi(折枝) refers to the act of breaking or snapping a branch from a tree
*Alternative title: Prisoner Under the Stage(阶下囚)

Translator’s Note
No retranslating, reposting, or making offline copies of my translation. Thank you.

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