Pearl Throat
Pearl Throat: Chapter 20
  1. Gift

That night, Shen Cizhu gave Xie Hou a gift.

In the following days, after the young masters of the capital replaced the board of directors of the Shen Group, becoming the absolute majority shareholders of Shen Cizhu’s genetic technology company, the board of directors had no foundation left to stand on.

They had not experienced a setback in decades, but this time they fell into Shen Cizhu’s hands.

They needed the advanced technology from that company to collaborate with an overseas organization. However, now they needed Shen Cizhu’s approval for anything.

Wen He was nothing but a failure. Previously, he listened to their instigation and sent people to chase down Shen Cizhu on the highway. Unexpectedly, the police were waiting for them on the way, and when those men were arrested, Wen He lost his nerve, no matter how much they instigated him, he refused to go against Shen Cizhu again.

The people on the board of directors sneered at this. They had actually considered siding with Wen He to seize power and inherit the Shen family, but now, they thought it was better to give up. He was just the illegitimate son of the third wife and couldn’t compare to Shen Cizhu, who was the legitimate son of the main wife from a prestigious family.

What’s so great about Shen Cizhu? If he weren’t the legitimate son—

“What if Shen Cizhu is not the legitimate son?” The Vice Chairman of the Shen Group lowered his head. He had the longest tenure in the group and had joined before Shen Cizhu was born.

He had heard rumors that Shen Cizhu’s mother had an affair with a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong.

What if it was true?

Then, Wen He, the illegitimate son, would become the sole heir of the Shen family.

“DNA testing!” The Vice Chairman stood up directly during the board meeting, glaring at the secretary.

The secretary understood instantly and bowed before leaving.

Shortly after, he returned with a USB drive containing the DNA test results from more than ten years ago when Shen Cizhu’s father and Wen He were tested for paternity. The USB drive was placed on the conference table.

“This is not enough…” The Vice Chairman clutched the USB drive tightly, as if his life depended on it.

“We can’t let Shen Cizhu see this report. If he does, we’re finished,” he scanned his subordinates one by one, saying, “We need to create a new report, one from the research institute that Shen Cizhu visited previously.”

“Is he… really not the legitimate son? But Shen Cizhu has never—” The newly appointed executive hesitated for a moment and said.

His words were silenced by others without a sound.

It was just a test. After all, no one would know, even if Shen Cizhu found out that someone had taken his genes to test against Shen Cizhu, they had no evidence to prove that it was them. They were experts who had been stirring up the business world for over a decade; they could easily conceal such matters.

If Shen Cizhu was not the legitimate son, it would be interesting.

They wanted Shen Cizhu dead.

They needed Wen He to become the inheritor.

Over a decade ago, Shen Cizhu had brought Wen He back from the orphanage to the Shen family. The first thing Shen Cizhu’s father did after bringing him back was to have a paternity test done on Wen He.

They went to a top genetic testing research institute affiliated with the prestigious Beijing University. The test confirmed that Wen He was indeed his biological son, and only then did Shen Cizhu bring him home.

Now, that research institute had been acquired by the board of directors in just half a day. They dismissed everyone affiliated with the institute who had connections to the Shen family, especially those related to Shen Cizhu, and replaced them with their own people.

Shen Cizhu’s genetic data and that of his father had been delivered. The people on the board of directors had paid a hefty price to falsify the test results.

They wanted Shen Cizhu not to be the legitimate son of the Chairman.

The legitimate son could only be Wen He, as he was the easiest to control. This was also a requirement of the influential figure. They needed to eliminate Shen Cizhu through Wen He and gain control of the Shen Group.


The results of the paternity test reports eventually found their way into Xie Hou’s hands. However, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

Shen Cizhu was much better at playing this game than those old men. At least he knew that beauty and power could both lead to victory.

Shen Cizhu sat at the desk in his private research lab, and Xie Hou sat in a swivel chair not far away, looking down at something.

Xie Hou was dressed in a research outfit, and the red birthmark on his neck contrasted starkly with his neat and clean attire, making him look extremely restrained.

“Did you like the gift I gave you? This is the best research institute in the country; you must like it, right? My dear research associate,” Shen Cizhu’s long legs swayed as he leaned slightly, his five fingers gripping the back of Xie Hou’s neck, which was close and face-to-face.

“Truly promising,” his voice was slow and unhurried, as he gently stroked Xie Hou’s skin with his fingertips, almost teasing.

His lustrous black hair fell casually, and his beautiful face showed no emotion but exuded charm.

Yet, he was dressed in a highly contradictory suit and leather shoes. He had even been interviewed on a prime-time financial news channel. After the interview, he had come to the research institute to meet Xie Hou.

Xie Hou was still studying the lab’s data, and his eyelashes cast a shadow when they lowered, showing little interest.

“Shen Cizhu.”

It wasn’t until Shen Cizhu’s foot, covered in black, thin stockings that looked like pantyhose, peeked out from under his pants and rested on Xie Hou’s thigh, that Xie Hou finally spoke.

Xie Hou’s hand grasped Shen Cizhu’s ankle. “Someone is outside.”

“Being watched excites me even more,” Shen Cizhu knew someone was outside and did it intentionally.

“No shame,” Xie Hou released Shen Cizhu’s ankle, stood up, and closed the blinds. It was daytime now, and when the sunlight entered the room, Shen Cizhu’s eye color would change.

For a moment, it wasn’t green anymore.

“I gave you the test report, remember, I am my father’s biological son,” Shen Cizhu got off the lab table, and when he left, he adjusted Xie Hou’s collar.

Xie Hou remained cold and expressionless.

“Do everything for me; this is the premise of our cooperation,” Shen Cizhu raised his heels slightly and tapped Xie Hou’s thigh. Their shoes contrasted in black and white, along with a size difference.

In the research institute, this seemed somewhat ambiguous.

“Xie Hou, you need to show me that you’re more outstanding than your brother, or else I can give up on you at any time.”

“I understand,” Xie Hou averted his gaze. “You will help me—”

“Yes, I will help you with the 140 million debts. You help me get the Shen family. It’s that simple. Cooperation.” Shen Cizhu chuckled when he heard this. His laughter was always gentle, and even the curvature of his lips seemed soft. The sparse light filtered through the blinds onto his face.

The dappled shadows covered Shen Cizhu’s face, and for a brief moment, it seemed as though an iris-purple film had covered his tearful eyes.

“After everything is done, I think your mother and my family can continue innocently, right?”

“Xie Hou, I enjoy revenge.”

Recently, a young man of eighteen arrived at the Dieux Research Institute. He was so handsome and aloof that he didn’t seem like an ordinary person. He appeared more like an inorganic artificial intelligence, perfect in every way beyond belief. It was rumored that he was recommended by someone high up in the organization and was even studying at a private high school before being accepted here.

Initially, everyone speculated that he had connections to get in. But to their surprise, he turned out to be a genius with remarkable abilities. Some people felt he looked familiar, like they had seen him somewhere before.

The director of the institute, who was also the chairman of the academic committee of the School of Life Sciences at Peking University, had received the identity information of the new researcher. His porcelain cup fell to the ground upon reading it. He approached, shaking, and with a slight smile that was more nostalgic than happy.

“Xie Hou…” the director’s once cloudy eyes suddenly moistened. His hands had age spots, and they were dry and rough as he touched Xie Hou’s cold, pale hand. He even playfully punched it, showing a rare glimpse of youthful enthusiasm.

He laughed heartily with a hoarse voice. “Welcome back… It’s so good to have you back…”

He had clung to the hope of Xie Hou’s return throughout these years, and Xie Hou was his most exceptional student.

But he was also his lifelong regret.

Xie Hou had been admitted to the School of Genetics and Developmental Biology at Peking University, one of the top academic institutions in the country, when he was just fifteen years old. His presence caused a sensation, drawing not only the attention of the academic community but also the media from around the world.

Upon arriving in the capital, a top research institute specializing in genetics, developmental biology, and genetic therapy within a prestigious university, personally invited Xie Hou to join their team to contribute to human medical practice.

However, Xie Hou showed no interest in the research project and isolated himself from the rest of the research group. He focused exclusively on researching genetic abnormalities related to rumored criminal genes such as the XYY chromosome, MAOA-L, and RIA3 mutations. He believed that criminal genes could be entirely hereditary.

People with criminal genes were destined to be criminals.

Xie Hou’s conclusion in his report was chillingly cold.

The international top-tier academic institution SIN reported through the “New World” journal their intention to collaborate with him on the next phase of research. They aimed to remove diseased tissues related to criminal genes to reduce the treatment of violent and aggressive mental disorders. This approach was seen as more brutal and unethical compared to earlier procedures like the removal of the anterior frontal cortex of criminals.

Xie Hou did not respond to this collaboration request.

Not long after, rumors began circulating within the university that “Xie Hou’s mother was a murderer. When Xie Hou was young, she killed his father and left him with a debt of up to one hundred million yuan.”

Xie Hou chose to withdraw from school, destroying the scientific research achievements that had impressed international research institutions and leaving the field of genetic biochemistry.

On a late night, the director came to bid farewell to Xie Hou.

The director had heard that Xie Hou’s older brother was in the same city, working as a personal bodyguard for a significant figure in the Shen family, with whom he also had a romantic relationship. Such a brother was more than enough to provide Xie Hou with a refuge. Perhaps the influential figure would even pay off the one hundred million yuan debt on behalf of his “nephew.”

However, Xie Hou refused to seek out his brother. He claimed he needed to return to his hometown to pay respects to his mother.

Before leaving, Xie Hou went to the lab with the director. The intelligent electronic screens in the data storage area had dimmed the lights at the four corners, creating an almost blood-red atmosphere.

“You’re only seventeen. You’ll have more opportunities in the future. I hope you won’t give up on research,” the director consoled him.

Anyone could tell that Xie Hou’s refusal to cooperate with the SIN academic institution was the trigger for him quitting school, and the rumors of his “murderer mother” were deliberately spread by them.

“I don’t know if I can come back. I don’t want it to end like this, but, Doctor, I don’t understand,” Xie Hou sat in a corner and slowly began to destroy a partially completed psychotropic drug, tilting his head slightly. His beautiful amber eyes had a hint of coldness. “Is it my mother who’s the murderer, or is it her genes?”

Xie Hou had written that statement himself: People with criminal genes were destined to be criminals.

Xie Hou stood up, facing the shimmering moonlight outside the floor-to-ceiling window and the blood-red lights inside the lab. He walked toward the door, his tall silhouette disappearing into the cold floor crevices.

“My reason tells me that I abhor blood and gore, but my genes seem to enjoy it. For instance, right now, I feel like breaking your neck… I don’t understand.”

With the frame of a crane, his adolescent body was both fair and distant, clad in a pure white coat. It gave him an otherworldly aura. He removed his protective goggles, operated the floating display, and erased his own information. As he did, he spoke, “Doctor, I seem unable to continue with scientific research. I can’t bring hope to humanity. My genes tell me that I should follow a different path.”

These words left the director pale. He took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, “Xie Hou, you’re only seventeen.”

You can’t give up on yourself.

The director watched the young prodigy, who had brought him immense pride, with emotionless eyes. Geniuses often lacked emotions, but Xie Hou was different from them all.

Xie Hou’s indifference and malice were innate.

This was the perfect manifestation of a high-functioning sociopath. Xie Hou met all the criteria and was even more terrifying. Extremely self-centered, ruthless, rational, highly intelligent but unable to distinguish right from wrong, never inclined to suicide but deriving satisfaction from others’ deaths, such a genius could only be eliminated by humanity if he couldn’t bring benefits to it.

But he was only seventeen.

The director felt a deep sense of sorrow.

The remaining capsules and powder of the psychotropic drug were completely incinerated by the high-temperature laser on the lab bench.


“Tonight, I bid you farewell. Goodbye, Doctor,” the electrically fortified alloy gate, equipped with advanced anti-electric technology, lifted upward like a fan. Xie Hou left his goggles and research attire behind in the lab.

The surveillance monitor on the ceiling mechanically swiveled its head. The mechanized adult female voice bade Xie Hou farewell in Chinese.

[Mr. Xie Hou, we look forward to seeing you again.]

It offered this farewell message to every departing research member.

A year later, Xie Hou truly returned.


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