Positive Energy System
Positive Energy System Chapter 2

Yi Wenle didn’t know what was happening but seeing Ji Chenai’s expression he could vaguely predict what had happened, he heavily slapped the steering wheel and said angrily.

“Did your father made you do it?”

Ji Chenai didn’t say anything.

Yi Wenle continued.

“How can he do this to you? He really doesn’t think of you as his son.”

After long silence Ji Chenai said.

“It’s my fault…..”

Yi Wenle looked like he was really furious and exasperated, he yelled.

“Your fault? Where are you wrong, you were just trying to save someone! It’s that damn kid’s fault!”

Ji Chenai clenched his fist tightly, he knew Yi Wenle was comforting him but in almost everyone’s eyes, his so called saving someone was just a joke.

More than a month ago, Ji Chenai and several of his classmates’ went to the river to play when they saw a child drowning begging for help in the river. Ji Chenai didn’t hesitate and immediately jumped into the river to save the child but he instead directly hit the bottom of the river.

And the child who was asking for help from drowning stood up directly from the shallow river as if nothing happens. Turns out that the child was pretending to be drowning, and this funny joke from a child ruined Ji Chenai’s life forever.

He was the one rescued instead and was taken to the hospital. He was resuscitated with great difficulty, but because of the severe impact his spine suffered irreversible damage and unless a miracle occurs he would never be able to stand all his life.

The child knew he was in trouble, he panicked and run off immediately. He was later found by the police but the child’s family refused to admit that Ji Chenai was injured because he rescued their ‘suppose to be’ drowning child.

According to them it was purely because of Ji Chenai’s own playfulness, and their child has nothing to do with the accident.

When Ji Mingzhong found out about this, he was very angry but the object of his anger was Ji Chenai. While Je Chenai was still lying motionless in bed, he pointed directly at Ji Chenai and said.

“How did I give birth to such a stupid son like you?”

Listening to his father’s scolding Ji Chenain turned his gaze to his mother asking for help. But Chen Shuya just silently moved away in face of Ji Chenai’s request for help.

Ji Chenai was once again disappointed, he looked at Chen Shuya one last time before he finally hung his head in silence.

For Ji Zhongming, Ji Chenai’s disability from saving the child was simply a disgrace and a laughing stock for the Ji family. He only came to see him once or twice during Ji Chenai’s hospitalization and then never appeared again until Ji Chenai was discharge from the hospital. It was as if Ji Zhongming never had this son.

On the contrary Ji Suming his older brother who had been treating Ji Shenai like a thin air was the one who took him home when Ji Chenai was discharge from the hospital.

Although he didn’t say much along the way, he didn’t hesitate nor was he disgusted as he carried Ji Chenai to his wheelchair.

Seeing that Ji Chenai lowered his head and did not speak, Yi Wenle sighed and said.

“This nature of yours, I do not know whether to say good or bad—Chenai if you feel angry then you must say it.”

As a good friend who grew up with Ji Chenai, Yi Wenle also saw some changes on Ji Chenai. He just didn’t know whether those changes were good or bad, what he only knew was that in the past few months Ji Chenai became a completely different person.

Commonly under this kind of circumstances, after the sudden disability a person’s personality would become somewhat sensitive and cranky making it easy to understand that person like Ji Chenai becomes less likely to speak.

After driving for more than 20 minutes to their destination, Yi Wenle carried Ji Chenai and place her on the wheelchair, he then pushed the wheelchair he was on towards his house.

As soon as Ji Chenai entered the house, he immediately saw several people he knew sitting together playing cards and drinking, several others were chatting and would occasionally emitted laughter.

Hearing the sound of the door opening the crowd paused and looked towards the door just in time to see Yi Wenle pushing Ji Chenai inside.

The house which was very noisy suddenly became quiet, and after a while Ji Chenai heard a girl’s voice asking.

“Chenai how are you? I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

The girl’s name was Qin Xiaomu one of Ji Chenai and Yi Wenele’s classmate. She used to have a good relationship with Ji Chenai before, and when he was hospitalized she visited him several times.

Ji Chenai replied.

“It’s better.”

The quiet house becomes lively again.

Most of the people in the house were quite sympathetic to Ji Chenai especially after knowing what happened to Ji Chenai they even expressed anger but not everyone felt that Ji Chenai was unfortunate.

For example Xiong Yao who has never had a good relationship with Ji Chenai, since she was the complete opposite of Ji Chenai. Yi Wenle whom she met in high school also got to know Ji Chenai. However after meeting Ji Chenai several times, Xiong Yao began to speak ill of Ji Chenai behind his back just because she felt that he was hypocrite and pretended to be a Virgin Mary.

There were so few people in this world, so few that when someone wanted to be a good person the first thing they face was being suspicious around them.

Yi Wenle asked Ji Chenai what he wanted to play and if he wanted to go to the second floor to play video games. Ji Chenai looked around at his friends who were playing cards then nodded.

When Yi Wenle saw that Ji Chenai agreed, he asked someone to move Ji Chenai’s wheelchair up as well. Since his family was well off, his parents decided to bought a house just to make it easy for him to go to school.

The house was decorated according to Yi Wenle’s own preference, so the second floor with several guests’ rooms were simply used to put the video games machine.

Ji Chenai didn’t refused Yi Wenle’s kindness, he knew that Yi Wenle really cared about him and didn’t want the people inside the house asked about him nor gossip about him so Yi Wenle asked him if wanted to go upstairs to play video games.

After entering the room, Yi Wenle asked Ji Chenai what he wanted to play, in the end the two chose live soccer. After Yi Wenle set up the game, he handed the console to Ji Chenai.

Since the accident Ji Chenai has not had such a relaxed time to play nor unwind, no matter what he does at home there were always people following him even when going to toilet the maids were waiting outside for fear that something would happen to him. The gap of treatment between a normal person and to him now made Ji Chenai feel very unpleasant and agonizing, he tried to search around for someone he could talk to but he had no one.

Yi Wenle was a very good playmate, he was enthusiastic and cheerful. He could also easily go well with their other classmates, he relatively have many circle of friends. Compared with Ji Chenai they were like living in two different worlds.

After playing the game for a few rounds, Ji Chenai suddenly put down the console.

Yi Wenle asked.

“What’s wrong? Chenai?”

Ji Chenai replied.

“I’m going to use the bathroom.”

Ye Wenle paused after hesitating then whispered to him.

“Do you need me to accompany you?”

Ji Chenai shook his head.

Yi Wenle still wanted to say something but saw the stubbornness in Ji Chenai’s eyes, he knew exactly why Ji Chenai doesn’t want Yi Wenle to follow him so he just gets up to help Ji Chenai open the door.

Ji Chenai paddled his wheelchair out of the bedroom then turned a corner and went into the bathroom.

Yi Wenle only sat back on the sofa after seeing Ji Chenai going in the bathroom, his expression has a rare sad looked but soon he adjusted his expression and put on a smile on his face.

Ji Chenai sat on the toilet with difficulty, he used his hands to support himself then took his pants off. He looked down at his numb legs, then stretched his fist and smashed it heavily on his legs.

Ji Chenai hunched his back like a dying bird, and after a long time he wipes his face brusquely before putting on his pants again with difficulty and back to his wheelchair.

Paddling the wheelchair out of the toilet, Ji Chenai was absent-minded while going his way back towards Yi Wenle’s room.

And when his wheelchair passed by the second floor stairs he suddenly felt a strong force behind him, pulling him making his whole body rolled down the stairs with his wheelchair.

What happened after that Ji Chenai no longer knows, he only heard a girl’s scream followed by extreme noise.

Before he lose consciousness, Ji Chenai suddenly thought that it might be good if he just died right then.

Unfortunately, Ji Chenai’s wish did not come true. He woke up.

The pungent smell of disinfectant was so familiar that Ji Chenai knew where he was before he opened his eyes.

“Chenai, Chenai you’re awake?”

Yi Wenle’s worried voice came over.

Ji Chenai frowned and opened his eyes with difficulty. He saw Yi Wenle looking at him very nervously and his face looked very unpleasant.

Yi Wenle asked again.

“Chenai how did you fall down from the stairs?”

Ji Chenai was silent for a moment and said in a hoarse voice.

“Someone pushed me.”

Yi Wenle was stunned.

“Someone pushed you?”

Ji Chenai’s eyes were somewhat apathetic as he said on a deadly tone.

“Wenle, isn’t it better for people like me to die?”

Yi Wenle answered angrily.

“What are you talking about?”

But Ji Chenai didn’t speak anymore and just looked at the ceiling above his head indifferently as if his soul has been detached.

Seeing Ji Chenai’s look Yi Wenle also doesn’t know what to say. Though deep inside he just wanted to Ji Chenai to know that even if others had given up on him, he would never give up on him but no words would come out on his mouth, he couldn’t say anything.

Just as Yi Wenle was torn, one of Ji Chenai’s family arrived.

Yi Wenle called Ji Chenai’s home at the time of the accident, the person who answered the phone was Ji Chenai’s mother but it took them more than two hours before someone from home came.

The person who came was Ji Chenai’s brother, who Yi Wenle was not familiar with and after greeting him, Ji Suming told Yi Wenle to go back first. Yi Wenle looked at Ji Chenai, he gritted his teeth and just thought that he would still see him tomorrow, so he got up and left.

Seeing Yi Wenle walking out of the room, Ji Suming looked Ji Chenai who was lying on the bed as if he was a corpse and said indifferently.

“Why are you always so fond of causing trouble for others?”

Ji Chenai turned his head woodenly and looked at this brother of his but did not say a word.

However Ji Chenai’s reaction somehow won Ji Suming’s favor. He suddenly showed a smile and then rubbed Ji Chenai’s shaved scalp because of the operation, he said.

“Ji Chenai, do you really think that your name is Chenai was really a mistake?”

Ji Chenai didn’t move and still didn’t speak.

Ji Suming smile was even brighter but the smile was full of sarcasm. He leaned closer to Ji Chenai’s ear and whispered.

“In fact this name is a gift from my mother to you ah.”



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