Living leisurely in Tang Dynasty
Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty Chapter 40

Yuanying has been running wild the whole day outside of the palace and only had time to play with his friends at night. Coincidentally, Sizi didn’t have much of an appetite that night so he took the opportunity to check her pulse again and asked about her diet. He intends to ask Sun Simiao for guidance over this case.

 “Is it serious?”

“No, it’s nothing serious.”

He already had some basic hypothesis on Sizi’s condition. In the past whenever Sizi falls ill in autumn or winter, the royal physicians will prescribe medicine to deal with the immediate discomfort but has never treated the root of her illness. However, upon checking on her pulse now, it seems like she still has lingering ailments carried from the time she was a baby. It’s high time she gets proper treatment and she will also need to pay more attention to her daily diet; especially avoiding food  that triggers her symptoms.

Sizi trusts Li Yuanying fully and was relieved to hear that all is good. She then pestered him to tell her a story and so Li Yuanying held a storytelling session again. During the past winter season, the boy had read lots of books and accumulated a large number of stories. So many that he’s not afraid of running out of new materials but is more worried that they’ll get sick of listening to him talk.

After coaxing his nieces with story-time, he sent the four little lolis home to bed.  When he turned his head, he realized that Li Zhi hasn’t left.

“Aren’t you going to bed?”

Li Zhi wasn’t sleepy and ask curiously: “What were you doing today? Why haven’t I seen you around the whole day?”

Yuanying told him all about his adventure with Sun Simiao and the free clinic. He pulled Li Zhi to sit on the couch and told him all about the beggars and refugees that he had encountered.

Li Zhi was a little surprised. Li mountain is in prime location close by where the Emperor resides. Why were there so many people living in misfortune?

Seeing that Li Zhi is listening to him attentively, Li Yuanying continued on by sharing the conversation he has had with his brother the Emperor.

“I told brother that I’ll bring you along with me next time. Are you be unhappy with my arrangements?”

Knowing that Li Zhi is fickle minded and is easily swayed by opinions, Yuanying started laying down his full analysis on the benefits of his plan. If you want to manage you territory well, don’t you need much manpower? Since His Majesty Li Er has given them a go ahead, they should openly start recruiting and start training before assigning workers to work in their own fief!

Li Zhi being a little older than Li Yuanying is more exposed to things and knew that it’s a taboo to recruit refugees in private.

Since the two are good friends, Li Zhi bluntly stated down his opinion.  

“If you were to recruit large numbers of refugees, it’ll make father and brother feel awkward. They would be suspicious of your intentions of hiring so many people. Secondly, you’re bound to offend the aristocratic families as they would perceive this as an act of embarrassing them. Where did these refugees come from? Isn’t it due to them losing their lands and becoming homeless? The aristocratic families are the ones who occupy the most land. If you take in many refugees, they might feel that you are using these refugees to target them!

Haring Li Zhi give such a detailed explanation, Yuanying was impressed. However, these were of no use to him and he didn’t care.

“It doesn’t make sense. Have you not read <<Mozi>>?”

 Li Zhi shook his head.

Most compilation of <<Mozi>> has been lost and only a few volumes are being preserved by the Taoist priests.

But Li Yuanying has finished this book. He got to know from Wei Zheng that the book was about to be lost forever and only Li Chunfeng has a copy of the complete volume. And so he got interested.

Reading the whole book was rewarding. In the very least, many of Mozi’s statements gave Li Yuanying new insights!

Hearing that Li Zhi has not read it, he shared some statements from the author: “Mozi’s students once asked him, what should you do to achieve greatness? He replied, ‘If you are capable of constructing a wall, construct it. Those who can fill it with soil, do so. And those who can measure its structure, do so. And then the wall is completed. It is the same for righteous works. Those who are good in debating, work on persuading others. Those who are good in history, give context. Those who are good in execution, work on settling the subject objectively.  And then righteous works will be accomplished’. This means that if you have the ability to do something, make an effort to do so. If everyone plays their part, big things can be achieved!”

Li Zhi nodded.

Although he hadn’t read about the subject, he’s convinced that this statement made sense.

“The author also once said that there are people in the world who wants to achieve greatness but when others volunteer to help them to improve, they get angry and offended. It’s just like when you want to build a wall and someone comes along to help you with it but you get angry with the help offered! Your statement about the Emperor and Chengqian having doubts in their heart do not make sense. Unless you think that they are like those “people” who preach about achieving greatness but don’t actually want to do it!”

Li Zhi isn’t audacious like Li Yuanying who has no filter on his mouth. Hearing his blunt statement, he could only respond meekly: “I’ve think too much. Father and brother are definitely not like that.”

“Of course. Even brother thinks my idea works! I’m planning to get Chengqian on board after we return to the capital city. If you’re unwilling, I won’t force you.”

Li Zhi didn’t want to be left behind; that would mean being bored to death! He immediately said: “Of course I’m in, I’ll do whatever you say.”

Li Yuanying nodded in satisfaction.

That’s more like it, be more manly. Always hesitating all day, do it first and then think about the consequences later! If others have opinions or comments, they can follow suit and do the same. No one will stop them.

After their “major discussion”, Yuanying  push Li Zhi away and began reading books from Sun Simiao. Although he has the system’s help, he still needed to work hard to be proficient enough to put the contents of the book into practice. After spending the whole night finishing up several volumes, he entered the Myriad Realm Library to memorize them one by one. After that, he stayed for practical practice in the library.

Sun Simiao’s teaching is systematic. Since Yuanying has only just begun learning how to diagnose diseases, he is not allowed to touch on pharmacology. Therefore, the medical books he is reading were all related to diagnosis of illnesses.

Li Yuanying practiced repeatedly for the whole night and finally managed to thoroughly grasped its contents. He then requested for the system to simulate Sizi’s physical condition and immediately managed to get a more thorough understanding of her situation: Sizi’s heart and lungs were weaker than others and they are more prone to sickness in autumn and winter. If she were to encounter unexpected stimulation, she might be in danger of suffocation and even death. This can be caused by  emotional fluctuation or it may be caused by external sources. This point wasn’t being concluded by Li Yuanying himself, instead he was guided by the system. If certain parts of the body is weaker, it’s natural that it’ll cause problems. And problems related to breathing can be fatal!

The next day, he ran to Sun Simiao early in the morning to update that he has finished everything.

Sun Simiao was mentally prepared for this and wasn’t too shocked by it. He routinely quizzed the boy and felt numb in his heart: This child learns too fast. His enthusiasm puts him leagues above others. If he continues this way, he’ll definitely learn anything he puts his heart to!

After sharing his progress, the boy then updated the doctor about his hypothesis. He showed Sun Simiao the diagnosis results he has recorded. Since Sun Simiao specializes in prevention rather than curing, he firmly believes that Sun Simiao can come up with a suitable nursing plan for Sizi so that she can grow up healthy.

Sun Simiao read the boy’s writing carefully and pondered.

“Although you are learning fast, you are still a beginner. I cannot just prescribe medicine based on your judgment alone. It’s better to talk to the Emperor and get his permission for me to treat Princess Jinyang (Sizi) in person. After that, I will prescribe her with treatment. That would be safer.”

It made sense and so Yuanying ran to His Majesty to bring up this matter up.

Earlier he didn’t ask Li Er directly because he thought that Sizi’s irregular pulse was cause by recent illnesses. But now his hypothesis is that Sizi’s hidden condition is much more serious and dangerous. The earlier it is treated, the more assured he’ll be!

Li Er was discussing government affairs with Wei Zheng and the others. Hearing that Li Yuanying is here, he instructed the guards to keep him waiting and to only enter after he’s done discussing government affairs.

Yuanying is worried about Sizi and so he wandered around in circles outside. Only when he saw Wei Zheng did he stopped turning in circles.

“Have you guys finished talking?”

 “Yes, His Majesty now allows you to enter.”

Li Yuanying sneered for he is very dissatisfied with his brother who kept him waiting for long.

He meditated in his heart, “This is Sizi’s father, this is Sizi’s father, this is Sizi’s father” and then he calmed down a little. He then entered to discuss with Li Er about Sun Simiao’s recommendation.

Li Er was still very dubious that his brother is able to learn diagnosis so quickly.

“Is this true?”

“Lord Brother, what are you talking about? Even if I want to fabricate stuff, I’ll do it to you, not Sizi!”

His Majesty thought about how Yuanying patiently plays with his children every day, and knew that they were very close. He would not make fun of Sizi in this manner. But after hearing Yuanying’s statement about him rather fabricating nonsense about the Emperor rather than the others he gave him a sideways glance and scolded: “Wow, you have ability now. You even want to ridicule me?”

Yuanying was never afraid of his brother and hummed: “If you don’t want to let me know your condition, I’ll make something up and spread that as truth.”

His Majesty Li Er ignored his statement but said: “Since you are so convincing, I will arrange for Elder Sun to see Sizi and the other children. Not only for Sizi but also the other children to see if there’s anything wrong with any of them.”

If it’s Sizi,  Li Er is as concerned as Li Yuanying. He doesn’t want Sizi to feel any different from others before a diagnosis was made.

If Sun Simiao really concluded that there are life-threatening worries, then there is no choice. She would need to recuperate to her best abilities. If medicine is required, she will take them and if any food or drinks needs to be avoided she’ll need to do so.

Li Yuanying remembered that he still didn’t know what’s the matter with his brother and said eagerly: “Since I have picked up a new skill, Lord Brother, let me  feel your pulse, let me see what’s wrong with you!”

Li Er glanced at him and pull his hand away to avoid Li Yuanying’s grasping hand. He mercilessly rejected Li Yuanying’s request: “You’ve only studied for a few days and dare to boast that you have mastered it.”

“I was the one who diagnosed Sizi’s pulse!”

“I’m pretty sure it’s elder Sun who saw the situation of Sizi from a distance and told you about it. That is why you can say it so clearly. Don’t take other’s work as your own, are you really that shameless?!”

“No! Teacher has said that he can’t diagnose sickness at a glance. Not everyone is the genius doctor Bian Que!”

Li Er did not comply with his request and continued to teased him: “I heard that you recognized elder Xiao as your teacher when you were in Jiucheng Palace and now you are calling elder Sun as your teacher. How many teachers do you have?”

Li Yuanying has his own set of principles: “Anyone who teaches me knowledge is my teacher. All knowledge and subjects are treated the same.”

Knowing that Li Er has made up his mind not to let him take his pulse, Yuanying was no longer willing to stay and chat with him, He ran away to update the children about Sun Simiao’s upcoming visitation to meet them.

Li Yuanying first told his nieces about how powerful and amazing Sun Simiao is and then about the many people who came to his door and beg him for help but couldn’t due to time constrains. He then talked about the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and told them that although everyone seems to be healthy on the surface, the root of a disease is likely buried in the body. If you can diagnose it early and treat it, you will not have to suffer from the pain!

After Li Yuanying’s publicity, the girls readily accepted that they were going to undergo a “physical examination” by the genius doctor. When it was time to update the princes, Yuanying didn’t bother to put in much effort. He only told them about the time of the appointment. If you’re interested come by, if not forget about it. So that Sun Simiao will not be too tired!

The only person who has heard both versions of his publicity was Li Zhi

Li Zhi:  “…”

Uncle’s preferential treatment towards nieces is starkly obvious!

The author has something to say:

Little Prince: ?

Little Prince: Why do you compare yourself to cute and adorable little lolis?

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