Rebirth of the Little Mute
Rebirth of the Little Mute Chapter 18

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Mu Xiangyang was a little surprised when he received Mu Xiaoke’s message. Recently, Mu Xiaoke’s state had been like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow. No matter who he’s with, he was very reserved, but now he refused so bluntly. There’s no euphemism at all.

Mu Xiangyang couldn’t help but be a little worried. Recently, he was also quite busy. He didn’t know that Mu Xiaoke was being ostracized in school. Mu Kai told him that the teacher helped Mu Xiaoke. Of course he wanted to thank the other person. Such kindness always had to be done, otherwise, wouldn’t the teacher regard their Mu family as ungrateful ingrates?

For such a natural thing to do, why did Mu Xiaoke refuse so directly? Looking at this tone, the child was even angry.

Mu Xiangyang could only make a video call to Mu Xiaoke.

Mu Xiaoke felt very angry and distressed when he saw the call, but he had to answer it.

“Xiao Ke, are you okay in school?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, “I’m all right, you don’t need to invite Teacher Chu to a meal, he won’t like it.”

“You kid, we’re just going to invite your teacher to have a meal. How could the person won’t like it? If you are too thin-skinned to say it, dad will go and say it. It’s really impossible to invite the other person, if you don’t talk about it.”

Mu Xiaoke still shook his head. No matter what, he didn’t want Chu Han to be involved in the entanglement between him and his older brother, and Chu Han’s style and accomplishments were excellent. At first glance, he knew that he was from a good family. It’s impossible for such a person to care about your one or two meals.

They should take a step back before saying anything, as for the thanks, he was also the one who should say thank you. What does it have to do with Mu Kai?

“This is not about the family upbringing anymore. The person has done so many things, you can’t always say nothing, okay?”

“I’ll thank him. I’ll handle it myself.”

Mu Xiaoke emphasized “myself”, with a very determined attitude, and didn’t give Mu Xiangyang a little opportunity to take advantage of it.

Mu Xiangyang wanted to get angry, but it wasn’t good to really flare up, “Then I will ask someone to send something over, and you will give it to the teacher. Remember to say a few more words of thanks.”

Mu Xiaoke nuzzled down and agreed, “I understand, thank you Dad.”

Before hanging up the phone, Mu Xiangyang glanced at him, extremely helpless.

Mu Xiangyang hung up the phone, the door of the house opened, and it was Mu Kai who came back.

“Dad, you’re back? Hey, did you tell Xiao Ke? Is he at home?”

Mu Xiangyang shook his head, “He said he had something to do on the weekend and won’t come back.”

“Ah…” Mu Kai got anxious, “What about the meal with his teacher?”

“He’s not willing. Forget it. Let’s find a chance next time.”

Mu Kai hurriedly said, “This teacher is an intern teacher, he won’t be here in a few months.”

“Just in time, then. Don’t bother so much. Xiao Ke said he’ll take care of it by himself. Let him do it on his own.”


“Xiao Kai, what’s the matter with you, is it necessary to be so nervous about this matter? Now your younger brother’s psychological situation is the most important thing. If you are in a school, go and see him more often if you have nothing to do, don’t let him get bullied.”

Mu Kai could only bear the anxiety in his heart and give in to Mu Xiangyang, “I often go there, but… Xiao Ke didn’t pay much attention to me recently, and I don’t know where I offended him. It would have been nice to have him back, so that I can thank his teacher and talk to him.”

Mu Xiangyang frowned. Although the two brothers had some contradictions before, Xiao Ke had always been very attached to Mu Kai. Even if they quarreled, they would get better in less than two days. There had never been anything like this that hadn’t eased in a month or two.

Mu Xiangyang thought of that day when Mu Xiaoke would rather be by himself than go back to school with Fu Jiayun… Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Kai, “Did you scold your younger brother because of Fu Jiayun?”

“What?!” Mu Kai’s eyes widened in surprise, “Dad, what are you talking about? I have never scolded Xiao Ke ah. Is that what Xiao Ke told you? Dad, how could I scold my didi for an outsider? There must be a misunderstanding!”

Mu Xiangyang didn’t really want to blame Mu Kai. Seeing that he was so nervous, he comforted: “Dad doesn’t suspect that you were bullying your younger brother. It’s really not good for your younger brother to pester Fu Jiayun like that before. I can’t say anything directly as an elder. You are his older brother. I wouldn’t have said anything, if you had provided him guidance.”

“Dad… I really didn’t, Xiao Ke, he… I know his mind, but there is nothing between them, I can guarantee this.”

“It’s good that there’s none.” Mu Xiangyang sighed, “Xiao Kai, you must also be careful not to get too close to Fu Jiayun.”

Mu Kai’s expression froze. He didn’t expect Mu Xiangyang to turn his attack to himself, “Dad, what do you mean?”

“You can read Xiao Ke’s mind, but you can’t read Fu Jiayun’s mind? You have been precocious and sensible since you were a child. You don’t have some of the shortcomings like the other boy has. If everyone is as willful and mischievous as your younger brother, I won’t be angry enough even if I have nine lives. You know what’s the most important. Now that you are in your Senior 3, you have to focus on your studies and strive for a good school so that Dad can have hope.”

Mu Xiangyang sighed and shook his head, “Your younger brother isn’t capable. This illness of his, I just realized I’m getting old too.”

This statement undoubtedly made it clear to Mu Kai that the Mu family’s family business would be handed over to Mu Kai in the future. Mu Kai was shocked. Although everything he did was to get the management rights of the Mu family’s company, his father said it so frankly, which really made him excited, but he couldn’t divulge these emotions!

Mu Kai took a deep breath, “Dad, what are you talking about? You’ve just turned fifty. How can you say that you’re old? Besides, Xiao Ke is also capable, even if he can’t speak, he can still help the family ah.”

Mu Xiangyang shook his head disapprovingly, “Muyan Film and Television cannot be dominated by a person who can’t speak. Even if he is allowed to work in the company, what can his character do? Xiao Kai, Dad made this clear to you today, just to remind you that you are my heir and the future leader of the company. The market competition is too fierce now, you need to have a sense of pressure and crisis, understand?”

After Mu Xiangyang said these things, his mood wasn’t particularly uplifted, the father and son had a quick dinner and each went to busy themselves separately.

Mu Kai was in the bedroom and called Rong Yanzhe.

“Yanzhe-ge, I’m sorry, I didn’t get an appointment with that intern teacher.”

“Didn’t get an appointment?” Rong Yanzhe stopped what he was doing, “Why?” Rong Yanzhe didn’t think that Mu Xiaoke, who loved the limelight, would refuse the opportunity to show off his family background in front of his teacher.

“Xiao Ke didn’t agree, he’s still at odds with me. I also don’t know how to coax him.”

Rong Yanzhe snorted coldly. What’s there to coax such an idiot, the next time they meet, he’ll make him cry…

The image of Mu Xiaoke fainting in tears suddenly flashed through Rong Yanzhe’s mind, and his heart ached inexplicably.

“Yanzhe-ge, what happened to you?”

“Nothing, what else?”

Mu Kai froze for a moment, why did he feel that Rong Yanzhe’s tone had become so cold?

“It’s just… Do I still have to pay attention to that teacher?”

“No need. Since he has fallen so low as to become a senior high school teacher, it’s unworthy of my attention anymore.” Rong Yanzhe hung up the call directly after he finished speaking.

Mu Kai’s face turned green in anger when he heard his dull voice. He actually hung up the phone without warning?!

Mu Kai was furious, “What’s going on?!”

As for following closely to Chu Han, it was also because he saw Chu Han’s real face that day. Originally, Mu Kai didn’t know that the person he saw on the stairs that day was called Chu Han. At that time, he was surprised because the person he had seen at the Rong’s house actually appeared in the school.

When he sent Rong Yanzhe to report to the university that day, Mu Kai saw Chu Han and Rong Yanzhe’s parents confront each other at Rong’s house. Although he didn’t know what they were talking about, both sides had an ugly expressions on their faces. Rong Yanzhe didn’t clearly tell him who this person was at the time, he just said that the rascal wanted to rely on their family and told him not to worry too much.

Unexpectedly, this person was actually Chu Han, an intern teacher in Mu Xiaoke’s class.

What else can he say other than the world is really small?

After Mu Kai told Rong Yanzhe about Chu Han’s presence in the school, Rong Yanzhe offered Mu Kai to ask for help to get an appointment with Chu Han. After the two discussed, they decided to use Mu Xiaoke to get this appointment smoothly.

Unfortunately, Mu Xiaoke stopped their plans.

The following day, the gifts arranged by Mu Xiangyang were delivered to Mu Xiaoke’s apartment. Mu Xiaoke checked them again. They were nothing more than common water and wine, as well as two cinema tickets for the popular movie at the moment. The film was produced with the participation of the Mu family’s company, so this ticket is equivalent to a free gift, and could attract an additional fan.

Mu Xiaoke felt blushing at the thought of sending these things to Chu Han, such vulgar things, how can they be worthy of such a jade-like beautiful man as Chu Han?

It’s a pity that the thank you gift he made wasn’t completed yet… Hey, forget it, listen to Dad, so as not to let Mu Kai get any information to use against him again.

Mu Xiaoke went to knock on Chu Han’s door and knocked twice. As a result, the elevator doors opened.

Chu Han came out in sportswear with a sports bag on his back. Mu Xiaoke was stunned. Chu Han was at least 185 in height, and his short-sleeved shirt exposed the toned muscles inside. But he usually saw him wearing a shirt so straight and thin so he didn’t expect his muscles to be so strong.

“Xiao Ke?”

Mu Xiaoke immediately returned to his senses, and he couldn’t wait to slap himself. Is this because he was gay for a long time, and he’s motionless when he saw a beautiful man?

“What’s the matter, you looked at me for something?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded immediately and pointed to his house. Chu Han then probed a look. He was amused by the gift box inside, “Are you drinking secretly?”

Mu Xiaoke waved his hand and shook his head. How could the teacher misunderstand himself like that! He had no habit of drinking. The wine was so bad, he definitely didn’t like it.

“Okay, I’ll go back after I take a bath. I’ll come to you later.” Saying that, Chu Han touched Mu Xiaoke’s cute head, and before leaving, he even said, “Cutie.”

Mu Xiaoke’s face instantly blasted with redness!

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