Rebirth of the Little Mute
Rebirth of the Little Mute Chapter 2

Translator: wicianiel

“Xiao Kai…”

“Xiao Kai, try this…”

Mu Xiaoke heard two familiar voices surrounding him and he struggled to open his eyes. The two voices were beside him. Mu Xiaoke was eager to escape. He had been tortured all his life and he didn’t want to be chased by these voices in hell.

However, when he opened his eyes, he was stunned by everything in front of him. This was not the wilderness where he died, but his home, his former home.

He is in the Rose Garden, and beside him are his three old friends, his older brother, Fu Jiayun, and… Rong Yanzhe!

The three people were looking at him. He opened his mouth and his ears were buzzing. Suddenly, his older brother handed him a piece of butter cake.

Only the images that made him terrified were left in his mind. He was so frightened that he waved his hand and the cake spilled. He stood up in a panic. The three people seemed to be torturing him. He crashed through the table and chairs. He ran desperately.

He wants to run, he wants to run far away from them!

He can’t be caught. If he provokes his older brother, Rong Yanzhe will definitely punish him, and Fu Jiayun will definitely hate him even more!

There are many corners and edges in the Rose Garden. When he was a child, he liked to hide and seek with his nannies here. Even when he grew up, those corners and edges still existed.

Mu Xiaoke easily avoided the three people.

Sitting behind the hidden bushes, Mu Xiaoke lay wearily on his knees. He didn’t know what heinous things he had done, why he had to see those people even after death, and he still had to be bullied by them.

After death…

Suddenly, Mu Xiaoke realized that something was wrong. He was obviously dead, dead on a barren mountain that no one had set foot on. How could he suddenly see the three people, the three of them looked so young, as if they were still in high school.

Could it be…

Mu Xiaoke pinched himself hard, and the intense pain made him wake up completely. He was not dead, he had flesh and blood. He knew it hurt. He is not dead!

How could he not be dead, his body was buried, how could he not die?

Not only is he not dead, he also went back to those years before he was tortured by them!

Mu Xiaoke hid until it was dark and he was hungry before he came back to his senses.

It took Mu Xiaoke a long time to return to the main house from the garden. The family… which were, his father and older brother, were sitting in the living room talking to the guests. The so-called guests were Rong Yanzhe and Fu Jiayun. Mu Xiaoke suddenly entered, breaking the original harmony and joy of those people. Mu Xiaoke realized for the first time that he was actually incompatible with this family and those two “friends” from the beginning, because whether it was at home or the group of several younger generations, his older brother was always surrounded by them.

However, he didn’t know that he was too optimistic and gullible, which made him feel like living in hell in the later days, and finally exchanged his life for a moment of freedom. 

Now… it’s different. He didn’t revolve around them like in the past. He also made choices that were opposed from before, and things that were in contrast from his memory appeared. This means that his life trajectory can be changed. He doesn’t have to suffer anymore in this life, he definitely won’t!

“Where have you been most of the day? If you didn’t come back for dinner, you won’t even tell your family. Didn’t you know there are guests at home?”

Mu Xiaoke subconsciously began to sign language, he did not know that his action stunned everyone who were present.

“Why are you doing sign language again, didn’t you say you’d talk in the future no matter what?”

Mu Xiaoke was startled. He finally remembered that he had been a mute since he was 7 years old. After junior high school, he was able to speak slowly and communicate daily.

But he shouldn’t talk. Once he opens his mouth to speak, he will be a nuisance to everyone around him. He should be a mute for the rest of his life, and he should be content with himself. In this life, as long as he was a mute, Mu Kai would not care about his mute younger brother, nor would he be wary and deliberately scheme at him. Because the Mu family will not let a mute inherit the family property, his older brother can always be at ease this time, and the two people who like his older brother can be rest assured, especially Rong Yanzhe. He should not marry him to help his older brother.

“Xiao Ke! Your father is talking to you!”

Mu Xiaoke came back to his senses and walked towards his father Mu Xiangyang. Father Mu pulled him to his side, “What’s wrong with you, are you angry with your older brother? Isn’t it just a cake? Do you need to pretend to be a mute?”

Mu Xiaoke stopped his footsteps and couldn’t believe what he was listening to. Was his father accusing him? He blamed him because he spilled a piece of cake, but why did he get involved with Mu Kai again? Did he hurt Mu Kai by spilling the cake? Was he wrong again?

How can his father think of him as… a person who pretends to be a mute for a piece of cake and fights over the smallest things.

No, it wasn’t just his father who looked at him like this, he turned his gaze to several other people, Mu Kai, Fu Jiayun and Rong Yanzhe all looked at him like this…

Mu Xiaoke finally understood. In his previous life, he was ignorant and confused. He always wondered why his father didn’t come to see him. Even if he started a family, his father should always come and visit when he thinks about him. If his father wanted to drop by, wouldn’t he find that he was locked up? Wouldn’t he be able to save him?

It turned out that his father didn’t want to see his petty and useless younger son. Of course, he wouldn’t find that his son was locked up.

Mu Xiaoke noticed that his eyes were hot. He wanted to cry. His biological father, the father who raised him for 20 years, never trusted him, never…

“Are you a man? You’re always crying and whining.”

Rong Yanzhe scolded Mu Xiaoke in a disdainful manner, the voice that was none other than Mu Xiaoke’s nightmare.

Mu Xiaoke stared at Rong Yanzhe in a daze. Rong Yanzhe had despised him so much from the beginning. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to discover Rong Yanzhe’s real attitude in time. He feverishly married him and tried to please him. He once fantasized that even if he didn’t marry the person he liked the most, he could have a good marriage.

However, the reality is always so cruel, he did not realize it soon. He deserved to be hurt and betrayed.

Mu Xiaoke closed his eyes in pain. He’s unable to speak, and he didn’t have the strength to refute. He forcefully covered his cheeks and wiped away the tears that almost spilled.

He gets a new life, he can’t repeat the same mistakes again. He doesn’t want to shed a tear on Rong Yanzhe and the others. He shouldn’t show his fragile appearance. The more he shows his weakness, the more he will be humiliated.

Seeing Mu Xiaoke’s actions, Mu Xiangyang couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. His voice was much softer and asked, “Xiao Ke?”

Mu Xiaoke opened his eyes. He shook his head, and said in sign language that he was fine.

He left the living room and went into the kitchen. He was very hungry. He shouldn’t let himself be peckish. He was afraid of being starved. He had been tortured by hunger in his previous life. He knew how much a person needed food and water.

The aunt who helped with the cooking hurriedly took out the meals for him, “These are all your favorite foods. Auntie will heat them up for you, okay?”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but gag when he saw the greasy food, so he quickly waved his hand and refused. The aunt didn’t know what to do for a while, “Then what do you want to eat, Auntie will make it for you.”

Mu Xiaoke took a deep breath, he pulled out a small milk pot, scooped a little leftover rice from the rice cooker and stewed it with the remaining wax gourd soup.

Seeing him like this, the aunt said, “There are still a lot of meats inside, scoop some.”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, he picked up a small piece of lean meat and put it in. He then found fresh vegetables and cooked them together.

After ten minutes, Mu Xiaoke was finally able to eat his meal.

The aunt continued to clean up from the side, and couldn’t help but sighed, “Xiao Ke, you’re still growing, it’s not good to eat so little, how can you keep up with your nutrition?”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t answer, he just ate with all his heart content. In his opinion, it was enough to be able to eat fresh food.

When Mu Xiaoke was about to finish eating, Mu Kai walked up to him and asked him suspiciously, “Haven’t I already left you a lot of squirrelfish? Why didn’t you eat it?”

Mu Xiaoke looked up and saw Rong Yanzhe also coming. Mu Xiaoke suddenly remembered what Rong Yanzhe said before he died… He should now recognize his identity. His older brother loves him so much and left him so many delicious things. He should be grateful, not greedy.

He lowered his head and conscientiously thanked his older brother in sign language.

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