Rebirth of the Little Mute
Rebirth of the Little Mute Chapter 6

Translator: wicianiel

Mu Xiaoke only returned home in the evening. His father was still handling company affairs in the living room when he entered the door. Seeing him coming back, he immediately took off his glasses and asked him where he had been.

Mu Xiaoke went to the nearby People’s Park for a walk. He didn’t understand why his father was so serious.

Of course, Mu Xiangyang could see that his son had an excess of distrust. To be honest, he also had a lot of problems as a father, “Did you run into Rong Yanzhe when you went out?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, but he was very unhappy with Rong Yanzhe’s childish complain. If he(Rong Yanzhe) couldn’t catch him, he would say bad things about him to his father. Sure enough, Rong Yanzhe and Mu Kai were the same kind of people.

“Is there any misunderstanding between him and you? He came to our house several times, and you were very resistant. Dad didn’t quite understand what happened. You and he should have only met a few times ah. Did he bully you?”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t believe that he would hear his father ask if he had been bullied. Why had he never received such a question before? Is it because he had been reborn, or is it because everything that happened here was his imagination, so he was so gentle.

“He didn’t bully me…” Mu Xiaoke gestured, “I’m not used to getting along with such people.” Mu Xiaoke wouldn’t tell the things about his previous life, so he could only be so perfunctory to Mu Xiangyang.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to.” Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Xiaoke, as if he wanted to say something, but seeing that Mu Xiaoke’s pants were dirty, he didn’t let him stay longer, “Go change clothes and get ready for dinner.”

For the remaining half of the month, Mu Xiaoke had a very happy life. His father was very busy at work, and his older brother could only live in school. There was only him and an empathetic aunt at home. This gave him unprecedented freedom and privacy. He used this time to organize his mother’s belongings, pack out everything he could use, and put it in a storage box with a combination lock on the bookshelf.

A few days before the freshman year of high school started, his father suddenly brought back a doctor during the time of going to work.

Mu Xiaoke was unprepared. As soon as the other person saw him, she began to introduce herself, “Hello, I am Dr. Liang Lu from Zhengyang Psychological Counseling firm.”

Dr. Liang Lu looked very young and beautiful. Her shallow smile made it difficult to refuse her greetings.

Mu Xiao Ke nodded obediently in greeting, but he didn’t understand the arrival of the other person.

“Before… at Rong’s house, do you remember meeting Dr. Xu? He used to treat your throat.” His father is a little cramped, obviously hoping that he can accept this arrangement and receive psychological counseling.

“Dr. Xu suggested that you should talk to a psychiatrist. Dad kept it in mind, but didn’t know how to ask. Now that school is about to start, I thought about it. I still want you to have a good conversation with a doctor before school starts.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at his father, then at the doctor in front of him, and finally agreed. He grew up in the presence of a psychiatrist since he was a child. He had met a psychiatrist even after marrying in the previous life. The last time he lost his voice again, Rong Yanzhe seemed to be crazy at that time. Mu Xiaoke actually secretly laughed at Rong Yanzhe. He is not the only one who should see a psychiatrist.

Mu Xiangyang found a quiet room for his son and the doctor. The doctor started the session in a calm manner and kindly guided him to find out the psychological crux.

In the end, the doctor frowned and went out. Mu Xiaoke followed her and listened to the results with his father.

“Xiao Ke does have a rather obvious stress syndrome. Although Xiao Ke didn’t tell me the story, I can feel that the things that make him scared are still by his side. He lacks a sense of security. It’s best to rest for a period of time.”

“Can he go to class?”

“There is no problem so far, but be careful not to experience the same stimulation again, otherwise the situation will be more serious.”

“Mr. Mu, if you can, give more attention to your child. Give him more affirmation and encouragement. Parental care is more effective than many medicines.”

The doctor left a few suggestions and left.

Mu Xiaoke sat with his father, but his father didn’t speak for a long time. Mu Xiaoke didn’t think that such a simple few words could change his father, but at least it could make his father feel a deeper sense of guilt.

“Xiao Ke, is it really like the doctor said, are you afraid of the things around you?”

Mu Xiaoke heard his father speak in a very low voice. He might be ashamed to ask these words. The father and son relationship between him and his father is very complicated. Previously the useless child has recovered, however he suddenly loses the ability to speak again. He didn’t know what his father thought, but the doctor said that Mu Xiangyang, who is a father, needs to bear this responsibility.

Mu Xiaoke nodded gently and confirmed the doctor’s statement.

He was afraid of the sudden betrayal of his family, their neglect and abandonment after using him. Including his so-called “husband” who insulted and abused him.

These still haunted him and prevented him from sleeping peacefully from time to time.

“Do you have any thoughts?”

“I want to live alone in the apartment that my mother left behind.” Mu Xiaoke gestured with emphasis that he wants to be by himself.

The apartment was bought by his mother before she was alive, and it was specially bought in the community opposite the city of No. 1 Middle School. His mother said that she would live there with her child in the future, so that Xiao Ke could eat the meals made by his mother every day and be taken care of by his mother.

This apartment was occupied by Mu Kai in the previous life, and it seems that it has become a secret place for Mu Kai and Fu Jiayun to have an affair.

In this life, Mu Xiaoke couldn’t let Mu Kai take away what his mother left behind. Even if the two brothers had ten years of brotherhood, they were only half-brothers. Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to forget who caused his mother’s death.

When Mu Xiangyang saw Mu Xiaoke’s request, he immediately had a hard time. Before Mu Kai went to live in the school, he asked him for this apartment. Mu Xiangyang didn’t take it seriously at the time and agreed directly. After all, Mu Kai is also a pampered child. He has never lived in school for so many years. If he is not used to living there, he will secretly apply to the school to live in the community across the road. This was Mu Xiangyang and Mu Kai’s plan.

Why did Mu Xiaoke also make such a request?

Could it be that the two brothers really had some conflicts?

“Xiao Ke, your older brother has already asked for the apartment before. You see, why don’t you still be at home and Dad will change you to a new big room?”

“Can’t I have it?” Mu Xiaoke’s whole face collapsed, tears were already in his eyes, but he didn’t make trouble. He simply got up and left.

Mu Xiangyang hurriedly shouted, “Hey, Xiao Ke, this thing…”

Mu Xiaoke did not stop.

Mu Xiangyang sighed heavily. He was used to his favoritism. Even if the doctor’s advice came first, he would still give priority to Mu Kai.

But seeing Mu Xiaoke’s disappointed and hopeless look, Mu Xiangyang realized that he had gone too far.

“Forget it, forget it!” Immediately, he called his secretary, “Find someone to clean the apartment opposite No. 1 Middle School and add some furniture.”

“Is it the apartment that the lady bought before the marriage?”

The secretary’s question made Mu Xiangyang even more guilty, “Yes, Xiao Ke will live there after school starts, and by the way, find a certified hourly worker who will be responsible for cooking and cleaning.”

On the official registration day of senior high school, Mu Xiaoke and Mu Kai sat in a car and went to school together accompanied by their father.

Mu Kai cared about Mu Xiaoke very much along the way. He talked to Mu Xiaoke about various things in school, where to buy food, where to see a doctor, and where to find a teacher. Everything is explained in detail.

Mu Xiaoke nodded in response from time to time, but compared with Mu Kai’s enthusiasm, he seemed a little cold.

The car arrived at the school in a short while. Mu Kai and Mu Xiangyang accompanied Mu Xiaoke to report to the class. When the head teacher saw them, she immediately called Mu Kai, “Hey, Mu Kai, how come you’re here?” Mu Kai greeted the teacher docilely, “Teacher, this is my younger brother, he is mute…”

As soon as this was said, other students and parents around looked over. The head teacher and Mu Xiangyang looked a little unsightly. Mu Xiangyang actually talked with the head teacher on the phone a long time ago, hoping that the head teacher would take more care of him, but it doesn’t mean that they, as elders, hope that their children’s flaws will be exposed in public.

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s just a temporary aphasia, it doesn’t matter. Xiao Ke, your senior high school entrance examination results are very good. You need to make more effort in the future.”

Mu Xiaoke nodded and filled in the information by himself.

When Mu Xiaoke was filling things out, the entire classroom was so quiet that not a single noise could be heard. Mu Xiaoke didn’t know why they were silent, because he was mute? Mu Xiaoke didn’t care too much, so after completing the formalities, he said goodbye to the teacher.

When he went downstairs, Mu Kai followed Mu Xiaoke and began to explain his somewhat rude behavior just now, “Xiao Ke, I’m sorry, gege didn’t mean to expose your shortcomings. I just want to talk to the teacher so that she can take care of you. As you can see, Teacher Chen and I are very close.”

Mu Xiaoke immediately waved his hand, signaled that he didn’t care, and gave prior notice to Mu Xiangyang to release his luggage. Mu Xiangyang didn’t want to delay too much time, so he asked Mu Kai to do his own thing.

Mu Kai didn’t understand, “Dad, won’t you accompany me to report? Younger brother said that you release his luggage, does my younger brother also live in school?” In fact, he had wanted to ask a long time ago. When he woke up in the morning, he saw the driver carrying the luggage. What kind of luggage was it?

“Your younger brother is going to live in Shihua. Now I’m going to clean up for him. Don’t you need to report separately in your senior 3? Hurry up and clean up the housework of the dormitory. Don’t delay time.”

“Shihua… Dad, didn’t you say…”

“Well, this is the apartment left by Xiao Ke’s mother. He can live as long as he wants. If you want to live outside, Dad will find another place for you.”

Mu Xiangyang was not satisfied with the fact that Mu Kai pointed out in public that Mu Xiaoke was mute. Mu Kai not only didn’t know how to restrain himself, but also argued about Mu Xiaoke’s mother’s apartment. So Mu Xiangyang was impatient with Mu Kai. But in the end, this is his eldest son, who he has loved for more than ten years, and when he saw that Mu Kai was unhappy, he was a bit regretful, “Okay, okay, let’s go eat hot pot together later, go pack your things.”

Mu Xiaoke watched from the side, and finally followed Mu Xiangyang away. Even if he felt that his oldest brother’s phoenix eyes had been staring at him, he didn’t turn around to give one more look.

TL: I’m annoyed in this chapter (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻

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