Rebirth of the Little Mute
Rebirth of the Little Mute Chapter 8

Translator: wicianiel

After starting school, Mu Xiaoke gradually adapted to the life of a senior high school student. He found that there was no difficulty in learning in senior high school. Perhaps because he had grown up and become smarter. He made a plan for himself. He would take the classes properly at school during the day. After class, he would go to the cram school until 8 o’clock in the evening. The cram school is opposite the school. It only takes ten minutes to walk from home. He’ll clean up in the evening, and after, he can start learning his own things.

The plan went smoothly. The only thing that didn’t go well was what he had long expected. He couldn’t get along with some of the “little overlords” in the class.

There are several “childhood friends” in the class who grew up with him, all of whom are the children of rich people who live in Fenglin Yuan. But after so many years of changes, those childhood friends have long ceased to associate with him, and even despised him. They still felt that Mu Xiaoke had damaged their reputation. How could they be friends with a disabled person?

In addition, Mu Kai announced that he was mute on the day of the report, and many of his new classmates were unwilling to associate with him.

The new class has only been formed for half a month. There are a total of 30 students in the class, and more than a dozen have already joined the alliance to isolate Mu Xiaoke. The number of people in this alliance will continue to grow, Mu Xiao could tell.

It’s impossible for him to feel better after being isolated, but Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to care about it. He couldn’t communicate normally with others, even if it’s save trouble.

“Mu Xiaoke, the teacher said that you will be in a group with us in the biological experiment class next week. Don’t drag us down when the time comes ah!” Between classes, Mu Xiaoke’s desk was slapped heavily.

Mu Xiaoke was taken aback. The person who came was Chen Xiaoxi, the leader of their group. A girl who also lived in Fenglin Yuan. She was regarded as the leader who took the lead in isolating him.

Mu Xiaoke lowered his eyes and nodded to indicate that he understood.

Chen Xiaoxi snorted coldly, “You mute, you know how to drag others down every day. If not for the sake of Brother Xiao Kai, I wouldn’t care about you. Brother Xiao Kai is such a good person, yet you still don’t know how to differentiate good from bad, shameless!”

“Chen Xiaoxi!” A girl’s voice suddenly interrupted Chen Xiaoxi’s words, and Mu Xiaoke looked at the other person in surprise. It was his colleague at the table. In fact, it can’t be said that they are at the same table, because they are all single tables, and this girl is in the table next to him. The girl is the class monitor, named Luo Jiaming. She is not tall, but she speaks with vigor and does things swiftly. Her senior high school entrance examination score is the first in their class. It is said that she is the daughter of the vice principal. In all aspects, she is the perfect candidate for the class monitor.

“What are you yelling at me for?” Chen Xiaoxi was frightened for the first time, but then reacted and became angry when she saw others laughing at her.

“As a group leader, you bully Xiao Ke who’s unable to speak in front of the whole class, and slander him. Why are you so scheming ah? You come to school and play palace schemes with your other friends all day without learning. Do you really think the teachers don’t know what you’re doing?”

“You…what are you talking about! Who plays what palace schemes! Luo Jiaming! I think you are. Being a class monitor is great ah. When you run errands as a class monitor, you want to act as an official authority!”

When Mu Xiaoke heard this, he immediately stood up and stopped between the two of them, facing Chen Xiaoxi, and typed in pitter-patter, “Don’t continue to quarrel, I have recorded it all.”

Chen Xiaoxi’s expression changed, “You… what are you recording, and what’s the purpose of your recording!”

“I recorded every word you said. You slandered me, spread my private affairs, and were jealous of the class monitor.”

Chen Xiaoxi’s face flushed, “You… you shameless…”

“Come again! Do you still want to scold? Do you have an upbringing, Chen Xiaoxi?” Luo Jiaming took a step forward, but Mu Xiaoke stopped her and prevented them from getting too close.

“You don’t have an upbringing!” Chen Xiaoxi shouted angrily and rushed to the door of the classroom in shame. However, she saw Fu Jiayun. “Jiayun ge! You… are you looking for me?”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help frowning when he saw Fu Jiayun. Fu Jiayun was really here. Since he avoided Fu Jiayun in front of his father that day, Fu Jiayun has been sending him messages. Fu Jiayun asked him what happened and why he suddenly alienated them. Mu Xiaoke could see from his words that those words were not for Fu Jiayun himself, but for Mu Kai. Therefore, while Fu Jiayun wanted to pretend to care about Mu Xiaoke, he couldn’t help but blame Mu Xiaoke on how he could alienate them and ignore Mu Kai’s brotherhood.

Mu Xiaoke didn’t reply to Fu Jiayun’s messages, and he blocked Fu Jiayun two days ago.

Fu Jiayun probably discovered it, so he came to question him.

Mu Xiaoke could actually guess this result. Fu Jiayun and Mu Kai are extremely self-respecting and proud people. It is even more impossible to tolerate Mu Xiaoke, a disabled who was used as a means by them, blocking them.

At this moment, Fu Jiayun, who was standing at the door, really stared at Mu Xiaoke, Mu Xiaoke turned and went out towards the back door.

He was not interested in being insulted by Chen Xiaoxi in front of the class and then accused condescendingly by Fu Jiayun.

“Xiao Ke!” Fu Jiayun shouted anxiously.

Mu Xiaoke walked faster.

At this time, the class bell rang.

Until Mu Xiaoke left the classroom and walked to the corner of the stairs, Fu Jiayun grabbed him and held his wrist tightly to prevent him from running.

Mu Xiaoke turned his head and struggled, Fu Jiayun grasped tighter, “Why are you mad? You weren’t like this before, so why did you block me?”

Mu Xiaoke was very angry. The contact between the two made him very sick. He pressed his lips hard, “Let me go!”

“Hey, Xiao Ke?”

Two teachers came into the corridor. Mu Xiaoke immediately struggled to walk towards the two teachers. Fu Jiayun couldn’t continue to hold Mu Xiaoke anymore. Mu Xiaoke bowed to the two teachers and his eyes turned red when he raised his head.

The two teachers could see clearly and understood at once that he was being bullied again.

“You are not a freshman in senior high school, are you? Why are you still on the first floor of senior high school? The bell already rang. Hurry back to your class and don’t delay.” The teacher who is talking is a new teacher who only joined this year, and didn’t know such a popular figure as Fu Jiayun.

Next to the teacher was Mu Xiaoke’s head teacher, who hurriedly smooth things over, “Fu Jiayun, if you have anything to say, talk about it after school, go back to class first. Xiao Ke, let’s also go back to the classroom.”

Mu Xiaoke nodded quickly, and waited for the teacher to leave before following the teacher behind. He was very careful to avoid Fu Jiayun on the way.

Returning to his seat, Luo Jiaming quietly spoke to Mu Xiaoke, “Are you okay?”

Mu Xiaoke smiled and responded with his lips: “It’s all right, thank you.”

Raising his head, Mu Xiaoke smiled obediently when he received the caring eyes of the head teacher.

In his previous life, Rong Yanzhe scolded him countless times for pretending to be pitiful and delicate to outsiders, but at that time, he was always feisty and competitive. No matter what happened, he had to argue. On the contrary, outsiders felt that he was unreasonable. How could outsiders sympathize with a child who is impatient, reckless and has excessive low self-esteem? Now, he understands that to get rid of Rong Yanzhe and Fu Jiayun, the mercy of outsiders is the best weapon, and it is not shameful to admit his vulnerability at the right time.

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