[Rebirth] The Paranoid Black Lotus
[Rebirth] The Paranoid Black Lotus: Chapter 002

Gu Su stood in place, his eyes filled with a hint of confusion. He leaned over the edge of the bed, staring for a while, but couldn’t see Bo Xingye’s car leaving the villa. He sighed in relief, turned around, and sat down on the sofa.

Just then, the door was pushed open from the outside, and a man walked up to Gu Su and half squatted down, sweeping a glance at the fruit plate sitting on the coffee table. He smiled gently and said soothingly:
“Su Su, since you like Bo Xingyan and have rejected Bo Xingye, you should be more decisive. All the efforts we’re making now are worthwhile for your and Bo Xingyan’s future happiness.”

The man who came in was named An Su, a friend who grew up with Gu Su and an orphan sponsored by Gu Su’s father when he was still alive. In the previous life, Gu Su regarded An Su as his best friend. While others criticized him for rejecting Bo Xingye without appreciating him, only An Su told him: It is not wrong for him to pursue freedom and love. Bo Xingye is the shackles that bind him, and he should bravely break free. The outside is the vast world that belongs to him.

Before, Gu Su naively believed in those words, but now, as he recalls what An Su had said to him, he realizes that something wasn’t quite right and stares at him warily as he retorts:
“I don’t like Bo Xingyan…”
Like? Maybe I did in the previous life, but absolutely not in this life. Bo Xingyan’s gentle and kind demeanor is all an act. His true nature was revealed when he used me to harm Bo Xingye and showed his cold-heartedness.

After Gu Su thinks of this, his little eyebrows slightly frown, and he becomes inexplicably irritable. That despicable person actually had intentions to harm his beloved Xing Ge… Perhaps it would be better for him to give that person a good beating, sending him to the hospital and preventing him from causing any further trouble…

Now, instead of clarifying things with An Su, Gu Su feels that it is more important to tell Bo Xingye about the wolf ambition hidden by Bo Xingyan first, so that he can prepare for it in advance.
“Susu… , where are you going now?” An Su’s eyes flash when he heard these words, thinking of Bo Xingye’s expression when he came to find him. He clenched the corners of his clothes uncomfortably, concealing the strangeness, and pretends to be natural.

“When he went to the bedroom to find me, he seemed to be going to the basement on the first floor.”
“Then I’ll go find him.”

Gu Su stands up without hesitation, but as he reaches the doorway, his footsteps abruptly halt. If he remembers correctly, An Su had always been against him spending time with Bo Xingye, but today…
Gu Su enters the indoor elevator with doubts.

An Su sits on the sofa and looks around the entire arrangement of the room. Every detail shows how much care the owner put into the arrangement. The white tassels hanging down create a dreamy and hazy effect under the sunlight. In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, there is a massive piano placed on a white carpet. It was specially ordered from abroad by Bo Xingye because Gu Su liked it.

In the entire Bo family, Gu Su, who had never taken Bo Xingye seriously, was the only one who didn’t know: the basement was a forbidden place.
An Su casually pulls out the knife that is stuck in the apple and places it nearby. She stares at the cold gleam on the blade, her thin lips curling into a smile of amusement.

Gu Su presses the elevator button and smoothly descends to the basement without any obstacles. Because almost everyone in the entire Bo family knows that the basement is a taboo for Bo Xingye, at this hour, all the servants are hiding in their rooms.

In the vast Bo mansion, Gu Su can only hear the sound of his own footsteps. As he runs quickly, his breath becomes slightly labored. When he turns a corner, his hurried steps suddenly collide with someone, and he finds himself crashing into their embrace.

Bo Xingye reaches out to catch Gu Su’s waist to prevent him from falling, his voice cold. “What are you doing here?” He is usually a person who rarely gets angry no matter what Gu Su does, but this time his words carry a hint of impatience.
“I, Xing Ge, I came to find you…” Gu Su replies. Gu Su stirs the corner of his clothes uneasily, his little nose wrinkled slightly, as he can vaguely smell the bloody scent in the air, which makes him a little uneasy.
Bo Xingye walks past him with a cold expression, taking a few steps before realizing that Gu Su isn’t following. He turns his head to stare at Gu Su, who is standing there at a loss, and asks in a cold voice:
“Aren’t you looking for me? Won’t you follow?”
The corners of Gu Su’s lips curl slightly, he nods, and follows. Looking at his happy appearance, Bo Xingye purses his thin lips, his annoyance not obvious, and he frowns slightly to suppress his displeasure.

Bo Xingye has a strong obsession with cleanliness, and very few people enter his study. Gu Su is unaware of this, so when he hears Bo Xingye telling him to come along, he quickly follows and enters the study, sitting down on the soft sofa, watching Bo Xingye go to the side of the small room.
The sandalwood furniture used for the furnishings in the study room emits a faint smell in the air, which inexplicably makes Gu Su a little nervous. When Bo Xingye comes out, he puts a glass of water on the coffee table in front of Gu Su.
“What’s the matter?” Gu Su stretches out his hand to touch the glass, but his fingertips get burned as soon as they touch it, and he pulls back abruptly. Bo Xingye almost subconsciously holds his little hand in his palm, lowers his head, and blows on it.
Gu Su’s natural physique is cold, and Bo Xingye’s slightly hot body temperature makes him a little uncomfortable. He wants to pull his hand back, but Bo Xingye’s grip is too tight, and his lips straighten as he doesn’t dare to say a word of resistance.

From the moment he realized that he was reborn, Gu Su swore that he would be very obedient in this life, obediently following Bo Xingye, and not letting him be pushed to the edge by himself like in his previous life.
“Xing Ge… It doesn’t hurt,” Gu Su finally speaks up, suppressing any hint of resistance.
A layer of mist appears in Gu Su’s eyes as he stares at Bo Xingye cautiously. Although he has never experienced it personally, Bo Xingye’s unpredictable mood swings in the previous life were notorious.
After speaking, he resisted the fear in his heart and tilts his head, smiling sweetly at him. It’s not that Gu Su doesn’t know that this person likes him, but when he’s with him, he’s still afraid of his uncertain future.
When Bo Xingye sees the shallow pear vortex on Gu Su’s cheeks, his heart unexpectedly softens. He warns in a cold voice, “If you don’t know how to handle it, don’t touch it.”
“Oh… I see, well…” Gu Su replies meekly

Bo Xingye releases his hand and glances at his wrist to check the time. He has a meeting at his company in the afternoon and doesn’t have time to play house games with Susu.
He was born to be the only heir of the Bo family, and his arrogance as the proud son of heaven makes Bo Xingye disdain to explain his actions to Gu Su. Regardless of whether Gu Su is willing or not, his betrothal will only, and can only, be himself, and there is no room for change in this matter. Even if this man was thinking of someone else, Mrs. Bo’s identity, he has to continue.
“I’m going to the company.”

Leaving these words behind, Bo Xingye gets up and walks out, heading to the basement where he needs to take a shower and change clothes before going to the company. When he walks to the door, Bo Xingye pauses slightly, turns to look at Gu Su standing there, and warns coldly:
” Bo Xingyan has been driven out of the Bo family by me, so it’s best to put away all your little thoughts about him.”
Gu Su is slightly startled when he heard the name spoken from Bo Xingye’s mouth, then he recovers and frowns slightly, muttering and complaining in a low voice:
“I know.”

It’s good that Bo Xingyan has been kicked out. Otherwise, Gu Su would have had to take matters into his own hands to drive him away, and it would have been difficult to maintain the image of being Bo Xingye’s cute little lover.
There are a lot of confidential company documents stored in the study, but Bo Xingye does not drive Gu Su out.
He is not afraid that this man will have something to do with them. What he is afraid of is… He doesn’t even have what Gu Su wants, so when Su Su leaves, he will have no reservations.
When he can indulge him, he will do so. When he can pamper him, he will do so. As long as Gu Su doesn’t leave, Bo Xingye is willing to spoil this little child in his heart for a lifetime.

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