[Rebirth] The Paranoid Black Lotus
[Rebirth] The Paranoid Black Lotus: Chapter 009

Gu Su’s eyes were slightly reddened with anger, and the tuft of hair on top of his head stood on end. He strangled Bo Xingye’s neck ferociously, wishing to pounce on him and fight him.

The most vulnerable part of the human body was restrained by Gu Su in this way, but Bo Xingye didn’t feel offended at all. He leaned back slightly and just half-laid on the sofa, thinking about what they are doing now in their current posture……

A certain child didn’t notice at all how ambiguous this posture is now, his butt just happened happened to land right where Bo Xingye was seated, and those who didn’t know thought they were having a passionate office play in the office.

“Susu, what are you doing?”

“Bo Xingye! What did you mean by that just now? What do you mean by telling me that you don’t need to look for it after I told you to find it for me? Where are you hiding!”

Gu Su bared his teeth and claws, wishing he could fight with him right now, his eyes were filled with mist, as if he could cry directly in the next second.

“Tell me, I’ll help you find it.”

Previously, Gu Su just said that if he wanted Bo Xingye, he wished he could compromise immediately, not to mention that his ancestor was about to cry now.

“You’re still going to help me find it?!”

Gu Su’s eyes widened, and he almost exploded out of breath from anger. This person really dared to raise a goblin behind his back, and he didn’t know how to repent, now he was shamelessly claiming he would help find whatever Gu Su wanted? Did he want to watch the two of them fight!


At this time, Bo Xingye looked at his shocked look, thinking that the kid didn’t want to believe it, so he repeated it in a low voice:

“What do you want, I can help you find it.”

Whether it’s the cooperation project that Bo Xingyan wanted very much recently, or their plans for new products in the next season, as long as Susu asks, Bo Xingye has no way to refuse.

Even if it meant… helping his rival in love.

Bo Xingye is just an illegitimate son who can’t stand on the stage, but he is the heir of the Bo family. In other things, Bo Xingye can win very well, but when it came to matters of the heart, he was a complete loser.

“I want to strangle you!!!” 

If he had known, he wouldn’t have come here to make himself angry, no one would come out with a smile after knowing all the details of their boyfriend, huh…

Don’t ask, it’s just that a certain kid is almost remorseful now, if he had known earlier he wouldn’t have come.

Before the two of them could end this farce, suddenly the office door suddenly swung open from the outside. Startled, Gu Su instinctively hunched down and buried his little head in Bo Xingye’s embrace. In a muffled voice, he commanded:

“Block me first.”

Afraid of being discovered by others, even the little claws shrank back. Just now,he was like a big rooster showing off its might, but in an instant he turned into a little turtle with its head, tail and claws all retracted.

Because of the sudden opening of the door, Bo Xingye didn’t react at all, so he subconsciously followed what Susu said.

He reached out to pick up the overcoat that was just placed beside him,draping it over himself. The long coat covered the frightened child who had curled up into a ball, concealing him completely, not leaving even a trace exposed.

“President, this…”

The assistant who was asked by their president to buy candied haws stood at the door, looking at the scene in front of him in amazement. He had no idea that this kind of thing would happen to their president. It simply overturned his three views.

This assistant had been with Bo Xingye for the longest time and had witnessed numerous charming and alluring beauties, as well as innocent and cute little princesses, showering his president with attention at various social events. However, their president always remained indifferent to such advances.

Now… was their president really doing that kind of thing to the child who was pressed against the couch?

At this moment, the assistant’s thoughts took a different turn…is that well-behaved kid an adult?

Bo Xingye gestured to the assistant with his eyes to put down the sugar-coated haws. The assistant and the president exchanged a knowing glance, and then the

assistant quietly moved his not-so-plump body out of the room, being careful not to disturb anything

After the assistant left and the door of the office was closed, Bo Xingye turned his attention back to the little ancestor in his arms.

He noticed the ambiguity of the child who was very arrogant before, now lying in his arms and hugging him tightly, his eyes darkened instantly

In the air-conditioned office, Bo Xingye’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and somehow felt that the air was a little dry.

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