Reborn in 2000: Reuniting with the School Belle
Reborn in 2000 Reuniting with the School Belle Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20: Please Take Care of Xixi for Me (Part 1/2)”

Yi Feng sat on the back seat and gently held Gu Muxi’s slender waist.

Gu Muxi’s waist was really thin!

Yi Feng couldn’t help but pinch it.

Unexpectedly, this made Gu Muxi giggle.

“Damn it, stinky Yi Feng, stop tickling me, or else I’ll make you walk home!” Gu Muxi turned her head and glared at him.

“Gu Muxi, how much do you weigh?”

“You’re such a straight man to ask my weight? Looking for a beating?”

“Come on, just tell me.”

“Not saying, just not saying!”

“I guess about ninety pounds?”

“Humph, I won’t tell you!”

“How am I supposed to buy you clothes if you don’t tell me?”

“Buy clothes?”

“You wear a school uniform every day, looking like a tomboy. Don’t you want to wear something pretty and nice?”

“I don’t want it, don’t waste money. You still need money for college, don’t bother buying for me!”

Yi Feng was stunned. This girl was thinking of saving money for me even before entering the house?

She’s really adorable.

As they talked and walked, they quickly returned home.

Gu Muxi went straight into her room upon arriving home.

Li Wan curiously asked, “Xixi, why are you heading straight to your room as soon as you get back?”

“Mom, I’m just looking for some clothes,” Gu Muxi responded casually.

Li Wan tilted her head in confusion. What’s with this girl?

Why is she looking for clothes as soon as she gets back?

In her room, Gu Muxi rummaged through her wardrobe.

“I’m not a tomboy!”

Muttering to herself, she pulled out a floral dress she had bought in her first year of high school.

She quickly changed into the floral dress, her favorite piece that she seldom wore because she didn’t want to wear it out.

She put on the dress and then stood in front of the wardrobe mirror, looking left and right.

In the mirror, Gu Muxi’s delicate and beautiful face was full of youthful vitality, and wearing the floral dress made her look even more pure and heart-fluttering.

However, the dress was a bit tight and small on her now, feeling like it no longer fit.

Gu Muxi tried to zip up the back, but it was too tight around her chest, and she couldn’t get the zipper up.

She pulled hard in frustration.


The zipper broke.


Gu Muxi pouted in frustration.

Now, even her favorite dress didn’t fit anymore.

She continued to search through her wardrobe, only to find mostly school uniforms and loose sports clothes, with very few pretty dresses.

“Ah, I really don’t have any nice dresses…” Gu Muxi lay down on her bed, dejected, staring at the ceiling.

“You wear a school uniform every day, looking like a tomboy. Don’t you want to wear something pretty and nice?”

Yi Feng’s words echoed in her mind.

She jumped up and continued to look in the mirror.

“I look like a tomboy without wearing dresses?”

“Humph, annoying, why do I care so much about what he said?”

Gu Muxi changed back into her school uniform.

At that moment, Li Wan knocked on the door and then opened it.

“Xixi, what clothes are you looking for?”

“Uh, just looking for a piece, a sports outfit!” Gu Muxi made up an excuse.

“Let’s get ready for dinner, can you help me set the table?” Li Wan smiled.

“Okay, mom, I’ll come out in a bit.” Gu Muxi nodded.

She also wanted to wear pretty dresses, but she didn’t want to ask her parents for money to buy clothes, as it would add to the family’s financial burden.

Even though her dad was the vice director of the rolling mill and earned more than the average worker, the family still tried to save where they could.

Gu Muxi left her room to help set the table.

Soon, Li Wan finished cooking, and Gu Xingzhong also came home from work.

“You’re back, come wash your hands and let’s eat.” Li Wan greeted with a smile.

Gu Xingzhong sat down on the sofa with a troubled look.

Li Wan, noticing his unusual demeanor, curiously asked, “What’s wrong? Why the long face as soon as you come back?”

“Did you eat bitter melon?”

Gu Xingzhong gave a wry smile and said, “Wife, I need you to come with me to Shanghai tomorrow, on Friday.”

“Huh? What for?” Li Wan asked, puzzled.

“The city has proposed a solution for our plant. Shanghai Steel is interested in our rolling mill and hopes we can go there to discuss the possibility of a merger.”

“Our plant is currently seen as a hot potato by the higher-ups, who can’t wait to get rid of it.”

“The mission of going to Shanghai has fallen on me after discussion.” Gu Xingzhong sighed.

Li Wan exclaimed, “Discussing a merger with Shanghai Steel? That’s no small matter, it affects the interests of over three thousand employees of our plant!”

“You need to be careful.”

Gu Xingzhong smiled, “That’s why I’m asking you, my strategist, to come with me.”

“Wife, you’re quick-witted. Having you by my side to offer advice makes me feel more at ease.”

“So, let’s go to Shanghai together tomorrow, Friday!”

Li Wan thought for a moment and nodded, “Okay, I’ll go with you. How long will we be gone?”

“Probably three days.”

“Alright.” Li Wan turned to Gu Muxi and said, “Xixi, you heard, right? Your dad and I are going to Shanghai tomorrow. Take good care of yourself at home for these three days and focus on your revision.”

Gu Muxi nodded earnestly, “Dad, mom, don’t worry, I’ve grown up, I can take care of myself.”

Li Wan thought for a moment but still felt uneasy, so she said, “I’m still a bit worried about you being alone. How about this, I’ll ask Yi Feng to come over and stay with you for a few days.”

“You two can also supervise each other, especially since you’re preparing for the college entrance examination. You need to make a final push.”

Gu Muxi was startled, “Ah? Have Yi Feng come over?”

“Yes, what, any objections?”

“Uh… okay, no objections…”

Gu Muxi hung her head, feeling inexplicably nervous.

My parents won’t be home, just me and Yi Feng alone?

Alone together…

Just the thought made her cheeks feel warm.

Gu Muxi, what are you thinking?

It’s not the first time Yi Feng has stayed at our house. Haven’t we always studied together before?

Don’t overthink it!

Gu Muxi told herself inwardly.

“Xixi, don’t you like playing with Yi Feng?” Li Wan smiled teasingly.

“Ah, no, not at all.” Gu Muxi blushed and shook her head repeatedly.

Li Wan could see a hint of shyness in Gu Muxi and chuckled, “That’s good, I thought you two would get along best.”

“After dinner, I’ll go find Yi Feng.”

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