Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent
Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent Chapter 1

1. I Remembered!

“What? Gil joined the Mason Knights…?”

“Yes. I’ll be the representative for new members at the initiation ceremony, so I’d be happy if you could come too, Rei.”

The moment those words, “Mason Knights,” were spoken, a shock like being struck by lightning coursed through my head, bringing with it a flood of memories.

Gil, the Mason Knights, Rei…

With a click, the pieces of memory fell into place in my mind, and I understood completely. This world was the world of the novel I had written in my past life!

“Rei, are you not feeling well?”

The man in front of me, Gil, furrowed his well-defined brows and peered into my face. Though I had only been lost in thought for a moment, this worrywart had noticed.

“No! I’m fine, I’m fine! Congratulations on joining! I knew Gil would pass.”

As I clung tightly to him, Gil relaxed his expression and stroked my head as he always did. Breathing in the refreshing scent of Gil, I finally began to calm down.

“It’s amazing. Really…”

The Mason Knights, who are responsible for guarding the borders of the Beldujour Kingdom, are one of the top knight orders in the world when it comes to fighting monsters. Although they don’t have a large number of members, their skills are top-notch, and the entrance exams are tough. However, if you work in this order for five years, regardless of your status, you are promised treatment as a squad leader or higher in the Royal Knights of the Capital. As a result, it is also a knight order where talented fighters with confidence in their skills gather from within the country.

Although Gil is an adopted son of the Mason Margrave family, even a biological child cannot enter the order without the required level of skill. The exams are only available to those 18 years of age and older, and Gil, who had the youngest age, passed the exams with the best results. It was truly an achievement.

“It’s thanks to your support, Rei. Thank you.”

Gil says so, but all I did was make some potions. There are plenty of other people who would want to give Gil a potion besides me. More importantly, the sword held in the large hand that strokes my cheek, and the supple muscles that support my body, speak eloquently about how hard Gil has worked. When I convey that success is a result of his efforts, Gil always laughs shyly.

After finishing the conversation and returning to my room, I collapsed onto the bed. Although I feel a bit embarrassed, now that I remember my past life, I don’t feel much aversion to it.

Yes, my past life.

In that life, I was Japanese. I worked as a software engineer and wrote novels as a hobby, publishing several online. However, I can’t remember many details about my past life. I don’t know how old I was when I died or why.

By the way, in this life, I am Reilight Beldujour, the second prince of the Beldujour Kingdom. Although my title is impressive, I have no right to inherit the throne because I am the child of the king’s mistress. Moreover, due to my weak constitution in childhood, I am not good at physical activities, and my magical abilities are hopeless compared to other members of the royal family. I don’t have any special abilities either. My “Pharmaceutical Creation” skill is rare, but it doesn’t do much different from the typical “Pharmaceutical Synthesis” skill. It’s a rare skill in name only.

My appearance is undoubtedly handsome by the standards of my past life, but in this world, where there are many beautiful people, I don’t stand out much.

Except for my older brother, who is the crown prince and in a league of his own, I think the reason why I’m not impressive compared to my younger sister is that I’m just a mob character.

“I always thought it was weird. My mother was so beautiful.”

My mother was born into a baron family and was in a position where she couldn’t even become a concubine. However, her beauty caught the king’s eye, and she was welcomed into the palace as his mistress. I don’t remember her because she died of an epidemic when I was two years old, but from the portraits displayed in the palace, she was certainly a fragile and lovely beauty. However, I only inherited her complexion, and my facial features are not very similar. So, I thought that portrait must have been heavily embellished, but maybe not.

“Well, anyway, more importantly, if it’s novel… It can’t be helped that the protagonist isn’t me, but why do I have to be Rei…”

My novel, which resembles this world. The plot is a common rise-to-power harem story after being exiled. The story starts when the protagonist, Gil, is exiled to the borderlands…

“Hmm? That’s weird…”

Compared to the novel, Gil came to this frontier territory voluntarily. Moreover, he came here six years ago.

“Could it be not that novel…? But it matches too much to be a coincidence.”

He didn’t remember the details of the novel perfectly, but he hadn’t forgotten the opening scene. However, the character names, place names, and other fundamental settings of the story were the same as in the novel.

“I wonder if there are any other differences… This could affect my future, so I should at least gather and organize what I remember.”

I took out a piece of paper and a pen and faced the desk.


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