Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent
Reincarnated as a Troublemaker Mob, but Nothing Happens Because the Protagonist is Too Competent Chapter 15

Warning: This chapter contains spice 🌶️ [R-18]

Chapter 15. First Night

Gil gently laid my body on the bed.

My body, still affected by the aphrodisiac and the lingering feeling of our kiss, was momentarily soothed by the touch of the cool sheets.

However, it was only for a brief moment until our eyes met.

“I was actually planning to wait until our wedding night…but it’s okay, right? We’ll make tonight our special night,”

I couldn’t quite understand what Gil meant.

All I knew was that I wanted him, and I reached out to him.

“Gil…hurry up…”

“Tch! Rei,”

Gil groaned painfully as he held down my hands on the bed and sucked on my chest.


Gil rolled his tongue around my nipples, occasionally biting and sucking them.

Each time, a current of pleasure flowed through me and I jerked my hips.


I could no longer think straight, my mind clouded by pleasure, and all I wanted was more stimulation.

As if in response to my request, Gil licked my other nipple.

“Ah, ng…feels good…!”

I held Gil’s head and pressed it against my chest.

I had no idea it would feel this good.

Was it because of the aphrodisiac? However, the pleasure wasn’t enough to bring me to climax and it was frustrating that my lower half wasn’t being touched.

I rubbed my thighs together, but it wasn’t enough to stimulate me.

“Rei, so cute…”


As my nipple was bitten, my hips jumped up and I felt something bulging in the center of me.

“Fua, ah!”

In that moment, a thunder-like pleasure ran through my entire body.

Desiring even more pleasure, I moved my hips back and forth, rubbing against it unconsciously.

“Hey, don’t be naughty.”

Gil moved his face away from my chest and looked down.

Following his gaze, I saw that his thing had been pushed up the front of his pants.


Unconsciously reaching out towards it, my hand was blocked by Gil’s hand.

“No– Since it’s your first time, we should prepare properly, okay?”

As he spoke, Gil stood up and put his hand on my belt, producing an awfully loud metallic sound as he unbuckled it.

When my pants were removed and I was left in just my underwear, shame flooded over me.

“Don’t…don’t look…”

“You’re cute, Rei. You’re a good boy, so show it to me.”

Gil’s hand reached out and touched me over my underwear with gentle movements.

Just his earlier touch on my chest had brought me to the brink of my limits, and my underwear was now stained.

“I’m going to take off your underwear too.”

As Gil put his hand on my underwear and quickly pulled it down, my thing came into view, plump and wet with prec*m.

The light color of it had grown even harder from exposure to the air.

“Don’t…it’s embarrassing…”

My hand, which I tried to use to cover myself, was gently pushed aside.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re very pretty and cute. Plus, here…it looks very delicious.”

Gil traced a finger along my center and then took it into his mouth.

“Hya!? …Ah! Dirty…mmm!”

His tongue wildly entwined with my thing.

As they made lewd sounds as he sucked, my hips started shaking involuntarily.


I couldn’t withstand the intense pleasure and reached the climax helplessly.

After releasing a few times, Gil finally let go of my thing from his mouth.

In the aftermath of the climax, I gazed at Gil with a fuzzy vision.

He narrowed his eyes, then opened his mouth and spit out the milky fluid that had landed on his bright red tongue onto his palm.

“You came a lot. Did it feel good?”

It was really, really embarrassing, but there was no denying that it felt good.

I nodded my head faintly, and Gil happily stroked my head.

“Now it’s my turn to touch you.”

As he lifted up the back of my knees, everything was exposed.

The moment I became aware of being watched by Gil, my @nus twitched and contracted.

“Ah, it’s so cute here too.”

Smearing my c*m on his hand, Gil’s long fingers touched the edge of my @nus.


“It’s okay, Rei. Relax.”

Perhaps sensing my reflexive tension, his lips came down.

Giving only a kiss, he pulled away.

It was a pity to part with it, so I tried to follow, but then something slippery invaded inside my @nus.

“Uh, ahh…”

Feeling the sudden foreign sensation, I tightly squeezed the finger that had been inserted.

Gil lightly kissed repeatedly to appease me, gradually moving deeper.

Something with a will was creeping inside my body.

The sensation was unfamiliar, and it made me very uneasy.

“My finger is all in. How does it feel? Does it hurt? Does it feel good?”

“I don’t know…It feels weird…”

“If it doesn’t hurt, that’s good. Shall we get you used to it a bit more?”

Gil withdrew his finger, coated it with a viscous liquid, then inserted it again.

Every time he slowly withdrew and inserted his finger, small watery sounds could be heard.

The discomfort and a growing pleasure were mixed in the lower abdomen, and I exhaled to endure it.

After a long time had passed, the second finger was also inserted.

When the two fingers, which were moving around as if searching the inner wall, grazed a certain point, an unprecedented pleasure surged through me.

“Fua..Ah…! “

“Is it here? Rei’s good spot.”

Gil smirked mischievously and began to relentlessly attack that spot.

“S-top…it! Only there…ah!”

I twisted my body to escape from the overpowering pleasure, but my waist was held and I couldn’t move.

Before I knew it, the fingers had increased to three and were now scratching and stirring me up inside.

When the separated fingers trapped a lump, I felt attacked by an intense pleasure that made my vision flicker.

“Already, com…!!!”

Just before I could climax, the fingers were suddenly pulled out.

While collapsing and lying down, I looked up at Gil in bewilderment.

“Sorry, Rei. I want to insert myself inside.”

Gil relaxed in front of my entrance and took out his own swollen member, which was already stretched to its limit.

His large, vein-filled thing was pulsing powerfully and viciously.

Gil placed it against my @nus and rubbed the tip against it while asking, “Is it okay?”

If he was asked in such a way with a face without composure, there’s no way he would be able to say “no.”

When I nodded slightly, Gil smiled in relief.

“I’ll insert it.”

A hot lump pressed in with a “squelch.”

I didn’t feel any pain, but the pressure was strong and made me feel uncomfortable.

“Relax. You’re holding your breath.”

Apparently, I had unconsciously held my breath.

I exhaled completely and then consciously inhaled, feeling dizzy with Gil’s scent.

I took a deep breath and exhaled, and at the same time, Gil slowly embedded himself inside.

Eventually, when he was completely inside, Gil’s body covered me, hugging me tightly.

“Can you feel? I’m completely inside you now.”


I felt a pulsating presence deep in my belly.

Just thinking that it belonged to Gil made tears of affection well up in my eyes.

“That’s amazing…full of you, Gil…”

As I murmured while stroking my flat stomach, Gil laughed awkwardly.

“Don’t do such cute things, okay? I won’t be able to hold back.”

“B-but you don’t need to hold back…?!”

Gil’s eyes changed color at my words.

A hot wedge pulsed inside of me.

“Don’t tease me like that. Bad boys get punished. Even if you tell me to stop, I won’t.”


Gil moved his hips slowly at first.

However, the movements which were slow at first, gradually became faster and more intense, as he familiarized himself with them.

It felt like he was being pulled all the way out and then pierced deeply, causing sparks to fly in his head.

“Ah…! It’s so rough…!”

Their skin collided with a slapping sound.

“Rei! Rei! Ah…I love you. I love you.”

“G-Gil…! Me too! Me too–“

Just as I tried to answer Gil’s words, Gil’s thing pushed up the lump inside.

“Lo–ve~~~~~!!” I cried out my love for Gil as I climaxed.

My back arched as my head went blank, and my body convulsed all over.

At the same time, my @nus tightened and contracted, squeezing Gil as if to extract him.

“Kuh, Rei…!”

Gil trembled and moaned softly.

A little late, I realized that something hot was poured inside me.

“Ha…Nn…Fu, uh.”

I looked up at Gil absent-mindedly, still feeling the afterglow of orgasm.

Gil, with a flushed face and hot breath, exuded a fierce sexiness that was unimaginable from his usual cool expression.

“Gil…so cool…”

“Tsu! Rei…”

Still connected, I could feel his thing growing inside me.


“Sorry, just one more time…”

I can’t believe Gil desires me this much.

I was filled with joy and pulled his head towards me, meeting his lips.


With a light kiss that made a sound, Gil stopped moving abruptly.

Slowly, the redness on his face increased.

“Haah…Rei, you really…”

Muttering something in a small voice, Gil lifted my body.

Sitting on Gil’s outstretched legs, I took him in deeper with my weight.

It felt good hitting at a different angle from before.

I couldn’t help but move my hips, causing Gil to make a scolding-like voice.

“You’re such a naughty boy. Do you want to be punished again?”


Gil’s hands grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him with strength.

Unable to resist the strong stimulation, I clung to Gil.



We called each other’s names as we exchanged kisses.

We sought each other with the sound of the lascivious water mixing as our tongues intertwined and exchanged saliva.

“Haah…Rei, I love you, I love you so much. Please be mine forever.”

“Yeah…I’ll become Gil’s…”

The rhythm that had started again increased in intensity, pushing me to new heights.

“Fah…Aan…No, I’m gonna…!”

“It’s okay, let’s come together.”

“Ah, ahhh…~!!”

Thrusting forcefully as if in a last spurt, I reached my climax.


At the same time, a hot stream poured into me again. As I soaked in the numb afterglow, my consciousness was dyed white.

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