Reincarnated as the Movie King’s Fiancée
Reincarnated as the Movie King’s Fiancée Chapter 1

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X City, First People’s Hospital.

Inside a private ward, amidst the plain white sheet and bedding, a young girl lay quietly. Her eyes were tightly closed, her eyebrows slightly furrowed, and her face that was as a big as a palm was buried among scattered black hair, extremely pale.

The thin morning light spilled into the glass window, and a ray of light fell on the girl’s eyelids. Her long and curly eyelashes fluttered slightly. She slowly opened her eyes, revealing a pair of dark and clear eyes, covered with a thin layer of mist, appearing hazy.

Looking at the snow-white ceiling above her head, Yu Mian didn’t expect that she could wake up again.

She braced herself to sit up, not paying attention to the infusion attached to her and accidentally tugged at the needle on the back of her hand. A sudden pain hit her, snapping her out of her daze.

Looking around, one could see the words ‘X City First People’s Hospital’ everywhere. It was obvious that this was a hospital.

Did a good samaritan call 120 for her and send her there?

Yu Mian remembered that she got involved in a car accident on her way home from her part time job. The speeding car that drove through the red light slammed on her hard. To this moment, she could still recall the pain from the broken bones in her body. Although it lasted only for a moment and she quickly lost consciousness, she still felt frightened when she thought about it.

She lowered her head and looked at the needle connected to her right hand. It had slipped out of the blood vessel and the back of her hand was already swollen. However, at this moment, apart from a slight tingling on her hand, she felt no discomfort, and there wasn’t the slightest trace of injury on her body.

Could it be that the car didn’t actually hit her and the pain she felt was just her imagination?

While she was in a state of disbelief, a series of faint footsteps came from afar before finally stopping outside the ward. The door was then pushed open and a nurse dressed in white walked into the room. She didn’t seem surprised to see that Yu Mian had woken up and greeted Yu Mian with a smile.

“Miss Yu, you’re awake?” The nurse came over to check the infusion and found that the needle had been yanked off, so she hurriedly leaned over and pulled it out all the way.

Yu Mian was disoriented and hadn’t figured out the specific situation yet. After thinking for a while, she asked, “Nurse, do you know who sent me to the hospital?”

After knowing who it was, she would definitely go and thank them.

The place where she met an accident was close to the outskirts of the city. Not to mention the remote location, it was also in the evening and there were few pedestrians on the road. The possibility of getting help was too small, which was why she was surprised when she woke up there.

As for why she wasn’t sent to the nearest hospital, but instead to one in the city center, it was indeed a bit strange.

The nurse had a good attitude, thinking that Yu Mian was scared without anyone around her, she reassured Yu Mian with a smile, “Your mother is the one who sent you here and your family all came to see you yesterday. Your parents have been taking care of you since last night and they must be getting breakfast right now. Since you’re awake, you can give them a call. They will be very happy.”

However, the more the nurse spoke, the paler the face of the girl in front of her became. Yu Mian’s face was already as white as paper, her dark eyes shaking, revealing a sense of frailty.

The girl has a pair of beautiful eyes, with thick eyelashes, and pupils that were larger than ordinary people. The light reflected on her dark bright eyes, as clear as a newborn baby, giving off an innocent aura.

They were wide open at this moment and filled with disbelief, as she murmured softly, “Mom and Dad?”

Mom and dad, these words were common to most people, but to Yu Mian, it was extremely strange and distant. Yu Mian was an orphan whose parents both died in an accident when she was ten years old, and since then, she was left to live alone.

So, who were the parents mentioned by the nurse? Or perhaps she should ask, was the Miss Yu she was speaking of Yu Mian?

Yu Mian clearly remembered the huge impact on her body. She could even recall the driver’s flushed face through the windshield and his panicked expression as she was knocked into the air. Everything appeared in her mind frame by frame like slow motion.

The only thought that remained before she was completely plunge into darkness was that she regret that she hadn’t had the chance to watch her idol’s new movie yet, and she was afraid that she would never have the chance to do so in the future.

But to her surprise, she was able to survive unscathed, as if the car accident didn’t exist at all. And where did these pair of parents come from when her parents have long since been dead?

Yu Mian was in a state of shock and didn’t dare to think further. The nurse called her several times and asked her if she’s feeling unwell.

“I’m fine. I want to take a rest.” Yu Mian shook her head gently. She waited for the nurse to leave the ward before getting out of bed and walking into the bathroom on the side.

Standing in front of the mirror, she slowly raised her hand to touch her face. The person in the mirror was young, with a beautiful face, a straight nose, small lips, and a pair of sparkling eyes that was extremely striking.

The girl has fair skin and delicate facial features, and her face was full of youthful vitality. Perhaps because she’s sick, she appeared bleak, exuding a pitiful sickly air.

This face was somewhat different from Yu Mian’s, but also similar at the same time. The specific outlines weren’t much different, except for the fact that Yu Mian’s skin and facial features were rougher. This face was perfect in every aspect, like a refined version of Yu Mian’s original face.

The moment she saw this face, Yu Mian’s mind was suddenly flooded with a large number of chaotic memories belonging to this body. It rushed over, making her dizzy. She quickly braced herself against the sink and covered her forehead.

The sound of messy footsteps sounded in her ears. Someone came to her side to support her and spoke anxiously.

“Mianmian, how are you feeling? Don’t scare mom, Mianmian, where are you uncomfortable?” Mother Yu just came back from buying breakfast when she saw this scene and was instantly worried. The bathroom in the hospital was small, so she hurriedly called to her husband behind her, “Husband, go and call the doctor!”

Father Yu was just about to call for someone when he heard his daughter weakly say, “……I-I’m fine, no need to call the doctor.”

Mother Yu helped Yu Mian out of the bathroom and she sat on the hospital bed, frowning and rubbing her forehead, suppressing the nausea that surged in her chest. She raised her eyes and saw two worried faces, with the same look of concern and love in their expressions. Yu Mian’s heart trembled and her eyes suddenly turned red.

In total, it had been nearly ten years since Yu Mian’s parents passed away, and her memories of them were gradually becoming blurry. It had been a long, long time since she had experienced the feeling of being cared for in such a genuine way.

The tip of her nose was slightly sour as she stared at the unfamiliar yet familiar parents in front of her, slowly sorting out the memory that had emerged in her mind. After being silent for a few seconds, Yu Mian tentatively said, “……Dad? Mom?”

Mother Yu was attentive. Seeing that her condition had eased, she immediately took out the breakfast she bought. A large bag full of things was placed in front of Yu Mian as Mother Yu said earnestly, “Ah, Mom heard that the food in this hospital’s cafeteria is quite delicious. We’re afraid that you’ll be hungry when you wake up so we went to buy breakfast. It’s all your favorites. The doctor said that you’re lacking in nutrition right now, Mianmian, let’s eat some?”

Before Yu Mian could say anything, Father Yu stood on the side with a stern expression on his face and said, “Mom and Dad personally bought you breakfast. You should eat some no matter what. Look at you, losing weight to the point of passing out and ending up in the hospital, aren’t you afraid of being laughed at if word spreads?”

Listening to Father Yu’s concerned reprimand, Yu Mian was touched but also somewhat amused. She fainted from hunger in order to lose weight and was hospitalized. It indeed sounded quite comical.

But what’s even more fantastical was that she changed from Yu Mian to this other Yu Mian.

In the bathroom just now, she received the residual memories of this body, a complete eighteen years of a person’s life, pieced together into a short one.

The original owner of this body was also named Yu Mian. She guessed that perhaps because their names and even their appearances were similar, there was some kind of connection between them, which was why she replaced the other party after death.

If she guessed correctly, the other Yu Mian must have passed away. From her memory, she learned that the other party was keen on losing weight. However, it was more terrible this time as she didn’t eat for days, which led to her fainting at home and being brought to the hospital.

Her heart stopped beating for a while after arriving. She was resuscitated, but when she woke up again, she was replaced by Yu Mian.

Thinking of this, Yu Mian sighed lightly. She was two years older than this other Yu Mian physically. Her lonely and helpless environment made her more aware of the difficulties of life. The other Yu Mian was born into a wealthy family and had caring parents, but she kept making them worried by tormenting her own body. She really couldn’t understand this kind of behavior.

Returning from her thoughts and facing the caring eyes of the other Yu Mian’s parents, she felt a warm current in her heart. She looked at the breakfast that Mother Yu brought over. The transparent container in the bag contained Laba congee, dumplings, steamed buns, soy milk, some side dishes and eggs, and other breakfast foods in a rich variety.

Sniffing the aroma of food in the tip of her nose, her stomach suddenly felt a strong sense of hunger. Yu Mian gently pursed her lips and called out the unfamiliar title, “……Mom, I want to eat congee.”

She thought it would sound rusty, but when she spoke, it came out so naturally, as if she had been waiting to say the words for a long time.

“Okay, okay, okay, we’ll have congee.”

Mother Yu didn’t notice anything unusual about her daughter. Yu Mian grew up in their family’s hometown when she was little and wasn’t close to her and her husband. She had always been distant to them, making Mother Yu sad.

Yu Mian didn’t get angry at her and talked to her so calmly, even calling her mom. Mother Yu was simply so happy that she didn’t know what to do.

Looking at Yu Mian who was eating congee, she suddenly felt that her daughter seemed to have changed. She couldn’t tell exactly what had changed as she was still the same person, but the feeling she gave seemed different from before.

Her daughter had a fiery temper and her whole person exuded an indifference that could repel people from thousands of miles away. Now the coldness on her body had disappeared. And like a piece of ice that melted when it was exposed to the sunlight, she turned into gentle water.

The girl lowered her head and took small sips of the congee. Her black hair hung down on the side of her face as ray of morning light hit her fair cheeks, gilding her with a rim of gold.

The congee was hot, so she would blow on it gently before taking a sip. Her pale pink lips were stained with the translucent soup and became ruddy.

Seemingly sensing Mother Yu’s gaze, Yu Mian lifted her face from the bowl. Her dark eyes were damp from the steam and when they met Mother Yu’s gaze, she subconsciously bent her eyes and smiled in embarrassment, a small dimple appearing on her cheeks.

With the shyness of a girl, she looked well-behaved and sweet, like a pear blossom blooming on a branch, fresh and lovely.

Mother Yu’s heart stirred when she saw it. Has her little daughter finally grow up?


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