Release the Female Lead, Leave Her to Me
Release the Female Lead Ch. 46

Chapter 46: I Don’t Dual Cultivate!

Hearing Ye Wenxin confessing the reason why she came to the Azure Wings Sect, realization dawned on everyone’s face, and associating that with Ye Wenxin’s performance just now, they respected Ye Wenxin even more.

In just a moment, everyone recognized Ye Wenxin’s important position within the team.

Ye Wenxin watched the changes in everyone’s expression, consistently feeling that she had stolen Gu Aotian’s limelight, but Gu Xiangsi kept pestering her, making it impossible for her to have any casual conversation with Gu Aotian.

It was obviously due to Gu Aotian that they were getting close to each other, but now Ye Wenxin had the illusion that she was pursuing Gu Xiangsi.

Fortunately, Gu Aotian still had the male protagonist’s halo, and the subsequent tasks of killing demonic beasts and finding a safe place to stay were all left to him.

“Xiangsi, why don’t you go find Sister Su Mei first?” Ye Wenxin began to feel numbness in her arm, and Xiangsi was like a piece of taffy that could not be pulled off.

“No, I want to be with Big Sis.” Gu Xiangsi glanced at Su Mei, the remaining girl in the team, with an unfriendly attitude.

“Xiangsi, let go of Miss Wenxin, she might have something she plans to do.” Gu Aotian looked helpless, feeling that his sister was a bit defiant. The scary thing was that even he, the brother, could not get closer than one meter to Gu Xiangsi, let alone forcing the two girls to separate.

Gu Xiangsi seemed to think this somewhat reasonable and finally let go, but still looked at Ye Wenxin eagerly, smiling with grievance, like a puppy abandoned by its owner, which made Ye Wenxin feel a little unbearable.

But she could not always indulge Gu Xiangsi, so she pretended she did not see anything and then said to the others she wanted to go for a walk nearby. Everyone did not think much of it and figured that Ye Wenxin probably wanted go relieve herself.

In truth, however, Ye Wenxin had long ceased to have these troublesome metabolic needs. The reason why she went out was just to enjoy a moment of quiet and solitude.

There was a cool night breeze, and the weather was gradually getting colder, signaling autumn in full bloom. Ye Wenxin climbed up a tree and surveyed the surroundings, looking for the route they needed to take tomorrow.

They could only walk around the edge like this for a while, as those strong demonic beasts would come one after another if they stayed too long, so it was not a long-term option.

Then, what should they do.

To use intelligence instead of violence, this was also what Ye Wenxin needed to learn now.

A gentle breeze blew, and a figure in the distance gradually approached. Ye Wenxin took a closer look and saw that Su Mei was slowly moving towards where she was.

Su Mei spoke very little and had a rather weak presence, but she was also the strongest person in the team, Ye Wenxin aside.

Ye Wenxin could not see through this Su Mei for a while. She always felt that this Su Mei hid some sort of secret, but chaos was certainly a good thing in Ye Wenxin’s opinion.

As long as that chaos did not involve Ye Wenxin, she would play dumb to the end.

“Miss Su Mei, why are you here?” Ye Wenxin jumped down from the tree and inquired Su Mei’s reason for coming here.

“Miss Xiangsi is worried about you,” Su Mei spoke, her voice was very pleasant, but there was no unnecessary emotion.

She seemed gentle, but also aloof.

“Well, tell her I’ll still be here a while.” Ye Wenxin climbed up the tree again, planning the safest route in her mind.

Not even a moment later, she felt Su Mei climbing up. At Ye Wenxin’s confusion, Su Mei said, “Are you mapping out the route for tomorrow?”

Ye Wenxin curled her lips; this was a smart woman who knew how to read between the lines.

“Yes, but there are too few places for us to walk. I plan to scout ahead and then determine the demonic beasts’ trail,” Ye Wenxin answered honestly. Compared to moving with a group, it would be much more convenient and efficient for her to act alone.

“Then I’ll go with you,” Su Mei continued to reply, showing a somewhat appreciative expression.

“Very well.” Ye Wenxin agreed, and the two began to shuttle through the forest to check the movements of the surrounding demonic beasts.

It was only the first day, yet all the lesser demonic beasts nearby were already out in force. Human corpses could be seen on the road, as well as people who had climbed trees to escape.

Fear, depression; on this day, some died, and some were reborn under the pressure.

However, it was also because of this exploration that Ye Wenxin noticed a relatively remote but safe path.

All the demonic beasts on this path had been killed, and judging from the grim sight, it was not difficult to imagine how strong this person was.

“They were beaten to death directly with fists, this person is really powerful.” Ye Wenxin got closer. This demonic beast was completely torn into pieces with brute force. It was not difficult to imagine how miserable its death was.

“It seems he acted alone.” Su Mei also observed carefully and used the knife she carried to cut open the demonic beast’s flesh.

 She was very skilled with a knife, as if she cooked often, but this method appeared to be used for killing.

Even though Su Mei behaved very naturally, Ye Wenxin felt that she should be an undercover agent sent by some demon cultivator or immortal sect. As for why she was undercover, Ye Wenxin had no interest whatsoever.

Seeing Su Mei busy, she also started to dress the meat clumsily with a dagger.

“Just leave it to me.” Su Mei glanced at it for a few times then walked over to help. When she lowered her head, she saw the very strange-looking flesh that had been cut by Ye Wenxin.

“This is my first time doing this kind of thing.” Ye Wenxin pretended to be very embarrassed. Su Mei simply gave an ‘Mm’ and continued to work.

Su Mei appeared quite neat. Although she was not beautiful, there was something attractive about her.

“Su Mei, what did you do before? You’re so skilled.”

“Maidservant.” Su Mei replied, but it was an unexpected answer.

“Maidservant? Looks like you and your master often travel to various places.” The moment she heard Ye Wenxin say these words, Su Mei’s hands froze, as if Ye Wenxin had touched on a memory she least wanted to be mentioned.


“Then your master didn’t come?” Ye Wenxin continued to ask. She felt that she would not have any other social interactions with Su Mei, so she simply asked everything clearly.

Su Mei’s dull eyes finally became a little stormy, “She is dead.”

The unforeseen answer made Ye Wenxin feel a little apologetic, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

Su Mei shook her head, cast her gaze downwards and continued to pack the demonic beast meat. Just when Ye Wenxin regretted ending the topic completely, Su Mei suddenly spoke, “I came to the Azure Wings Sect to learn the skills to avenge my master.”

Ye Wenxin was a little confused. After what she said earlier, she thought it would be impossible to get Su Mei to completely open up to her, but then Su Mei admitted her purpose of coming here.

“Why did you tell me so suddenly?” Ye Wenxin simply asked forthright.

“Because I think you can help me.” Su Mei became even calmer. Her aura and mannerisms made it hard to believe that she was just a maidservant.

In any case, Ye Wenxin felt that she should not delve deeper into this trouble and must put an end to any assumptions Su Mei had drawn about her.

“Then do you mean to become my maidservant?”

Su Mei immediately replied, “No.”

Ye Wenxin’s smile faded and she looked at Su Mei, “Why do you want me to help you then?”

Su Mei did not say anything, probably because she did not expect Ye Wenxin to refuse. Maybe it was the residual temperament of a young mistress, or maybe she was confident that she could make Ye Wenxin change her mind.

“Besides, I don’t have the ability to help you.” Ye Wenxin gave her no illusions and immediately stood up from her crouching position, looking at the moonlight that had already climbed up high on the branches.

“It’s getting late, we should go.”


Su Mei gave up, but Ye Wenxin suddenly remembered something.

Could this Su Mei be one of Gu Aotian’s concubines in the future, and just because she was included in this trip, she accidentally took away Gu Aotian’s male protagonist halo?

“By the way, it’s not like there’s no other option. You can try to find Gu Aotian.” Thinking of this, Ye Wenxin began to put the plot back on track, but Su Mei’s expression was still calm.

“He doesn’t have what I want.”

“Then how would I have it? And there’s no benefit at all from helping you.” Ye Wenxin was even more speechless. If Su Mei became intimate with Gu Aotian, there might be a success rate, but as a woman, how could she cherish her?

“You have it on you.”

“I don’t even know what ‘it’ is.”

Ye Wenxin asked doubtfully, and Su Mei seemed to have made up her mind and spit out the keyword.

“You have an Iceborn Constitution.”

Ye Wenxin’s killing intent almost surfaced. How on earth could Su Mei have discovered her most well-hidden Iceborn Constitution? If Su Mei disclosed this secret to others, then Ye Wenxin’s situation would be put in jeopardy.

She did not want to practice dual cultivation, used as a human furnace, or live a life on the run every day. Therefore, Su Mei must die.

Killing intent gradually emerged, and Ye Wenxin looked at Su Mei, her gaze cold as ice.

Su Mei looked at the angry Ye Wenxin, but she curled her lips and said, “Don’t worry, I will tell you my secret next.”

“Oh, if this secret doesn’t attract me, I will kill you without compromise.”

Ye Wenxin sneered, not even bothering to hide it.

Su Mei was startled by Ye Wenxin’s expression, and began to regret negotiating with Ye Wenxin so directly. She thought for a moment and finally revealed her biggest secret.

“I also have an Iceborn Constitution, so I’m able to sense that your constitution is the same as mine.” Su Mei opened her mouth to answer. Ye Wenxin was really frightened this time and carefully probed Su Mei.

Su Mei did have an Iceborn Constitution, but it was not as pure as her own, so Ye Wenxin overlooked her. Recalling Su Mei stating she was studying for revenge, it was easy to envision the plot of that dog-blooded story.

Upon the discovery of Su Mei’s constitution, her entire clan was exterminated, and she alone escaped.

After a moment of silence, Ye Wenxin finally came to her senses and hurriedly said, “However, it doesn’t matter if you have an Iceborn Constitution, this Big Sister will not practice dual cultivation with you, and I will definitely not be your human furnace!”

She swore so confidently, but Su Mei looked at Ye Wenxin in front of her as if she was an idiot, seeming to not understand how the thirteen-year-old girl in front of her could think of such a thing.

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