Release the Female Lead, Leave Her to Me
Release the Female Lead Ch. 64

Chapter 64: I’m the Best in the World

However, this secret might not be known to anyone for the rest of their life.

“By the way, I haven’t seen Xiangsi as of late, where has she gone to?” Seeing the guys in a hurry to leave, Ye Wenxin was then reminded she had not seen Gu Xiangsi in a long time.

Based on Gu Xiangsi’s unwillingness to be left out, it was impossible for her to stay quiet for more than a month, and she had not even encountered her in the dining hall.

“Huh, you don’t know, Big Sister?” Fatty, who was holding the manual in his hand, showed a surprised expression, as if Ye Wenxin not knowing Gu Xiangsi’s situation was very unusual to him.

“No? Why, do you guys all know? Ye Wenxin was bewildered even further, every time she went out she mostly picked up malicious things discussed about her, but it was basically rare for her to hear malicious talk about other people.

“Xiangsi was chosen by the Hall of Teaching’s elder and became a member.” Ye Wenxin suddenly realized as she listened.

This Hall of Teaching, along with the Hall of Discipline and the Hall of Finance1, was the Azure Wings Sect’s three major authorities, but she never thought that after Gu Aotian became Fairy Fengya’s true disciple, his younger sister Gu Xiangsi would similarly be valued. She termed it as ‘valued’, however, for Ye Wenxin, it seemed more like a way to constrain Gu Aotian, while also ensuring Gu Xiangsi’s safety.

As the recruitment assembly’s top candidate and Fairy Fengya’s first true disciple, Gu Aotian was under much scrutiny. As Ye Wenxin had imagined, such scrutiny would place Gu Aotian in an extremely precarious state.

However, because Gu Aotian was the male protagonist, he could overcome the crisis no matter what.

“I see. You guys can go.” Having received the answer she sought, Ye Wenxin looked at the guys who could not wait to go back to read the manuals. She waved her hands dismissively, and the little brothers dispersed immediately.

On the other hand, Ye Wenxin was still sitting there in a daze, having the persistent feeling something was slipping her mind, but she could not remember what it was for a while.

Until a moment later, when she noticed Baili Mu standing in the distance and the undisguised contempt on her face. Ye Wenxin cared not about others’ attitude towards herself, so she shifted into a more comfortable posture and fiddled with the flowers in front of her.

It was a sea of flowers, but none of them matched the little white flower that got stuck on Huang Hanyan. At this moment, Ye Wenxin finally remembered the name of that flower, which was called Flower of Purity.

That flower was one of the materials for the Beauty-Preserving Pill, and compared to other ordinary materials, this Flower of Purity was extremely costly and uncommon. Ye Wenxin had kept it in mind at the beginning, but she did not expect to find it in a place like this.

Even so, Ye Wenxin remained seated.

Some time had passed since her encounter with Huang Hanyan, maybe that flower was long gone.

“Ye Wenxin, I don’t care who you are or what usually do, but you’re not even attending class, isn’t this too much?!” Watching Ye Wenxin still leisurely admiring flowers, her flames of ire ignited at once.

“Class! Oh no, how is it this time already?!” Ye Wenxin suddenly remembered that she had a basic martial arts class in the afternoon, and she was completely late.

“Did you specifically come to find me?” Yet Baili Mu, who should have been in class, showed up here, making Ye Wenxin really unable to fathom why Baili Mu suddenly had a change of heart.

“You’re overthinking it. The elder asked me to find you, saying if you don’t come, then no one should attend the class anymore.” Baili Mu gritted her teeth in hatred, her dislike for Ye Wenxin growing even stronger.

“I see, we should get going then.” Although she said this, Ye Wenxin had no intention of getting up.

That old man from the outer sect has had it out for her for quite some time now. But what she did not expect was that this old man would actually provoke public anger by using her. Since that was the case, being five minutes late was no different from being ten minutes late. She might as well take her time getting there.

“Hurry up! Senior brothers and sisters from the inner sect are coming to teach today.” Baili Mu was even more frustrated, feeling as if she had drawn the short end of the stick and wondering why she had ended up as roommates with someone like Ye Wenxin.

“I’ve been lying down too long, I can’t get up.” Ye Wenxin started acting shamelessly on the ground. As this Baili Mu was a neat freak and had obsessive-compulsive disorder, she naturally could not reach out to pull her up.

Sure enough, Baili Mu’s face instantly darkened upon hearing Ye Wenxin’s words. She unsheathed the long sword in her hands and slashed towards Ye Wenxin.

Ye Wenxin nimbly evaded the attack, trying to get Baili Mu to display more methods of attack. But no matter how Baili Mu struck, she could not injure Ye Wenxin.


Baili Mu was furious and seemed to be really irritated by Ye Wenxin, meaning to teach Ye Wenxin a good lesson with some real skills.

“Don’t look at me like that, when it comes to escaping, I’m the best in the world.” Ye Wenxin smiled lightly, seeing Baili Mu wanting to kill her but could not touch her at all, always made her feel more delighted.

“I was just warming up, and now…” Baili Mu’s fair face flushed, despite not devastatingly gorgeous, she was definitely an outstanding beauty. After saying this, the irritated look on her face disappeared and replaced with murderous intent.

Ye Wenxin observed her movements, recalling the war she had fought once against the Baili Clan’s forebear. Although it was a far cry from that Baili old man’s sword technique, it indeed had a bit of the Baili Clan’s stance.

In any case, this Baili Mu was too weak. Aside from the momentum, Ye Wenxin had already discerned three weakpoints from the sword drawing action. If she was facing an actual enemy, Baili Mu would already be dead.

“This old man’s granddaughter is really lacking in talent.” Ye Wenxin muttered under her breath. That Baili Clan was known for their divine calculations and understanding of fate, with their predictions being sought after far and wide. However, Ye Wenxin could not believe that just a few decades later, the descendants of this prestigious clan would be reduced to such incompetence, making Ye Wenxin want to properly educate this Baili Mu in the Baili old man’s place.

Ye Wenxin faintly narrowed her eyes and silver needles once again appeared in her hand.

Ever since becoming fascinated with the Soul Suppressing Eighteen Needles, she discovered the intrigue of the silver needles. And now, with such a perfect test subject before her, Ye Wenxin found a new joy. She wanted to try several acupoints she had never attempted before, but Baili Mu had already lunged at her.

However, Ye Wenxin, who had initially wanted to conduct an experiment, withdrew the silver needles. She abandoned her previous assertiveness and awkwardly dodged Baili Mu’s attack.

“What are you both still doing here?!” Immediately, a male voice sounded from a distance, with barely concealed indignance.

Baili Mu instantly retracted her long sword, eyes filled with annoyance, but someone’s appearance forced her to stop ‘educating’ Ye Wenxin.

“I’ll settle accounts with you next time.” Saying this, Baili Mu turned to face the man and lowered her voice in apology, “Forgive me, Senior Brother Yin, it took a while to find Ye Wenxin.”

Ye Wenxin also looked at this so-called ‘Senior Brother Yin’. He looked dignified and distinguished, his gestures exuding aristocratic aura. Evidently, he was the noble scion of some great family who had come to the Azure Wings Sect to experience a cultivator’s life.

“It’s good that you found her. Hurry back now, don’t keep everyone waiting.” Seeing Baili Mu’s acceptable attitude, Senior Brother Yin softened his tone.

Baili Mu responded right away, no longer showing the arrogance from earlier. Senior Brother Yin’s gaze wandered, and he gave a gentle smile towards Ye Wenxin in the distance.

This smile made Ye Wenxin more bewildered. She had a nagging feeling she had met this Senior Brother Yin before, but could not recall where for a while.

“Hurry up, you’ve already wasted so much time.” Baili Mu, who was well-behaved just now, revealed her original attitude in front of Ye Wenxin again. Ye Wenxin was somewhat speechless but still got up and quickly followed the two people towards the gathering place.

It was a plot of vast and open woodland. The outer disciples were gathered together in an orderly manner, and when then they saw Ye Wenxin arriving with the others, the emotions in their eyes were extremely complex.

“You two may join the others. Ye Wenxin, go stand in punishment.” The outer sect elder felt even more ashamed, but unfortunately, the Hall of Discipline had issued a decree not to expel Ye Wenxin, forcing the outer sect elder to resort to such small measures to punish her.

“Yes.” Ye Wenxin was already accustomed to it. She naturally bypassed the crowd in front of her and suddenly saw a familiar figure at the forefront.

Dressed in the red attire of a true disciple, with a red veil covering her face, she stood out from the crowd, looking somewhat out of place. Ye Wenxin halted her steps, about to inquire about something, when the voice of the outer sect elder rang out again.

“Ye Wenxin, go quicker and don’t interfere with the teaching!” Ye Wenxin had no choice but to give up on greeting the woman in red, but she still managed to squeeze out a smile in her direction.

This person was none other than Long Qing’er, whom Ye Wenxin also had not seen for a long time.

Ye Wenxin knew that today, inner disciples were teaching basic sword techniques to outer disciples. However, she had not expected Long Qing’er would be one of them, leaving Ye Wenxin momentarily confused.

However, she quickly understood the reason for Long Qing’er’s appearance from the elder’s description.

It turned out that after Ye Wenxin officially joined the Azure Wings Sect, Long Qing’er followed several senior brothers and sisters down the mountain for training and had only returned a few days ago. In order to further publicize the deeds of Long Qing’er and others and dispel her resentment for not becoming a true disciple, the idea of teaching arose.

The senior brother who told this story spoke vividly and colorfully, filling the crowd with even more admiration for these inner sect senior brothers and sisters. As a result, everyone became more diligent in their studies.

However, Long Qing’er remained silent. She stood there as if she were just part of the scenery, making Ye Wenxin even more curious about Long Qing’er’s purpose for being here.

“Big Sister, are you tired?”

“Big Sister, are you hot?”

Right as the free training session began, the little brother lackeys had already gathered around Ye Wenxin, who was standing in the punishment area, solicitously inquiring about Ye Wenxin’s well-being.

In this outer sect environment, everyone had long grown accustomed to the strange sight of Ye Wenxin being surrounded by a few men. But today was different; with inner sect disciples present, even though they were used to the behavior of Ye Wenxin and her companions, the outer sect disciples felt extremely embarrassed.

“Looks like the outer sect has produced quite the talent,” sneered a certain inner sect senior sister, casting a scornful glance at Ye Wenxin and growing more and more repulsed with each passing moment.

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