Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 101

Lu Wan didn’t like being late so she went out immediately after eating and taking a shower.

Girls like to spruce up themselves and Lu Wan was no exception.

But forget about putting on makeup…… This was not within the scope of her skills.

With the help of President Zhao, Lu Wan tidied up her hair and picked an appropriate outfit.

The subway was particularly crowded today.

In less than fifteen minutes, Lu Wan regretted coming out in white shoes. It was stepped on several times before she even arrived at the station.

She was wearing a beige down jacket, a beige pants of the same style, a gray sweater inside, and a black cap.

This was her usual lazy and clean style, and Zhao Jianing was proficient in matching clothes.

However, the main thing was Lu Wan’s outstanding figure and temperament.

People on the road cast their eyes on her frequently.

Song Qianqian locked onto President Lu at a glance as she stood out in the bunch of dark winter clothes.

In this season, most girls would avoid light colors especially in down jackets, since it was easy to look bloated! An important consideration for Song Qianqian when she dresses was to look thinner!

President Lu was too wilful!

The point was that she still looks good! For the N’th time, Song Qianqian sighed. Light colors really suits President Lu!

Refreshingly simple and full of vitality!

It would be great if she could wear things like this most of the time.

This appearance was too superior! She’ll probably looks good even with a bed sheet!

Song Qianqian stepped forward and put her arms around the other person’s arm. “President Lu!”

Lu Wan was stunned and tried to pull her arm out.

Song Qianqian: “I’m cold, but you are warm. Let me warm myself.”

Before anyone else comes, let me hold you for a while!

Lu Wan: “All right, then. But aren’t you wearing a little less?”

It’s only a few degrees this evening and this little girl actually wore a short skirt.

Song Qianqian: “Girls are not afraid of the cold in order to be beautiful, plus I’m wearing nude tights! If you don’t believe me, feel it.”

“Huh?” This involves Lu Wan’s blind spot in knowledge.

When the two were chatting about nude tights, Lu Wan heard someone calling her name behind her.

She and Song Qianqian turned their heads together.

Su Rao smiled and said, “I don’t think I’m late, am I?”

Song Qianqian covered her mouth. The goddess today was very good!

She can!

Su Rao was wearing a two tone blazer, one side was dark brown while the other side was light brown, a black turtleneck, jeans, and Dr Martens boots.

Her long black hair was curled.

She smiled generously and spoke softly.

Song Qianqian was on the verge of tears. Su Rao really had the face and aura, pretty and sweet.

As expected of a goddess. Her form was always online, a beautiful it girl.

This clothing style also deserves to be worn most of the time!

Su Rao had a natural and generous temperament, sincere but had her own personality. Her expression was always relaxed, and because she had been loved by the people around her since she was a child, she grew up carefree and without any gloominess.

The three of them stood together, and their head turning rate were through the roof.

Ten minutes before 8:30, Chen Nianqing finally arrived.

He was wearing a brown coat, a pair of long legs that defy the laws of nature, and a baseball cap. He looked completely different from his usual school uniform.

The key was that he had a youthful aura, like that of a boy who walked out of a comic book.

Seeing him made girls’ heart’s flutter! Just one look made them blush!

A group of students: “……”

They’re tired of saying “I can!”

Lu Wan, Su Rao, or Chen Nianqing, anyone would do, they were not picky!

Xu Yao: “……”

This guy was dressed a bit attractively today and he doesn’t look much worse than himself.

When seeing the well-dressed Haley, everyone had already calmed down.

Haley wore a famous British-style logo coat with a contrasting colored sweater inside. It was bold but harmonious. He put one hand in his pocket and asked, “There might be too many of us today, so why don’t we split up?”

Song Qianqian: “That’s fine.”

After all, it wasn’t easy to take action with this bunch.

Haley said with a smile, “How about this, one team follows Lu Wan, one team follows Su Rao, and another team follows Chen Nianqing.”

In this way, he could send the straight boys that have a crush on Su Rao and the girls who like Chen Nianqing away!

Haley had planned well, but his calculations still came up short.

Su Rao: “I disagree. I came to play with Lu Wan today.”

Chen Nianqing: “Me too.”

Xu Yao: “????”

He walked up to Haley and whispered, “These two guys have bad intentions, quickly find a way to get rid of them.”

Haley: “……”

If that can be done easily, do you think you still need to say this?

This idiot probably doesn’t know, besides wanting to send Chen Nianqing and Su Rao away, he also wanted to kick him away.

Although they have common opponents, the two of them were not on the same front.

Haley doesn’t want Lu Wan to date at all. Wasn’t it good for President Lu to stay single?

Lu Wan folded her arms. “But if you follow me, I have no idea what we’ll do.”

She’s very self-aware that she was an extremely boring person.

Su Rao: “It’s okay, I just came out to play. We can do whatever you want.”

After a brief discussion, the group of people still decided to act separately.

After all, if there were too many people, it was inconvenient to do anything, and it was easy to be separated by the crowd.

Some went to the skating rink, some to the arcade, and some went window-shopping.

Every New Year’s Eve, there would be a light show on the tall buildings here.

There would be a countdown for the last 100 seconds, and many people would participate and make wishes.

Everyone made an appointment to meet back here at that time and join the countdown together.


It’s as if the entire city’s inhabitants had come out. Lu Wan had never seen so many people.

The city center originally had eight lanes, but it was forced to become four lanes because of too many pedestrians.

Splitting half of the road for people celebrating the new year.

Lu Wan followed Haley to the arcade. Now there were a lot of interactive games, as well as motion sensing types.

It was very different from the games she had seen and understood when she was a child.

Haley was having a good time. He was good-looking and stylishly dressed. When he was playing, a group of young people gathered around to cheer him on.

Lu Wan watched it for a while, then left the arcade.

Before she came today, she had checked the nearby attractions online.

There was a temple within one kilometer, which was a short walk away.

This was a good place to go, but the key point was that it was free of charge.

Lu Wan said she was going to visit the temple, and Song Qianqian sighed in her heart that this indeed was what old cadres do……

On the surface, she said with a smile, “Then why don’t we go together and pray for next year.”

“Why not?”

“Let’s go.”

“I think it’s okay.”

The students who were just discussing whether to go to a quiet bar, all casually switched sides and said they would go to the Buddhist temple.

Apart from Su Rao, Chen Nianqing and Xu Yao, there were seven or eight other people.

Haley was having so much fun that he hadn’t realized he had fallen behind.

He suddenly had a bad premonition. He had to always be on guard, or else he wouldn’t know how the cabbage got taken away by a pig……


Lu Wan didn’t believe in religion.

She’s a total atheist and admires science.

The quaint temple in front of their eyes seems to be covered with a layer of golden light under the dim light, and the main hall was even more solemn. The pines and cypresses outside the temple were lush, and the smell of sandalwood lingers around.

The night scene here had a unique ancient charm and showed the vicissitudes of life.

Pious believers and monks wearing Buddhist clothes shuttle among them, and being there made them feel more awe.

Song Qianqian suggested, “Since we’re all here, why don’t we go in and pay our respects? We can also ask for our fortune in studies! I hope everyone can go to their ideal school in the future!”

Su Rao smiled and said, “I hope so too, but Lu Wan, I have something to tell you.”

When Xu Yao noticed something wasn’t right, he said not willing to be outdone, “I think I may not have expressed myself clearly before that’s why Lu Wan didn’t take it seriously, but not this time around.”

He carefully took out a note for fear that he would forget the words when the time came.

This was not considered cheating. Although it was a cheat sheet, every word was written by him and could be said to be from the bottom of his heart! He had made these revisions!

In the new year, he and Lu Wan would have a new start! This time there would be no more problems!

A group of students: “……”

Here it comes! Here it comes again! The two peoples battle!

Lu Wan’s head hurts. She reminded, “This is a Buddhist temple, don’t you think it’s inappropriate?”

How could there be a continuation of this? Did she not make it clear enough?

She thought that after a while the novelty would passed and everything would return to what it was before, like nothing happened.

However, the two seemed to detest each other and so they antagonized one another.

Su Rao: “I don’t see what’s wrong? Haven’t you heard of ‘one flower, one world, one Buddha, one Tathagata’[1]from the original text ‘one flower, one world, one leaf, one Buddha’; an idiom of Chinese Buddhism meaning ‘the universe exists in every flower, the Buddha lives in every leaf. There can be path everywhere, so as long as you feel it is right, then what can be wrong?”

Lu Wan: “……”

All right, you’re awesome for reading a lot of books.

Xu Yao: “It’s perfect ah! It’s here that you can show your sincerity.”

The crowd: “……”

All right, you have a thick skin, you’re great.


1 from the original text ‘one flower, one world, one leaf, one Buddha’; an idiom of Chinese Buddhism meaning ‘the universe exists in every flower, the Buddha lives in every leaf


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