Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 103

Lu Wan shot Chen Nianqing a glance.

Don’t panic when something happen and keep calm since so many people are watching.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing walked out holding hands.

A group of students focused their attention on the two person’s hands clasped together.


Song Qianqian blinked her eyes. “Um…… Does the two of you have anything to say?”

Lu Wan raised their tightly clasped hands. “Boyfriend.”

Chen Nianqing smiled softly. “My girlfriend.”

Xu Yao: “I—”

He just made a sound when Song Qianqian reacted quickly and covered his mouth again.

Everybody: “????”

Although there were speculations in that regard, it was another matter when there was confirmation.

“I don’t believe it. Then, when did it happen……?” Su Rao had a complicated expression.

Chen Nianqing: “I’ve been chasing her for half a year, and just now, Lu Wan agreed.”

Everyone: “??!!”

Heavens, what did they heard? Was this the grand finale of the year?

Lu Wan was also taken aback. This person really dared to speak spontaneously.

Forget it, she’d better keep quiet for now and watch the situation.

Su Rao looked on blankly. “You chased after Lu Wan? But how come we don’t know.”

Chen Nianqing asked calmly in reply, “Must it have to be as big as the commotion you did for it to count? Either you like someone or you don’t. I know who I like and Lu Wan knows that I like her, that’ll suffice.”

If it weren’t for these two making uproar, he wouldn’t……

Even if Lu Wan remained non-committal, he would still be jealous.

He couldn’t wait until after graduation.

Everyone was astonished. Idol is too ‘A’ ba.

Su Rao was full of shock. “Half a year?”

Chen Nianqing: “Haven’t you seen me sending my test papers to Lu Wan so she can review them? I was chasing her then.”

Although they were shocked, after thinking about it carefully, there were indeed signs.

It suddenly dawned on them. So that was it??

Song Qianqian: “President Lu, you guys hide so deeply ah.”

Lu Wan: “……”

All she could think about was ‘Damn, this guy is too good at lying’.

As one of the parties involved, she was almost convinced.

Seriously, she suspected that Chen Nianqing’s acting skills were even better than Lu Buyu’s.

Chen Nianqing turned his head, looked at Lu Wan and said, “Originally, I wanted to wait until after graduating from high school, but since we will be together sooner or later, it doesn’t matter if I bring it forward. This way, Wanwan will be troubled less. Fortunately, she agreed to me just now, otherwise I still have to keep working hard. I might lose sleep because of someone tonight.”

Lu Wan said bravely, “No, you’re amazing.”

Everyone: “……?”

Song Qianqian initially suspected that it was a trick. But the way Chen Nianqing looked at Lu Wan…… Absolutely!

It was very affectionate.

It turns out that the cold Idol could also look like this. She wanted to hold her chest and scream, ‘Too gentle and too Sue’ish’! If anyone insists that there was nothing between the two of them, that’s what’s preposterous!

All of a sudden, she was stuffed with a lot of dog food.

Everyone else apparently thought the same thing and also wanted to scream along.

Lu Wan: “……”

This guy was too good at this. She was worried that they would be seen through immediately.

Unexpectedly, he managed to hide it smoothly?

Chen Nianqing didn’t even need to prepare a draft before lying. As expected, beautiful men couldn’t be trusted! Even if they usually look serious!

“Well, why don’t you guys go in and pay your respects?” Seeing that everyone was silent, Lu Wan took the initiative to propose.

Song Qianqian: “We don’t need to go worship Songzi Guanyin for the time being.”

Lu Wan coughed and explained in a raised voice, “Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t see it clearly just now! Of course I don’t need to either! I don’t like children!”

Chen Nianqing smiled and said, “Although it’s a bit early to say this, I’ll listen to whatever she says. After all, I won’t be the one giving birth.”

Everybody: “……”

You’re not the one who will give birth…… to ‘your’ children?

Oh, was this it?

That’s enough, stop scattering dog food indiscriminately. Goodness, do they have to drag these poor dogs to death today?

President Lu, it turns out you’re such a ruthless President Lu.

Idol, it turns out you’re such a ruthless Idol.

Chen Nianqing seldom smiles, so whenever he did, it seemed like a rare sight.

As if the spring snow was melting, it was so vivid that people couldn’t take their eyes off.

Xu Yao rolled his eyes. This damn little white face.

He wanted to shout crazily, ‘Lu Wan, you’re too superficial. You’ve actually taken a fancy to a little white face?!’

Since they’re already here, they still have to go and pay their respects.

At the age when they were beginning to understand love, everyone was seeking for success in their studies, for the safety of their families, and for the chance to meet someone that would also return their love in the future.

After all, seeing Chen Nianqing and Lu Wan was simply too enviable.

Although they couldn’t find someone like Chen Nianqing, they also hope to become better and meet an equally good partner.

The group came out and saw the two standing under a tree.

How come they were still holding hands?

Forget that their relationship was really good, don’t they give a sh*t to them single dogs?

Of course, Lu Wan couldn’t admit defeat and be the first to let go. That’s right, she would just take him as a free environmental friendly hot water bag.

Chen Nianqing was secretly happy in his heart, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help curving up.

Had he known this, maybe he should have agreed last time.

Chen Nianqing didn’t quite understand why couples who meet every day needed to hold hands, but now he gets it.

He also hoped to hold Lu Wan’s hands every time they meet. Having skin-to-skin contact and feeling the warmth of the other person was so wonderful.

There was still an hour before midnight, but they had to go ahead of time, so everyone turned back.

The street was crowded and the two of them had to stay close to each other so as not to be separated.

Lu Wan was following Chen Nianqing, who was tall. According to her height, he must be over 185.

He was towering in the crowd. And because he was very noticeable, pedestrians automatically avoid him, so their journey was smooth.

There were many people on the street today with lights on their heads. Lu Wan saw a lot of styles. There were small animals and also the words ‘Happy New Year’.

Chen Nianqing noticed the other party’s line of sight and said with a smile, “I’m going to buy something.”

Lu Wan: “What are you buying?”

“Follow me.”

Next to the steps of the mall, there were vendors selling the lights worn by passersby. Chen Nianqing chose an antler headband for Lu Wan.

Lu Wan was a little surprised. She restrained her joy and said calmly, “For me?”

Chen Nianqing smiled. “You can choose one for me.”

Lu Wan: “Ah, I know. You’re too embarrassed to wear it alone, that’s why you dragged me to accompany you. Actually, it’s nothing ah.”

She gleefully chose a cat ear style for him, then took off Chen Nianqing’s hat, and put it on Chen Nianqing carefully.

“It fits perfectly! Very cute!”

Chen Nianqing: “Oh, you’re cuter.”

Lu Wan reached out and touched the antlers. “Of course. You actually like this, so I’ll wear it with you.”

During the Spring or Lantern Festival, there were also children who would wear light up headbands in their small county. Lu Wan envied them when she was very young.

She thought it was particularly good looking and impressive.

It was ten yuan each, and her adoptive mother wouldn’t buy it for her since she thought it was too expensive, so even if Lu Wan was envious, she never said she wanted it.

She wouldn’t ask for something she knew was impossible to get.

Later, although she had ten yuan, she didn’t buy it, probably because she had grown up after that period.

Until today, she saw many young people were also wearing this, and the style was even pretty, so she was eager to try.

Lu Wan was still hesitating whether it was too childish, but she really wanted to buy one. Unexpectedly, Chen Nianqing spoke first. He wanted it even more than her.

After putting them on and looking at each other, Chen Nianqing asked the vendor, “How much is this?”

“30 a piece, thank you.”

Chen Nianqing handed the other person a hundred yuan, then turned and said, “This is my first gift to you.”

Lu Wan touched the antlers again. “Thank you, but it’s really expensive.”

It’s just an ordinary headband with some wires and small lights, which would only cost her a few yuan if she made it herself.

However, Lu Wan also knew that this was a special product and was very popular during the holidays. Although she thought it was expensive, she didn’t say anything more.

It was a rare occasion.

The two continued to walk forward.

This time they didn’t hold hands, Chen Nianqing held her on the arm.

“There are more and more people, don’t get squeezed.” Chen Nianqing blocked a man who bumped into him.

Lu Wan looked down. “My new shoes have already been stepped on countless times.”

“You should step closer a little bit.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

She felt that the other party was exaggerating, but when she turned her head, she saw two boys in front of them supporting their girlfriends, so Lu Wan shut up.

They at least had to do it like everyone else so no one could suspect a thing. She couldn’t drop the ball halfway.

The two were very close and Lu Wan could smell the other person’s scent. It was a very fresh fragrance, similar to the plants and trees after the rain.

She sniffed several times.

Chen Nianqing’s mother was a top surgeon in the industry, but although she was busy with work, she was an attentive person.

She put a bottle of fragrance in her son’s closet.

The woody scent was very light because it was not sprayed on the clothes, and the faint smell could only be smelled up-close.

Lu Wan: “You smell nice.”

Chen Nianqing: “Smell?”

Lu Wan looked up at him and added, “Your skin is so good, and the girls in our class wear colored lipsticks but their lips aren’t as red as yours. This light up headband looks really great on you.”

Chen Nianqing: “Really? Then you like me…… like this?”

Lu Wan was suddenly a little embarrassed. What was she saying? The other party wouldn’t think she’s being silly, right?

Laughing, she said, “Haha, girls will like it.”

Chen Nianqing: “Why will I want so many people to like me? I’m glad as long as you like me.”

Lu Wan’s ears were a little hot. Although they were pretending, this guy was too dedicated.

No, she absolutely couldn’t lose!

She raised her voice and said, “If I don’t like you, who else will I like!”

Chen Nianqing tightened his hands and smiled, “Got it, I’ve memorized this sentence in my mind. You have to stick to your words. You can’t like anyone except me, President Lu?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Following behind, everyone had different expressions.

Help, someone’s killing dogs!

What the two said along the way made people blush and put on auntie smiles.

Once you accept the setting, supporting a CP could bring you on a sweet trance and make you giggle for other people’s sweet love all day.

Xu Yao: “I’m going to kill him! Aarrh! I won’t allow it! I won’t!!!”

Song Qianqian laughed out loud with a “pfft” and grabbed the person who was about to go on a rampage again.

“Who will you kill? All right, calm down. Wait until the New Year is over. I’ll think of a way for you then.”

Although Xu Yao was a bit miserable, this dunce was a bit funny and cute.

Xu Yao: “Are you serious? You’re not lying to me?”

Song Qianqian nodded repeatedly, leaving aside other things and stabilizing this one for now.

Xu Yao drooped his head. “Okay.”

Su Rao’s expression was very complicated and she remained silent all the way.

She had never expected that Chen Nianqing would be her rival in love.

So was there still hope?

……The two were already together.


Haley had been a little worried.

They went away when he got distracted. Nothing would happen, right?

Lu Wan must not be taken by anyone!

She’s a sea king[1]refers to someone who is involved in several affairs at the same time and is constantly chasing new conquest, in charge of every fish in the sea!

Lu Wan doesn’t want to be the king of the sea, she’s just gentle towards students who don’t have any malicious intentions, but this was the ultimate meaning of the king of the sea—— Unwittingly planting a willow tree which later provides shade[2]to do something which unintentionally returns positive results!

Seeing Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing walking side by side, Haley nearly lost his breath.

Chen Nianqing’s hand was actually on President Lu’s shoulder?

Haley told the person next to him, “I’m going to faint later, remember to catch me, and then pinch me.”

The classmate next to him: “……Okay.”

When the two approached, Haley asked “You two are—?”

Chen Nianqing didn’t reply but held Lu Wan’s hand, giving the answer through his actions.

Lu Wan: “……”

They have to hold hands again.

Haley: “……”

The group of people at the same spot: “……”

Haley regretted it so much. Wasn’t he just away for two hours?

He had taken a lot of precautions! But he still couldn’t guard against him ah!

A miscalculation! Guwalgiya-Xu Yao was not worth paying attention to and Niohuru-Su Rao was also a bit lacking.

So it’s you? Chen-Chunyuan-Nianqing?!


1 refers to someone who is involved in several affairs at the same time and is constantly chasing new conquest
2 to do something which unintentionally returns positive results


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