Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 131

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Lu Wan quickly ran to the house ahead, she couldn’t wait to talk with Chen Nianqing.

Chen Nianqing had been here recently, and his parents would also occasionally come, though Lu Wan had only met them once.

It was the time when Chen Nianqing’s parents came to visit the Lu’s house as neighbors.

Before parting, Chen Qing gave Lu Wan’s whole family medical card, including Taohua, who got a card for a pet hospital.

The two families had known each other for a long time. Although they weren’t in the same circle, they were both leaders in their respective industries. Naturally, they have heard each other’s names. In addition, they’d been neighbors for more than ten years, so it could be considered that they knew each other well.

Five or six years ago, Chen Qing had been appointed as vice president and his work was busier than before.

It was inconvenient since they live too far away from the hospital, so the couple moved out.

The house was vacant and only Chen Nianqing would come over to tidy up on weekends and stay for two days.

This villa was given by Chen Qing’s father back then.

The Chen family had been in business for several generations. Although it couldn’t be compared with the Lu family, it was still a century-old enterprise and a listed company.

Chen Qing had three older brothers and one older sister. He was the youngest in the family and was also not interested in the family business, so he chose medicine.

However, the siblings’ relationship was very good and they took care of this younger brother even more.


The door from the courtyard was open and Lu Wan ran straight right in.

“Xiao Chen, you—” Halfway through speaking, Lu Wan stopped.

There were other people in the living room.

Chen Nianqing’s parents were unexpectedly present as well.

Seeing Lu Wan rushing in, Chen Qing greeted with a smile. “Wanwan is here. Are you looking for Chen Nianqing?”

Lu Wan stood up straight. “Hello, Uncle and Aunt.”

Gosh, if she had known that the elders were here, she would’ve been gentler and wouldn’t sprint in like a bandit.

Chen Nianqing couldn’t help chuckling.

He naturally knew what Lu Wan was thinking at that moment.

Lu Wan glared at Chen Nianqing before pretending to say with a calm face, “The results of the college entrance examination are out.”

Chen Nianqing: “I know. You scored higher than me.”

Lu Wan was instantly interested, “How many did you get?”

Chen Nianqing sighed. “712.”

“Oh, that’s good too, just one point less than me.” Lu Wan paused, then added, “In fact, you usually get the first place in the exam and I just performed well this time!”

There was a certain element of luck in exams.

Although she was comforting the other party, Lu Wan’s tail was almost lifted up to the sky. After all, it was really nice to be the first.

The Chen family’s husband and wife came here specially to accompany their son in checking his score. They were not there for him on the college entrance examination and graduation ceremony, so they couldn’t be absent this time.

Mrs. Chen said with a smile, “Wanwan is great. Do your parents already know?”

Lu Wan nodded. “Mmm-hmm, I just came out from our house, they are all at home. I’m curious how much Chen Nianqing got in the exam. I could’ve called to ask but I ran fast, so I just came straight here.”

The Chen family’s husband and wife looked at each other and smiled again.

They’ve been very busy with work. Chen Nianqing was brought up by a nanny at home. Since he started studying, he had been very quiet and sensible and didn’t let them worry about him.

Often times, they would even forget that the other party was a child.

He talks like an adult.

It’s also good to be as lively as Lu Wan. They instantly have the feeling of being a parent.

What’s more, aside from being outstanding and independent, the little girl was full of energy all day long. This was what a young person should look like.

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Wan saw the two elders smiling and felt a little embarrassed.

Was she too direct?

Like a tigress?

This wouldn’t do. She needed to be more refined in the future, at least in front of the elders.

Mrs. Chen: “Wanwan, you came just in time. Today I was sorting out old things and found a photo album by accident. Do you want to look at it with me?”

Lu Wan: “Photo album? Is it Chen Nianqing’s old photos?”

“You’ll know when you see. Not only are there pictures of Chen Nianqing, but also of you and your brother.”

“A picture of me and my brother?” Lu Wan looked surprised.

Mrs. Chen nodded and called Lu Wan to come to her side. She picked up the photo album on the table.

Lu Wan was extremely interested, with no reserve, she hurried over.

These were photos of Chen Nianqing from childhood to adulthood.

Xiao Chen was a beauty when he was a baby and he gradually grew into a young little boy.

It was sometimes hard to tell children’s gender and Xiao Chen in the photo was too much like a pretty little girl.

Lu Wan glanced at Chen Nianqing and praised him sincerely, “Wow, you were so pretty when you were a child.”

Chen Nianqing: “Not as cute as you were when you were a child.”


Mrs. Chen turned to a new page and pointed to one of the photos.

“Wanwan, this is you next to Nianqing and the little boy staring at the two of you from the back is your brother.”

Lu Wan looked closely.

“Ah, it’s really me and Lu Buyu.”

She had seen photos of herself and Lu Buyu before, so she confirmed it at a glance.

To be reasonable, even though she was seven or eight months younger than Chen Nianqing, the two of them have completely different styles.

At the age of two and a half, she was still a fat ball, but at the age of three, Chen Nianqing was already a pretty little beauty.

Big eyes, long eyelashes, and red lips; He was beginning to look dashing.

“Chen Nianqing was taken care of by the nanny when he was a child. When the weather was fine, the nanny would take him to bask in the sun. That photo was also taken by the nanny that year.”

That day, the Lu brother and sister were also playing on the lawn by the lake and the two sides met.

The seven-year-old Lu Buyu was very picky about selecting his younger sister’s friends. That day, he carefully checked the three-year-old Chen Nianqing. His hands were clean, his clothes were neat, and he was pretty good looking.

Only then did he agree to let him play with his sister.

Of course, he declared in advance that Chen Nianqing couldn’t slyly kiss nor touch his sister’s face.

The two children had a great time playing on the lawn.

Lu Wan liked her new friend very much and laughingly called him ‘pretty brother’.

Crouching under the tree, Lu Buyu, who was carefully observing the ant nest, quit at once.

Why call someone else brother? They’ve only just met!  

So he took his sister to play with him.

Chen Nianqing refused. They were obviously having a good time playing.

Little chubby likes his toys.

The three-year-old child was still very stubborn and rebellious. After being robbed of his playmate, Chen Nianqing just went against Lu Buyu.

He ran to sneak attack and kissed Xiao Pang’s[1]Little chubby face with a “muwah”.

It was really soft, elastic and fragrant.

Lu Buyu exploded on the spot and Chen Nianqing had to be carried home by the nanny to prevent the two children from fighting.

The Chen couple could recall that day because when their son came back, he said that he wanted a younger sister.

He wanted his parents to give him a sister.

The couple were very surprised, so they asked the nanny and learned what happened that afternoon.

Mrs. Chen smiled and said, “You can go and play with Su Rao. Your cousin is also very cute.”

“No, cousin only knows how to cry. I want someone with a cute smile. I like Xiao Pang.”

Xiao Pang was his nickname for Lu Wan which was very accurate.

Chen Qing laughed out of anger. He and his wife had no plans to have a second child, so he said bluntly, “Give up, son. It’s out of the question.”

So the little boy turned into a broken record, repeating “I want a younger sister” non-stop, and began rolling on the ground.

That night, Chen Nianqing received ‘tough love’ from his parents, and that was the end of the matter.

However, after that, Lu Buyu became more cautious and wary of all those with evil intentions.

It wasn’t an exaggeration. After all, whenever the nanny put his younger sister in the stroller, a lot of aunts and uncles passing by would say, “What a cute child” and suddenly pinched his younger sister’s face!      

Now there was even a bold lunatic who dared to kiss his sister?



Lu Wan was surprised. So the two of them had met many years ago?

She had no memory of before the age of three, and she found it quite fascinating.

Mrs. Chen: “If you hadn’t gotten lost, maybe you and Chen Nianqing have been great friends since childhood. But this is also very good now. Wanwan have even become the top scorer of the college entrance exam this time.”

Even after being lost for many years, the little girl was still outstanding.

She admires the other party’s tenacity and perseverance, which had nothing to do with age.

Lu Wan looked at Chen Nianqing and asked, “Do you have any memories of back then?”

Chen Nianqing: “I also don’t remember.”

Lu Wan thought it was normal, after all, crying and rolling all over the floor was a black history.

She realized that she had really misunderstood before. Chen Nianqing really wasn’t good-tempered. He was only like that with her.

Mrs. Chen: “Okay, the two of you can chat. Old Chen and I will go for a walk by the lake.”

With the elders there, the two juniors couldn’t talk easily.

It’s not that they were liberal-minded, but because their son had never let them worry about him since he went to school.

They trust Chen Nianqing.

The girl was also great and they trust her too.

Eighteen years old wasn’t too early. The couple were high school classmates. They’ve been in love since the age of seventeen.


“Stop looking at it. My parents are gone.” Chen Nianqing reminded.

Lu Wan withdrew her gaze. “It seems that they really left.”

Chen Nianqing: “There’s no need to be shy, you—”      

“I’m not shy. It’s for your sake.” Lu Wan straightened his collar and said with a smile, “Come on, I want to hear you call husband.”

Chen Nianqing was stunned for two seconds. He then smiled and said, “You run over here just to say this?”

Lu Wan: “Otherwise? Weren’t your parents here just now? I’ve been waiting for a long time! Hurry up!”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

No, this was not what he intended.

He simply dug a huge hole for himself to jump into.

Lu Wan raised Chen Nianqing’s chin and imitated the tone of scoundrels on TV flirting with good women, “Little Beauty, why are you so shy? You will have to call me sooner or later.”

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Chen Nianqing’s face instantly reddened and the crimson color spread to the roots of his ears.

Lu Wan felt it was extremely interesting and touched the other person’s chin again. “Are you calling or not?”

Chen Nianqing did not speak. He turned around and walked upstairs.

How could Lu Wan let the duck in her hands fly away? She quickly followed him.

Chen Nianqing went to the study.

Just as Lu Wan was about to speak, she was pinned against the bookshelf.

Lu Wan: “What are you doing?”

Chen Nianqing pressed Lu Wan’s shoulder with his right hand and raised his left hand to take out a box from the bookshelf.

He opened the box and inside was a dark green hair tie.

At about this time last week, he passed by it in a store window and thought it would suit Lu Wan, so he bought it right away.

This hair tie would’ve look good with the dress she had worn on the day of the graduation ceremony.

But after buying it, he had never found a chance to give it to her.

In the past half a month, Lu Wan hadn’t worn a dress again.

Chen Nianqing: “I originally wanted to pick a suitable opportunity to give you this, and now is just the right timing.”

He said as he ran his fingers through the other party’s hair.

After looping it in front of her eyes, he lightly tied a knot at the back of her head.

Lu Wan wondered why he covered her eyes. It was strange.

She was about to pull it off when he held her hand down.

Chen Nianqing gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t take it off.”

Still feeling frustrated, he bit her earlobe and kissed it with his head bowed.

It’s much easier to do when he couldn’t see the other person’s eyes.

“Husband, you have to be responsible for me in the future.”

Chen Nianqing just went for it and after whispering this sentence, his neck turned red.

After all, calling her this way after the results came out had a different meaning from when they were teasing each other.

Lu Wan: “I—”

Chen Nianqing didn’t want to listen to the other party, so he blocked her mouth and pried her lips open.

This person’s survival instinct was too strong, which was not very good for him.

But it’s something he likes too.


Lu Buyu looked at the time.

It’s half past nine, why hasn’t that dead girl come back yet?

Okay, he’ll wait for another ten minutes. By that time, don’t blame him for being unreasonable.

At 9:45, Lu Buyu finally couldn’t sit still anymore and decided to look outside.

And look what he saw!

Lu Wan and that boy were at the front of the house again? Hateful!      

Were the two conjoined twins?

What love?! She’s obviously only eighteen years old!      


Chen Nianqing sent Lu Wan home after the two of them took a walk in the neighborhood for forty minutes.

When it was time to separate, Lu Wan smiled and said, “Okay, don’t be embarrassed. Your husband will take care of you from now on.”

Chen Nianqing: “Hmph, you should call me brother.”

Lu Wan was in a very good mood and nodded readily. “Ok, ok, ok, Brother.”

After all, she’s already heard him call her ‘husband’, so it’s okay to call him brother.

Lu Buyu just happened to hear this sentence and his mind immediately collapsed.

“Lu Wan, what did you call him?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Chen Nianqing: “……”

Taohua: “Woof……”

Lu Wan: “Go home. Go quickly.”

Chen Nianqing: “En, Good night.”

Don’t stay here long or you might get beaten.

Taohua: “Woof…… Woof……”      

Lu Buyu frowned. This stupid dog’s barking was fart. He turned around to look at Lu Wan. “You—”

Lu Wan wrapped her arms around Lu Buyu’s without saying a word. “Come on, Brother, let’s go home.”

Lu Buyu: “You call him brother?”

“He’s older than me so I’m just being polite. You’re my real brother, the best big brother in the world.”

Lu Buyu asked suspiciously, “Really?”

“Of course. If he and you fell into the water, I will save you first.”

Lu Buyu “Trully?”


Lu Buyu’s expression turned from cloudy to sunny and he gave a cold snort. “That’s more like it.”

Lu Wan dragged the other party towards the house, quietly changing the subject, “Come along. Let’s go eat snacks together. What delicious food did Auntie prepare today?”

“I want to keep fit so I’m not eating late at night.”

“It’s okay, we’ll run ten kilometers tomorrow morning.”

“All right, then. After all, today is a good day.” Lu Buyu immediately changed his mind.

“Go, go. A little bit of wine will be nice.”

Lu Buyu thought about it and said, “Then only one drink.”

Lu Wan nodded repeatedly. “Okay, whatever Brother says.”

Lu Buyu began to smile. That was barely enough.


1 Little chubby


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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