Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 141

Extra 12

Lu Wan: “Oh, I know you know how to cook. Making fire is very hard. I don’t blame you.”

She had eaten food cooked by Lu Buyu. How should she describe it? It wouldn’t cause death and could fill the stomach.

Other than that, there’s not much to comment on.

Most residents now use coal and natural gas, and even places with relatively poor conditions also use briquettes.

This kind of stove only exists in remote places. After all, there must be so much firewood to burn.

Lu Buyu: “I’m sorry, I didn’t do a good job.”

He’s a person who rarely apologizes, but this time, he really felt that it was because it was him who dragged Lu Wan into this.

Others could eat right away when they get home after working hard collecting tea leaves, but Lu Wan had to cook by herself and wait with an empty stomach.

Just thinking about it like this made Lu Buyu feel that he was useless.

“Not at all. It just so happens that I’m not very hungry.” Lu Wan thought for a while and said, “How about I teach you how to use this stove, so you can start a fire next time?”

Lu Buyu’s attention had immediately shifted and tried his best to promise, “Okay, I will study hard.”

The siblings walked back into the house.

Lu Wan took some small pieces of wood.

“You have to make the firewood looser so oxygen can get in. Don’t cram it too tightly. This way it can burn.”

Lu Wan explained it in detail as Lu Buyu frowned, learning very seriously.

Five minutes later.

“See, the fire is burning.”

Lu Buyu looked shocked. “Yeah. That’s it?”

Lu Wan smiled. “The chicken still needs to be roasted for an hour. Let’s cook something else. Didn’t they send us a lot of ingredients?”

Lu Buyu: “How about tofu? You tell me the steps and I’ll do it.”

To be honest, he hadn’t made tofu before so he wanted to explore slowly, but now that Lu Wan was back, he can have technical guidance.

The other party cooks very well.

Lu Wan step back. “That’s fine. You can wash the pot first and then dry it.”

“Okay, first wash the pot, right?”

“Put the oil in and wait for it to heat up, then put the garlic, scallion and ginger. Slowly fry the tofu and turn it over when one side is brown.”

“All right.” Lu Buyu did it extra seriously.

He must turn the tide by making a perfect tofu dish.

Ten minutes later.

Seeing the somewhat blacken tofu in the pot, Lu Buyu felt like crying again.

What’s going on this entire day?

“Isn’t the tofu we usually eat white? The color of this is so dark. It’s too ugly.”

Lu Wan hesitated and said, “Perhaps you didn’t wash the pot very well.”

In the morning, the pot was blackened by the all the smoke Lu Buyu had made.

Lu Buyu: “……”

He started to feel sad again. He couldn’t even get the tofu right.

Life’s really difficult T﹏T.

At first he thought he could control everything, but in retrospect, he was the one being controlled.

Lu Wan: “It’s okay, just think of it as an iron supplement. I want to eat it.”

Lu Buyu: “You don’t need to comfort me.”

Lu Wan: “I’m serious.”

The cameraman and the assistant director nearby felt that Lu Buyu was too miserable. Today, he was beaten repeatedly by society.

But! It’s too funny!

They have to desperately try to hold back, after all, it’s too impolite to laugh when others were sad.

Lu Buyu was frustrated and sat back down on the steps outside the door.

He needed to think about life carefully. He used to evaluate himself as an outstanding person, but now he found that he wasn’t like that at all.

He couldn’t do anything well.

Instead of taking good care of his sister, he was dragging her down.

After rewashing the pot, Lu Wan poked her head out and asked, “Since there’s a chicken, let’s not do Stir-fried pork. Let’s make another vegetable dish. Will you do it or me?”

Lu Buyu stood up. “Of course me, I’m in charge of cooking. This is my task so I must complete it.”

He interrupted his self-reflection and turned back into the house while rolling up his sleeves.

Everyone in the program team: “……”      

It’s still miserable, but they still wanted to laugh.

Secretly wiping away tears, he cheered up and pretended nothing had happened.

How should they describe it? He’s a very good-looking princess who couldn’t tell wheat from beans but was very positive.

Lu Buyu made sure that the pot was clean this time, and under the guidance of Lu Wan’s voice, the dish turned out quite decent.

He immediately pulled himself out of the doldrums, and asked with a smile, “This isn’t bad, right?”

“Good. It looks appetizing.”

The chicken was pretty much roasted. Lu Wan took it out underneath the firewood.

Once she cracked open the hardened soil, a roasted chicken wrapped in lotus leaves was revealed.

The moment the leaves were torn off, the aroma overflowed. The roasted chicken was golden in color, very beautiful.

The cameraman swallowed his saliva.

Well, as soon as Lu Buyu’s sister came back, this show went from an adventure program to a food program.

Just looking at it, one would know it’s delicious!      

Lu Wan: “We can’t finish this chicken so let’s set aside some and give it to the other guests later.”

“All right.” Lu Buyu tore off a chicken leg and put it on Lu Wan’s bowl. “Eat quickly. You’re still growing so you need to eat more.”

The two ate with their mouths full of oil.

Lu Buyu thought that the food made by his sister was delicious, but even if it doesn’t taste good it would still be delicious.

After biting down, there was no time to think about anything other than the word ‘delicious’.

Cooking just now was a spiritual practice for Lu Buyu, but shooting the two people eating, it had now become spiritual practice for the filming crew.

It was no exaggeration to say that the fragrance made people dizzy!

Lu Wan was a good cook. This was a free-range chicken so the material was already very good, and it was even roasted with pure wood fire which an oven couldn’t compare.

They had to persevere in filming. The program crew who only ate steamed buns at noon were all crying inside.

While drooling silently, they felt that the contrast between the siblings was too great.

There would definitely be a lot of comments after this aired.

Who would have thought that the top star was like this in private?

After eating, Lu Buyu actively said, “Is there anything to do? Just tell me.”

Lu Wan: “I’ll clean up the house. You can wash the dishes.”

“Okay.” Lu Buyu accepted the task with confidence.

Five minutes later, Lu Wan heard a clattering sound and hurried out to check.

Lu Buyu who was squatting on the ground, raised his head slowly and said with a sad expression on his face, “I really suck. I broke a spoon.”

Lu Wan: “It’s okay. You dropped a bowl yesterday and you dropped a spoon today. As long as you don’t drop anything tomorrow, you can make a slow progress.”

Lu Buyu: “Really?”

“Of course. When I first started washing dishes, I often dropped things too.”

“Okay then. I’ll definitely get better and better.” Lu Buyu was instantly comforted, and his emotions came and went quickly.

The assistant director stifled a laugh. Lu Buyu was actually quite cute like this.

He didn’t know anything so he was very motivated to learn! This was the correct attitude!

Only, wasn’t Lu Wan…… a little too much?

The tasks set by the program were all a piece of cake for her.

Even though she’s a bit rusty at the beginning, she’s quick witted, had good physical strength and a fast learner.

She had really shocking hands-on skills, strength, and the key point— she’s even smart. There was no shortcoming at all.

Sure enough, it was right to invite this pair of brother and sister. After the show aired, there would definitely be a lot of discussion among netizens.

The older brother was overly cute, and the younger sister’s actions could attract the fan circle.

Not to mention others, even their staff members discussed how they felt that Lu Wan was too powerful during the recording replays.

Several senior leaders thought so too.

In fact, being powerful had nothing to do with age. Others had already been good since they were a few years old.

They heard that Lu Wan had been lost for more than ten years and was only cultivated for two years after being found by the Lu family.

Alas, if she didn’t get lost at the beginning, she would stand even higher.

She might have finished college by now at the age of eighteen. After all, she’s a top scorer in this year’s college entrance examination.

Cultivating Lu Wan as a successor, the elders of the Lu family must be very discerning and they would certainly have a great future.

Although the stock of the Lu Group had risen very high, after seeing Lu Wan, everyone thought it was worth buying!

So on the second day of recording, the program team became stockholders of the Lu Group.


Except for Lu Wan, the guests from other groups were tired.

The show’s crew was so bad. What kind of program were they doing?

The juniors who went to pick tea couldn’t lift their tired hands, and the elders who stayed at home to cook also suffered a lot.

Everyone complained.

The assistant director said it wasn’t that hard, after all, Lu Wan finished ahead of schedule today.

This sentence made the other four groups of guests completely angry and they all protested.

Wasn’t Lu Wan a top scorer in science?

How many top scorers could there be? How could this be compared?

Honestly, they envy Lu Buyu so much. Why didn’t they have such a daughter/father?

Every day they were so tired but they couldn’t even eat well.

At the assembly after their meal, everyone was criticizing the program team.

The brother and sister came with the roasted chicken.

Lu Buyu: “This is the roasted chicken my sister made today. It’s very delicious. I could have eaten it all, but I wanted to save some for you to taste, so I had to stop myself.”

With eight people sharing, each person could only have one or two bites, so they could only taste it and then lick their fingers afterwards.

“Isn’t this too delicious? What have I been eating this morning?”

“I swear! This is the best roasted chicken I’ve ever had!”

“It’s at the level where you can open a shop!”

“Super delicious!”

“Lu Wan, you’re so awesome!”

What was supposed to be an assembly where the group of guests exchange small talks together turned into talking about chicken together.

Some of them boldly suggested that since they had time now, why don’t they find two chickens and ask Lu Wan’s help to cook?

The staff of the program team: “……That’s not good.”

Lu Wan: “It’s okay, I can supervise the process. If you can arrange it in your own time at night, it’s not a violation. As long as you get the chicken, I will help you with roasting.”

The staff of the program team: “……”

You can say that, but all of you guys roasting chicken is too much.

The guests in other groups really didn’t eat well today. They were craving for the roasted chicken since they had only tasted two bites.

One of the initial motivations of human beings was to eat well, this was instinctive.

At this moment, everyone’s tiredness went away and they were revived on the spot.

They acted immediately and went to the village to look for chickens.

They couldn’t ask for it for nothing. They could only help sweep the floor in exchange and then desperately hint that they would pay double the money after the program was done recording.

Most of the villagers raised chickens. Knowing that these people were celebrities, they generously gave them some.

As a result, the original ‘night chat’ for the two generations to open their hearts and the emotional point of the program, turned into a pleasant roasted chicken conference.

The staff of the program team no longer wanted to say anything.


During the two days of recording, Lu Buyu’s mood fluctuated greatly.

Every day it was the process of completely destroying his confidence and then trying to rebuild it; a continuous jump.

After dinner that day, the staff returned the mobile phone to the guests.

They could call their family today to report their safety.

Lu Buyu took the phone and dialed Zhao Jianing’s number after thinking for a while.

After three rings, the call was answered.

“Mom, it’s Lu Buyu.” His voice was a little tight.

“It’s Xiao Yu ah. How are you and Wanwan these two days?”

Lu Buyu: “Okay.”

Lu Wan interjected, “Everything’s fine here. You and Dad don’t have to worry.”

Zhao Jianing smiled. “We’re not worried. Wanwan, you have to take care of yourself, and Brother, you have to endure hardships and persist.”

Professor Lu, who was sitting next to his wife, said with a smile, “The both of you should discuss things first before doing something. Lu Buyu, if you have any problem, just tell your sister, don’t be embarrassed.”

The couple certainly knew what their son was like.

More than ten years ago, after Lu Wan disappeared, they turned all their love to their son.

Zhao Jianing transferred Lu Buyu to a private primary school in Singapore, away from the strife at home to ensure that the other party wouldn’t be harmed.

They protected him, but not to an exaggerated level. The subsequent development was also unexpected for the couple.

The classmates and teachers around Lu Buyu were very kind to him when he was young, and he really didn’t suffer any harm.

He had a good personality, good-looking and cheerful. Everyone likes to play with him regardless of gender.

Whatever activities the boys had, they would call Lu Buyu since he’s good at sports.

If a group of girls went out to play, the only boy they would invite was Lu Buyu.

There were seven or eight different groups in his middle school class, but each group has Lu Buyu added.

Their son had always been very popular with his classmates, so it wasn’t surprising for the couple that he became a top actor after his debut. This attractive trait had been present since childhood.

In contrast, their daughter was extraordinarily independent.

Lu Buyu pursed his lips. “I know.”

“Have fun. We’ll wait for you both to come back.” Zhao Jianing said with a smile.


After hanging up the phone, Lu Buyu sighed, feeling a little stuffy. He stood up and said, “Why don’t we go for a walk?”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

Lu Buyu intentionally lowered his voice, not letting the staff of the show hear. He said to Lu Wan, “When I was doing the task this the morning, I met a new friend. His family have a motorcycle and he said he can lend it to us. Let’s go for a ride.”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

Lu Buyu: “We have to be sneaky. Don’t let the staff know.”

He had already classified the production team as ‘seeking trouble’ every day and was on the opposite side.

Lu Wan: “All right.”

The twilight merges into darkness as the brother and sister walked on the country road, which became idol-drama-like again.

During the recording of the show, Lu Buyu had been without makeup. He had a very good base; three-dimensional facial features, superior jaw line, and naturally crimson lips. It doesn’t need much modification.

So makeup doesn’t really add much.

The older brother was this good-looking and having the same gene, the younger sister was of course not bad.

The two of them had the same hairstyle, a small knot tied on top of their heads to dissipate heat.

Before the cameramen could react, Lu Buyu had already inserted the key into the motorcycle and called Lu Wan behind him, “Quick.”

After he got into the vehicle, Lu Wan also followed.

“Hold on tight so you don’t fall off.”

Lu Wan: “En.”

Ten seconds later, the program crew came to their senses and immediately went to chase after them.

What were they up to now?

Lu Buyu’s driving skills were quite good. He’s a semi-professional motorcycle racer.

In less than ten minutes, the sky has darkened, but the headlights of the vehicle were still very bright. There were no other cars on the road but they weren’t afraid.

Today’s moonlight was excellent. The visibility was very high and the scenery of the receding fields on both sides was unobstructed.

On one side of the road was a small stream and many fireflies were flying in the air. It was very beautiful.

The oncoming cool breeze was mixed with the scent of grass.

Lu Buyu finally felt comfortable.

He smiled and asked, “Why don’t we just drive like this all the way to the town and find an Internet cafe to play games?”

Lu Wan: “Okay.”

Lu Buyu was just kidding, but he didn’t expect Lu Wan to agree. He decided to go crazy once and do it today.

The show’s crew drove behind them.

The director shouted with a loudspeaker, “Where are you going? Are you deserting? Come back quickly.”

Lu Buyu ignored the other party and stepped up on the gas pedal.

Director: “Come back quickly. Don’t go overboard!”

He really underestimated Lu Buyu, this rebellious princess!      

It was completely dark and both sides of the road were dotted with fireflies.

Lu Wan stretched out her hand to catch a small lantern that flew by and gently closed her palms. She looked down at the flickering light.

“I caught a firefly.” Lu Wan held her hand forward, and after showing it to the other party, she opened her palm to release the little guy.

Lu Buyu: “Can we have a discussion?”


Lu Buyu: “Lu Wan, can you get married a bit later? How about thirty years old?”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu: “I always feel that if you get married, you won’t live with us and we won’t be like a family anymore. You’ve only been back for two years ah.”

Lu Wan: “……”

Lu Buyu waited for a few seconds. Seeing that the other party did not answer, he said again, “If you don’t make any sound, I’ll take it as your agreement. I’m really happy today. We can go back now.”

“I thought we’re riding to town?”

Lu Buyu: “I want to, but the motorcycle is almost out of gas.”

Lu Wan: “……”

The motorcycle got slower and slower before finally running out of fuel after a few minutes and stopping on the side of the road.

It could be regarded as catching up with the fleeing brother and sister. After their car stopped, the director opened the door and walked over menacingly.

“It’s over. What, do you have anything to say?” The director stared angrily at Lu Buyu. Without even thinking about it, it must be this big star’s idea!

Lu Buyu blinked his eyes. “It’s great that you’re here. The motorcycle is out of gas. My sister and I will go back with the car. You can find a way to deal with the motorcycle. Thank you.”

Director:  “……”

Heavens, why did he have to go through this tonight?


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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