Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 143

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It was already nine o’clock in the evening when Lu Wan returned home.

The lights in the room weren’t on and the other person hadn’t returned yet.

It had been six years since the two of them got engaged.

Initially, Chen Nianqing persuaded Lu Buyu to agree to the engagement.

A banquet was then organized by Lu Jinye, and it was very grand.

Lu Jinye said that the engagement banquet of the Lu family’s daughter must be flamboyant.

Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing wanted to keep a low profile, but they were very zen. So long as the elders were happy.

What’s rare was that Lu Buyu didn’t have a bad face that day but was dressed rather ostentatiously. Adding to the fact that he’s a celebrity, if it wasn’t for the groom’s picturesque appearance, he might have served as a foil for the former.

Lu Wan put her things down and went to take a bath.

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw her fiancé standing at the entrance changing shoes.

Chen Nianqing hung up his coat. He said as he walked over, “How’s your day?” 

“Pretty well.” After a slight pause, Lu Wan asked, “Is the woman I sent to your hospital doing okay?”
Chen Nianqing: “The five-hour operation was too harsh. The patient’s spleen was damaged and the small intestine was ruptured so it had to be cut off by 4 centimeters. Recovery will take some time.”

Lu Wan frowned. She knew it might be serious, but she didn’t expect it to be like this.

By the sounds of it, the woman almost lost half of her life.

How painful it must be to have a ruptured spleen. No wonder her face was dreadfully pale and she was biting her lips hard.

The woman fled from her home and ran to the law firm saying that she wanted a divorce because of her husband’s domestic violence.

The family of the woman’s husband was very powerful and she had already lost a lawsuit before. The court said that it couldn’t judge as the relationship between husband and wife had completely broken down.

Afraid of getting into trouble, no lawyer dared to take this case until Lu Wan.

At that time, knowing that someone was willing to be her lawyer, the woman fainted from the relief.

The poor thing.

In her past two years as a lawyer, Lu Wan had accepted many clients with difficult circumstances.

It wasn’t the first time that an injured client was sent to Chen Nianqing’s hospital.

She used to think that it would be good to keep to herself, but now that she had the ability, she felt that she could lend a helping hand to those in need.

They live in the world that follows the law of the jungle. Others feel that there was no need to take this kind of case since it was easy to lose and not to mention troublesome, there was no benefit at all.

But Lu Wan wanted to let her client know that even if the law wasn’t absolutely fair and even if the case was lost, there were still people in this world who would stand by their side and speak out for them.

They weren’t abandoned by the whole world.

This was a very important point.

Lu Wan thought so, and so does Chen Nianqing.

Chen Nianqing hated all violence, and as a doctor, he was both firm and compassionate.

When he first started working as a doctor, Xiao Chen would also feel depressed for a long time whenever a patient, who’s been improving, suddenly deteriorated and died.

No matter what the rules of the world were, the two would stick to the principles they believe in and try to make the world a better place.

Lu Wan: “Wait until this year is over. I’ll likely quit being a lawyer by that time. I plan to go work for the group.”

Chen Nianqing leaned his head on her shoulder. “En.”

When Lu Wan chose to major in law, the elders of the family were very supportive.

Lu Jinye said that she was young and could work in the company after a few years, but if she really couldn’t, there would still be Lu Lin.

And if that didn’t work, it could also be handed over to a professional team.

So it was good for Lu Wan to do whatever she likes. As long as she’s happy, then he would be happy too.

Lu Wan’s dream was to be a good lawyer, but what happened last year made her change her mind.

However, even if she wasn’t a lawyer anymore, she could still continue to support many public assistance lawyers, or colleagues with the same vision.

She would finance law firms.


Lu Wan had told Lu Jinye to keep an eye out for the mole a long time ago.

Over the years, the Lu family had been developing smoothly.

The mole had to obtain profit and be sure of success in order to cooperate with an outsider and sell out the Lu family in exchange for benefits.

So they had never revealed themself.

It wasn’t until last year’s financial crisis where many of the Lu’s businesses were hit hard that the mole finally surfaced and took action.

Lu Jinye had been very impolite to the Jiang family and the Zhao family over the years.

The Lu family was facing a big problem, so naturally, the two families joined forces and they even found someone from the group’s top management to work together with them to stir up trouble, kicking someone when they’re down.

In the end, Lu Jinye still came out better.

The Zhao family went bankrupt, the Jiang’s property shrank by half, and the mole went to jail.

Zhao Jianing’s heart had long turned cold towards her natal family. More than 20 years ago, the day her daughter got lost, any affection left for them vanished.

By now only disgust remained.

The partiality and indifference since childhood made her sick every time she thought about it.

In the end, she didn’t even attend her father’s funeral.

She was worried that if she showed a little compassion, those two brothers would pester her endlessly.

What they’ve done was shameless and extremely thick-skinned. She must remain vigilant.

The Zhao family doesn’t need her as a daughter, but Lu Wan and Lu Buyu needed their mother very much, and Lu Bainian also needed her as a wife.

What’s more, Lu Jinye treated his sister-in-law well.

This was her family.

Although the Lu family weathered the storm smoothly, when Lu Wan saw Lu Jinye again, she noticed that he was much older.

Lu Wan knew that her uncle actually hoped that she would take over the company in his heart. She also knew that she could successfully become a lawyer outside because of the shelter of the Lu family.

Therefore, she should also shoulder her own responsibilities to be able to protect the people she cares about.

The most important thing was that when the company encountered a crisis, Lu Wan found herself powerless, and she felt very guilty.

She didn’t want the same thing to happen again.

After reading the last bit of documents, Lu Wan habitually picked up her mobile phone before going to bed to check for any messages she missed.

That’s when she saw the message from Haley.

Haley was already a well-known designer now. He majored in jewelry design but changed halfway to become a fashion designer, and established his own brand.

The clothes he designs sell quite well and were also very expensive.

Speaking of which, half of Haley’s current profit was due to Li Che.

When the brand was first established abroad, Li Che and Haley partnered together, with Haley in charge of design, and Li Che in charge of marketing.

Unexpectedly, it became an instant hit.

When the Lu family had problems last year, Li Che also invested a large sum of money.

This guy was very rich and had high return rate on investment, so he had a lot of cash in hand.

Not long after that, Li Che bought the high-end club where he used to work.

At present, the two most profitable bars in the city were also owned by him, each with a daily turnover of a million dollars.

The owner of the first bar was originally Lu Lin.

A few years ago, Li Che did him a favor and as a thank you, Lu Lin transferred the bar to the other party at a very fair price.

Li Che had a very wide network of contacts. It just so happen that he knew the owner of the company that Lu Lin wanted to cooperate with at that time.

He became their middleman and facilitated the collaboration.

At the time of the transfer, the bar wasn’t as profitable. Li Che changed a group of people, and after the renovation, the daily turnover tripled.

Lu Lin could only watch as there’s no use for regret.

The second bar was opened by Li Che himself.

This guy was simply a prodigy in business, doing both things at once.

Haley: President Lu, come quick and eat melon! This sweet package cost no money!

Haley: President Lu, I’m returning next month. You have to spare time to have a meal with me!

The melon Haley brought was about Lin Niannian.

Lu Wan had almost forgotten this name. Suddenly seeing this unfamiliar name, she had to search her brain for a few seconds before she remembered.

This was the female protagonist of the campus novel……

Just last year, Lin Niannian and Yu Shuai got married.

Yu Shuai studied at Shangde High School for several years and he had many of his former classmates’ WeChat ID’s.

He sent out wedding invitations and many people received them. They thought that some of them should go at least.

After all, Yu Shuai was the class monitor before he committed a mistake, and he was also very enthusiastic.

After Lin Niannian transferred to their school, Yu Shuai seemed to have become a different person, and in the end he was implicated by Lin Niannian and had to transfer out.

Fortunately, he did well in the college entrance examination. Yu Shuai got into a good university and had a good job.

Everybody was shocked because they had never expected that these two would get married.

As for Lin Niannian, everyone didn’t comment much.

Later, the classmates who attended the wedding learned that the group invitations weren’t actually sent by Yu Shuai, but by Lin Niannian, who secretly used his mobile phone.

Yu Shuai was embarrassed to inform his old classmate, but. Lin Niannian felt that it was all connections as many of his former classmates were doing well.

That’s what made her take his phone.

It was a shotgun wedding. Although Lin Niannian was wearing a loose wedding dress, her belly was obviously big.

She’s at least six or seven months pregnant.

Everyone was shocked. Though Lin Niannian was quite beautiful, it was not to the point where people would be fascinated.

To be honest, with Yu Shuai’s qualification, it wasn’t impossible to find a more beautiful girl.

But maybe that’s what love was.

If love was clear, there wouldn’t be so many languishing youths and unhappy maidens in this world.

This was definitely an example of ‘giving everything until there’s nothing left’, though.

What Haley wanted to reveal was the child in Lin Niannian’s womb wasn’t actually Yu Shuai’s.

Yu Shuai volunteered to take responsibility and was willing to marry Lin Niannian who was already pregnant.

Lin Niannian and Jiang Boyang had been on and off for several years, and it was self-evident whose child it was.

The Jiang family’s vitality was seriously injured and Jiang Boyang was sent abroad so the two parted ways.

After her boyfriend left, Lin Niannian found out that she was pregnant.

The child needed a father, so she approached Yu Shuai.

Yu Shuai had love her for many years, so he agreed, saying that he would treat her well and treat the child as his own.

Three months after their wedding, Lin Niannian gave birth to a son.

Although it was a bit bizarre, as long as the parties concerned was happy, it could be considered a happy ending.

But something went wrong again.

The Jiang family wasn’t as good as it used to be, and Jiang Boyang, the carefree young master, had to bow his head to reality.

Jiang Boyang went on a blind date with a wealthy foreign lady, and it happened that the woman liked the wild handsome guy type, so she fell in love with him at first sight.

This was arranged by Madam Jiang. The woman’s family was extremely rich and she was an only child, so she was very loved by her parents.

Her son could get a lot of things by marrying the other person.

After a brief contact, their wedding date was arranged, but somehow word got to Lin Niannian’s ears.

Lin Niannian and Jiang Boyang had been on and off for so many years, and they also know some friends in each other’s circles.

She knew that if Jiang Boyang got married, she would have no chance, so she ran to hint to the woman’s friend that she had given birth to Jiang Boyang’s son.

She just wanted that rich young lady to retreat and not be a third party.

So this matter reached the ears of the rich lady. It was true that she liked wild handsome guys, but she didn’t like being a stepmother.

She didn’t care if her fiancé had an ex, but having an illegitimate child was outrageous.

The wedding was called off the day before and the marriage alliance fell through.

Madam Jiang was furious, and she swore that as long as she was alive, Lin Niannian and her son wouldn’t be able to enter the house.

This family was the first.

Madam Jiang also accidentally discovered that her husband had a woman outside, and that she secretly gave birth to a son.

The illegitimate child was over four years old. This was the second.

Her husband discarded the first one and was ready to start anew.

The Jiang family was in total chaos.

Yu Shuai also gave up completely. Lin Niannian said that she would live a good life with him but did so many things. It was obvious that she couldn’t forget about Jiang Boyang.

He filed for divorce, and Lin Niannian agreed.

Lin Niannian moved out of the Yu family’s house with her infant son.

She still had aspirations. After all, her son was the grandson of the Jiang family. One day, they would accept him.

It doesn’t count as eating melons for Haley if he didn’t share it with Lu Wan immediately.

This was too dog blooded.

After reading his message, Lu Wan was surprised that the campus novel had turned into full dog-blood, but she didn’t think much about it.

After all, these things have nothing to do with her. She had to rest early and go to work tomorrow.

When it comes to Haley, he’s a real buddy.

In order to help her in the past, he’d been busy. But due to this, the boss met his partner.

It’s been several years and their relationship was still strong.

Lu Wan met the other party before. He was a handsome guy.

When she was in college, Lu Wan worked as an intern in the Lu Corporation for a period.

At that time, she was handling a very important international cooperation. The probability of the negotiation was very low, and it was Haley who helped her.

Haley said that as the future heiress, if she didn’t make any achievements, he feared that she wouldn’t be able to convince the public.

It just so happen that he knew the person they wanted to collaborate with, so he could help.

Haley’s grandparents live in France.

He visited them one summer and spent the vacation there.

Haley was terrible at English, let alone French.

At that time, there was a little brother next door who could speak a little Chinese, and as Haley had no playmates, he latched onto the other person.

Nominally, they were male and female friends, but in reality, they were each other’s free interpreter.

When Haley was young, he had long hair, was very beautiful, and his clothes were mostly pink, so he was often mistaken for a girl.

The next-door neighbor called him little sister, but he didn’t explain.

At the end of the summer vacation, Haley patted his buttocks and returned home without even a goodbye.

Anyway, he was only seven years old at the time, so if he was scum, he would be scum.

He originally thought that they would never see each other again, but he didn’t expect that the other party would turn 190 degrees into a fierce man and was even the boss of the company Lu Wan wanted to partner with. Moreover, the other party recognized him!

It was eye watering to say the least.

Fortunately, Haley helped President Lu. Otherwise he would have suffered a big loss.

If it’s too fierce, it might also not be a good thing. He hasn’t talk dirty for a long time.

After chatting with Lu Wan, Haley put down his phone and sighed silently.

He, this human Lamborghini, was temporarily turned off.


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