Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 99

Lu Buyu turned the speaker on and took the phone upstairs with complicated emotions.

He took a deep breath, walked to his parents’ bedroom and reached for the door.

Unexpectedly, the door was locked.

Lu Buyu was completely dumbfounded.

Wasn’t this unnecessary?! Didn’t they just come back minutes ago!? Taking their daughter out for dinner, don’t they have anything to say to their son?

“Old Lu, I know you’re in the bedroom. Don’t hide and keep silent! Come out!” Lu Buyu raised his hand and knocked hard on the door.

The couple who were hugging and kissing separated in seconds.

Zhao Jianing tidied up her clothes.

Both of them felt that their daughter had grown up in a blink of an eye and she was also very good.

Lu Wan’s wings were fully grown and would soar into the sky soon! She would become a star that attracts everyone’s attention.

She doesn’t need their protection, but would protect them in turn.

The couple were proud of their daughter, but regretful that they missed her growth.

But the son outside, maybe it’s time to give him a beating.


Lu Buyu waited for more than ten seconds before the door finally opened.

“Uncle is looking for you.”

Lu Bainian took the cellphone, gave Lu Buyu a deep look, and then lowered his head as he speaks.


“I heard all about what happened tonight. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Lu Jinye’s voice came from the phone.

Lu Bainian was stunned, thinking that his older brother was blaming him for not protecting Lu Wan well and actually let her go to the Zhao family’s house.

As well as making a mess back there.

He said with great guilt, “Brother, this is my fault……”

“Hahaha, Wanwan is indeed my good niece! If her father is half as good as her, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about! Fortunately, my family’s baby is not like you. Excellent, excellent, excellent!”

Lu Jinye cut off the other party’s words spiritedly, saying ‘excellent’ three times in a row.

After all, he hadn’t been this happy for a long time!

Lu Bainian: “???”

“It’s really you who are wrong. You should have told me right away. I also want to see a commanding Wanwan with my own eyes! I can’t believe I can only listen to other people’s retelling! Hurry up and tell me again the situation at that time.”

Lu Jinye was very excited just thinking about the scene. He regretted not being able to see it on the spot.

He could listen to it ten more times without getting bored.

Lu Wan became famous in her first battle today. All the guests present knew this young lady from the Lu family was not easy to mess with.

They were discussing in private that she was indeed Lu Jinye’s hand-picked successor. It was a bombshell.

Slamming glasses in public! Getting upset every time! Disliking the Zhao family without even saying a word! It was such a thrill!

Deep down, people were more or less attracted to the strong. Lu Wan thought that after doing what she did today, her reputation would be completely ruined……

Unexpectedly, this was not the case at all.

For one thing, Lu Jinye was known for his tough behavior, and it could be regarded as Lu Wan inheriting this trait.

Secondly, the others had a clear mind at that time, and although she was young, she had an aura double her size. Facing all the men of the Zhao family, she never showed timidity.

Not able to be tied by morality by their elders, not many adults could do this!

Sure enough, she was Third Lady Zhao’s daughter. In the future, it was unknown if she would surpass her predecessor.

As expected of the heiress of the Lu family!

Not only Lu Jinye, but also the uncles in the company were very excited when they learned about it.

That’s right, that’s the way to go! In fact, a punch or two was okay!

The young miss was right and even if she’s wrong, it’s still right!

What kind of ‘thing’ dares to stir up trouble by claiming to be an elder?

The young miss was still too gentle. If it was them, it was already light knocking out a few teeth!

“He didn’t deserve to celebrate a grand 80th birthday. He’s just an old crook! It’s not difficult for the young lady to give him a beating. In fact, I’ll be eighty next year. Our age is about the same so we can fight with each other! The police won’t dare do anything to me. Can they send me to prison at my age?”

“Unfortunately, why wasn’t I there? It’s the last chance to fight before stepping into the coffin! What a pity!”

“Lu Jinye, I think we should send the young lady to learn martial arts and Brazilian juijitsu, so it’s easy to beat people. We can’t let her suffer.”

Lu Jinye was quite helpless.

“Okay, okay, don’t get too excited. Remember to take one more antihypertensive drug.”

The uncles who hold shares in the company found out about this and immediately went to find Lu Jinye.

Lu Bainian was completely shocked by all the talking.

This…… was this a group of old hooligans? Two eighty years old people fighting each other would definitely get featured on the news!

Were they still aggressive at their old age?

This was beyond the comprehension of a top intellectual. Lu Bainian thought to himself that these words must not be heard by Wanwan.

Wasn’t this teaching children bad things?

Zhao Jianing was calm in comparison and said with a smile, “Wanwan has gone to bed. Thanking the elders for your concern. This will not happen again in the future.”

“All right, then. Next time be sure to notify me. I must know immediately!” When Lu Jinye said this, the background became full of old people cursing and swearing, all expressing that they wanted to also be notified immediately.

“Brother, you should go to bed early, so do the elders. I’ll hang up first.”

Lu Buyu was astonished. Lu Wan said that she had something to deal with.

Was this that?

So she really…… annihilated the Zhao family alone??

How on earth did Cool Guy do it?

Lu Buyu had a complicated expression. “Why didn’t you guys tell me?!”

Lu Bainian: “It’s all over, and the Zhao family didn’t cause any harm to us. You can just do your own business well. No matter what, your mother and I are here, and so does your sister.”

Professor Lu always speaks straightforwardly, and instead of comforting Lu Buyu, this made him go crazy.

What does that mean?! Was he completely incompetent?

Zhao Jianing smiled. “It’s not to the point where our whole family needed to be there. If it wasn’t because they blocked Lu Wan after school, we wouldn’t have gone there either. Can it be that we still need you to come over? They don’t deserve it.”

Lu Buyu shrugged. That’s true.

It was doing the other side a favor.

Zhao Jianing: “It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you. It’s just that it’s very late now. This matter can’t be explained with one or two sentences, so I want to pick a time to talk about it later. They don’t deserve to affect our family’s rest.”

Since it has already come to this point, Zhao Jianing simply told him about today’s event.

Lu Buyu was dumbfounded. Lu Wan was too capable!

Nice job!

It was still President Zhao who had a way with words. Check out Old Lu’s speech. Listening to him makes people angry.

Was he the young lady?

Lu Bainian: “Okay, it’s getting late, you should also rest early. Don’t bother your sister.”

Lu Buyu nodded, hesitated and said, “Are you…… going to have a third child and give me another younger sister or brother?”

With these words, he turned and left.

The couple looked at each other and Zhao Jianing pointed behind Lu Bainian’s ear.

A bit of lipstick was rubbed in there.

Lu Bainian coughed dryly. “He can even see this. That stinky boy is quite sharp-eyed. Even so, my son is not as considerate as my daughter. How dare he make fun of me?!”

“Little brat.” Zhao Jianing scolded.

The couple re-entered the bedroom, locking the door at the same time.


After  Lu Wan took a shower, she stood on the balcony so her hair could dry faster.

Lu Buyu couldn’t sleep. He came out and saw the person on the balcony next to his.

The balconies of the two were separated by a distance of just over a meter.

Lu Buyu looked at the other person.

Lu Wan’s hair had grown a bit, not to mention that this guy…… looks pretty good, it was no surprise that she was very popular in school.

She wouldn’t secretly have a puppy love at school, would she? Dig someone else’s cabbage?

Lu Wan turned her head and asked, “What are you looking at me for?”

Lu Buyu had a lot of things in his heart. He wanted to say ‘you were great today’, or compliment her, but what he blurted out was: “I already know about what happened. You’re simply a fighter among shrews.”

“So, are you tired of living?”

Lu Buyu: “What kind of attitude is that? I’m praising you. With your character, how can you get married in the future?”

Lu Wan smiled sweetly as she said, “Believe it or not, I can step over to your balcony right now and take your dog life in three seconds.”

Lu Buyu obviously believed it. He retreated back to the room and quickly closed the floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony.

In addition, he locked it vigilantly, ending this brief exchange.


The Zhao family’s birthday party was humiliating, and the news spread the next day.

Shangde High School was also discussing this.

After all, the circle was so small.

Some parents who attended the birthday party asked their daughters who were studying at Shangde after returning home: How is Lu Wan at school?

Then…… they had to listen to ten minutes of bragging.

If not for the fact that Lu Wan was also a girl, the parents would have doubted if their daughters had young love?

Their eyes were shining while talking?!

No need to specifically ask, their children would take the initiative to build a good relationship with the Young Miss of the Lu family.

Children aged seventeen to eighteen have their own ideas. Lu Wan had such a good reputation, which showed that she was not normal.

After the news spread, all the students were shocked to realize that…… Lu Wan was the granddaughter of the Zhao family?

Then wasn’t Lu Wan, Zhao Yan, and Zhao Jinming relatives?

It’s no wonder that Zhao Jinming would look for trouble to show his presence……

As such, the class’s impression of Zhao Jinming was even worse.

Neither Zhao Yan nor Lu Wan mentioned the relationship between the two of them, so they had never imagined this.

Here comes the question, it was known that Lu Buyu was Zhao Yan’s cousin. Then did Lu Wan know the big star before?

If they were relatives, it’s no wonder that the two parties had a connection.

Coincidentally, the two people have the same surname……

The boy in the front row turned around and said, “So, President Lu, what’s the relationship between you and Lu Buyu? Are you real brother and sister?”

Haley pushed the other person’s head back. “Stop gossiping. Learning more books is better than anything else.”

The people around: “……”

How can Zhang Haley have the nerve to say this?

A few seconds later, the boy turned his head again. “President Lu, you have a big star as your brother, aren’t you very happy? You can see each other at home every day, eat and hang out together.”

This time it wasn’t just him, but the students near them also leaned over.

Seriously waiting for the answer.

Lu Wan: “……”

Not really. They often want to assassinate each other.


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