Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!
Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System! Chapter 14

From the perspective of the love system, its CP was the sweetest in the world, and its host was naturally the best in the world.

Anyone who wants to breakup its CP, in its eyes, was a villain, and needs to be slapped in the face by its host to teach them to be a better person.

But its host was just too lazy. She only muddled through every day, eating and waiting for death. She was too lazy to argue, too lazy to fight, and too lazy to bicker with Ning Yuwei. The other person was directly provoking her, trying to step on her to get to the top, but she could still lie down in a leisurely manner.

In essence, it’s not just that she didn’t care, but that she didn’t take everything to heart. She’s incredibly lazy to the point that it was excruciating. At this time, it’s necessary for the love system to continuously release love tasks and urge the host to move forward!

Whether it was A, B, or C, in the eyes of the love system, they were all excellent options.

【Dancing, unique skill, comedy dialouge! Girl, you can do it! I can’t wait to see you carry the whole show!】

Ning Xiaoyu: ……Carry the whole show…… Thank you so much.

Never in Ning Xiaoyu’s lifetime did she expect that she would see these options given by the love system.

So, has the love system misunderstood her in some way?

As an 18th line actress, she naturally knows how to dance, but it could only be said to be superficial.

Extras occasionally need to dance with the protagonist as a foil so she has learned simple dance moves.

She’s not bad at learning and the dance teacher praised her for her talent. But she hadn’t learned much and didn’t study it systematically. It was almost impossible for her to jump to Ning Yuwei’s level. It was even more impossible to make Ning Yuwei feel ashamed of herself.

It was obvious that Ning Yuwei had put in some hard work. Based on her body flexibility, she should not have missed out on her daily practice after entering the show.

Regarding the unique skill, she didn’t have any ideas yet.

As for Option C’s comedy dialogue, one should know that life wasn’t easy for 18th line starlets so they have to be versatile.

She could indeed do a comedy dialogue, but doing one with Lu Jingdu?

She really couldn’t.

Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t imagine Lu Jingdu wearing a mandarin jacket while standing on stage and saying a punch line to the audience.

He didn’t look like a person who would make jokes.

If the two of them were close friends, they could perform a comedy dialogue together. However, she and the movie king weren’t in a relationship where they could cooperate to do so. Though no one knew what would happen in the future. This thing could only be discuss later.

Not hearing Ning Xiaoyu answer, Ning Yuwei wore a sweet smile on her face. “Teacher Ning?”

In the live stream, Ning Yuwei’s fans kept brushing up on the screen.

【Weiwei’s dance is really beautiful. It’s a pity that it’s only a few seconds. It’s not enough, far from enough.】

【Someone’s last wish is for a full version of the dance!】

【After the dance…… except for the movie king, I don’t seem to be interested in other people’s performance.】

【Not interested in Ning Xiaoyu’s performance.】

In the bullet screen, there were occasional comments from Ning Xiaoyu’s true fans.

【Looking forward to it!】

【So, what will Xiao Yu’s performance be?】

【Actually, like Ling Zige, she can also perform a magic trick! Like conjuring a pigeon out of thin air! She can conjure melon seeds out of thin air!】

【Making melon seeds appear out of thin air is fine. She can change the melon seeds on the spot while eating.】

Under the watchful eyes of the guests and the audience who were either looking forward to it or waiting to watch a play, Ning Xiaoyu closed her eyes and swung her legs slightly. It only took two to three seconds for her entire body to float on the surface of the hot spring pool.

That’s right, in the end, Ning Xiaoyu chose option B and performed a unique skill!

Her unique skill was floating on the water!

Ning Xiaoyu was wearing a conservative black sports swimwear and only a small part of her arms and her fair calves were exposed.

With her eyes closed, her long hair scattered in the water and constantly moved along with the ripples.

There was mist in the hot spring pool, looming faintly. She lay quietly on the water with her hands crossed, like Sleeping Beauty in the fairy tale, inexplicably giving people a sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

It was as if she had fallen into a deep sleep due to a witch’s curse. And at this time, the loving kiss of a prince was needed to wake up the sleeping beauty lying on the water.

【Ah, this…… Sleeping Beauty has come out of the fairy tale!】

【Xiao Yu’s performance is good. She transformed from a salted fish into a sleeping beauty in three seconds, marvelous!】

【Even if she’s not lying on a bed, she looks amazing lying on water. I don’t know what others think, but it struck me!】

【What’s the name of this little star? I’ll follow her!】

【Upstairs, this precious little star is called Ning Xiaoyu! Her name is easy to remember and it’s not a loss to follow her!】

Actually, Ning Yuwei’s previous performance wasn’t awful. On the contrary, she had solid basic skills and danced attentively and passionately. It was obvious that she had put in all her efforts to make her performance the best among the female guests.

However, the problem lies on fact that Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t play by the rules.

People always like novel things, especially the young viewers who like to chase stars and watch variety shows. They especially like new things that they have not seen before.

It’s true that Ning Yuwei’s dance was amazing, however, she wasn’t the only one who dances very well.

Take another female star on the show as an example. Xi Rui graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. She has been learning dance for more than 20 years, much longer than Ning Yuwei. If she hadn’t entered the entertainment industry, she would have been a famous dancer by now.

Look a bit further.

Among ordinary people, dancing wasn’t uncommon. Nowadays, many dance academy students were beautiful in appearance and have good figure. They were hardworking and have been learning dance since childhood.

Their dancing was no worse than Ning Yuwei’s.

So to sum it up, Ning Yuwei’s dance could indeed amaze people. However, if there’s another novel performance on the side for comparison, hers might be a bit lacking.

The hot spring villa was built in the forest, with jagged rocks and verdant vegetation, providing quality environment.

In such a natural setting, Ning Xiaoyu’s unique performance directly filled the fairytale-like atmosphere.

Shen Yueyue took a lot of photos with her mobile phone.

The sound of the camera shutter woke up the other guests on the scene.

Only then did they came to their senses and enthusiastically applauded.

Ning Yuwei bit her lips tightly. Following the flow, she clapped her hands.

Xi Rui said from the side, “Xiao Yu’s performance is indeed novel and beautiful.” After that, she changed her tone and joked, “But it seems that Sleeping Beauty really fell asleep, so, which prince is willing to come forward and ‘kiss’ her to wake her up? Of course, the word kiss is in quotation marks.”

【Is Xi Rui trying to cause trouble?】

【In such a short time, Sleeping Beauty really fell asleep? This speed is simply amazing.】

【So, which prince will it be? Dog head.jpg】

【Probably not our Brother.】

Xi Rui was the oldest of all the guests. Although her status wasn’t high among the twelve guests, most of them were willing to give her face as a senior.

Her eyes flicked playfully across the faces of the male celebrities.

The six male guests who participated in 《Hi, My Friend》 all had good looks. Besides the unbelievably good looking Lu Jingdu, the appearance of the others was also above average.

Therefore, although 《Hi, My Friend》 had only been airing for four days, it was already extremely popular.

It couldn’t be helped as all the guests were top notch, it’s impossible for it not to be popular.

She smiled as she called their names one by one, “Xu Cheng…… Ling Zige…… Xue Anzheng…… Hmm, let me think about it. How about letting our movie king act as the prince for a bit?”

Gossip, as always, was human nature.

From the previous obsessive fan incident, when Ning Xiaoyu rolled down the slope together with Lu Jingdu in order to save him, and when Lu Jingdu made a promise to her, Xi Rui felt that there was a hidden thread pulling the two together.

The two, who originally could never have crossed paths, as if by fate, had a lot of intersections in the show.

Since it was so, she didn’t mind giving a hand.

After all, who didn’t like watching a show?

Hearing Xi Rui’s proposal, the faces of the other guests showed different expressions.

However, no one spoke up.

Ning Yuwei pursed her lips tightly. Both of her hands were clenched as she lowered her eyes. It was unknown what she was thinking.

In the end, the decision on whether to accept this suggestion or not, lies with Lu Jingdu. Other people’s opinions didn’t matter.

After being named by Xi Rui, Lu Jingdu’s face remained unchanged. He nodded and said, “It just so happen that I haven’t performed yet.”

Since he had chosen to participate in this variety show, it was impossible for Lu Jingdu to stay out of the crowd all the time.

He also needed to cooperate with some of the activities.

When Xi Rui heard this, her face was filled with interest.

As everyone thought, before making this suggestion, she didn’t think that Lu Jingdu would agree at all. She only mentioned it casually and had really no expectation for the outcome. As a result, Lu Jingdu actually agreed?

At this time, Lu Jingdu got up and slowly walked towards Ning Xiaoyu.

As Xi Rui said, the sleeping beauty was laying comfortably on the water surface, relying on buoyancy.

When Lu Jingdu was young, he once saw a news about someone falling into the water and being saved by floating on the surface until rescuers arrived. This was a good thing to learn for those who couldn’t swim.

This was the first time he had seen such a spectacular scene in person.

Different from the footage reported in the news, the current scene could truly be described as aesthetically pleasing.

The long seaweed-like hair swayed left and right on the water, like a GIF image, full of Sleeping Beauty vibes.

Lu Jingdu took out his mobile phone and opened his most commonly used app—— Piano Keys.

When he didn’t have piano at hand and his mind was not at rest, he would play the piano app on his phone.

He readily played the nursery rhyme 《Wake Up》.

This was a song generally used to coax children to get out of bed.

And it was geared for children age 3 to 6 years old.

The song was over after a while but there was no reaction from Ning Xiaoyu.

【I’m dying of laughter. Everyone has been chatting for so long but Xiao Yu still hasn’t woken up. It’s probably hard to wake her up with usual methods.】

【I guess she’s a little tired from the long ride so she slept extra soundly.】

Lu Jingdu’s expression remained unchanged. He bowed his head, his movements graceful as he played another tune.

This time, as soon as he played the prelude, Ning Xiaoyu became completely awake.

She opened her eyes with a bewildered expression. “Ah, what time is it?”

【Hahaha, Movie King actually played the phone alarm ringtone! Splendid!】

【This ringtone was a nightmare for me throughout my school years. The thought of getting up enveloped me as soon as I hear this ringtone. Occasionally, when I hear this piece of music, my heart freezes.】

【Since graduating from high school, I’ve completely abandoned this ringtone that came with my phone’s alarm clock! I won’t touch it.】

Seeing that Ning Xiaoyu had woken up, Shen Yueyue quickly smiled and said, “It’s still early, everyone is still performing.”

Ning Xiaoyu gave a sleepy “Oh”. In other words, she hadn’t been asleep for long.

Shen Yueyue blinked at her. “The prince ‘kissed’ you awake with a melody.”

Ning Xiaoyu was baffled. What was Shen Yueyue talking about? What prince and what kiss?

Just as Ning Xiaoyu was still looking like she was out of it, two entries suddenly appeared in the front row of hot searches.



Subsequently, the number of Ning Xiaoyu’s Weibo fans skyrocketed.


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