Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!
Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System! Chapter 21

As an actress, Ning Xiaoyu could be regarded as a multi-talented person. Her talents include dancing, singing, acting in dramas and theater etc., however, cooking wasn’t one them.

The few things she could cook were instant noodles, egg fried rice, and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. They were all things noobs could learn in no time.

Perhaps guessing what she was thinking, the love system added a sentence, 【If you did something that doesn’t match the options, Girl, there will also be a punishment. I have already selected a new script for you. Looking forward to it.jpg】

It actually changed the script? Ning Xiaoyu asked, “Why did you change it?”

The love system said sweetly, 【Because I feel that you don’t like the previous 《What it Takes to Love You, My Runaway Bride》, therefore, I’ve chosen a sweeter one for you!】


Thank you very much!

Afraid that she and Lu Jingdu would once again be locked up in a small dark room, Ning Xiaoyu selected an option in seconds.

However, she was not in a hurry to complete the task. She instead prepared to roast sweet potato for herself. If the system knew that Ning Xiaoyu didn’t choose option B, it would have mistakenly assumed that this sweet potato was specially prepared by Ning Xiaoyu for the movie king.

Roasting sweet potatoes wasn’t difficult, just turn them over once in a while. Ling Zige and Xu Cheng were committed on grilling all kinds of food for the other guests, and they could take whatever they wanted from the plate. Ning Xiaoyu wasn’t polite either and took a few skewers of gluten meat. She ate them while waiting for her sweet potatoes to be done.

Along the way, the love system reminded several times, 【Girl, you should do the task now!】

Ning Xiaoyu casually said, “I got it.”

As she had guessed before, the love task was indeed becoming increasingly difficult.

Of course, this difficulty corresponds to her.

How troublesome it was to make something like a cake. Not to mention that she didn’t know how to bake, and furthermore, the number of steps needed to make a cake was a lot.

Too many steps = Hassle.

And what she hates most was trouble. As for B…… If it wasn’t because neither of the two male stars had roasted sweet potatoes, and that she was too lazy to ask them for help, she wouldn’t have gone the extra mile and roast sweet potatoes by herself.

How convenient was it to eat someone else’s cooked food?

Ning Xiaoyu didn’t start until the sweet potatoes were almost ready.

She found three clean glasses and began filling them.

She didn’t add many things, only one, which was goji berries.

That’s right, what she chose was option C, ‘prepare an edible item for the movie king that he will never forget’. And what she prepared was a nourishing goji berry tea.

Saving time and effort, as well maintains good health. It was simply the first choice for the task.

The love system couldn’t believe it. 【That’s it? You’re just going to give this to the movie king?】

Ning Xiaoyu hummed and said with a flourish, “Soaking wolfberry in water is good for the skin, can improve eyesight, is anti-aging, can nourish the liver and kidneys, and improves sleep quality and has other benefits. Don’t underestimate it, it’s a good thing.”

The love system stuttered a little, 【Is it…… really that good?】

Ning Xiaoyu shrugged. “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you search about it online? System, isn’t it easy for you?”

The love system was silent for a few seconds. It probably really went to search. After a while, it said in a daze, 【It seems that goji berry tea is really good.】 It’s just that, of its bound host’s peers, presented with similar options, 51% chooses A, 48.9% chooses B, and only 0.1% chooses C.

This wasn’t just a random statement but supported by data.

Coincidentally, its host was within that 0.1%.

And according to the big data, that 0.1% of the hosts basically failed in their strategy.

Most of the hosts have good cooking skills and they were willing to work hard to improve it. Just as it said before, grab a man’s stomach and you’ll be one step closer to grabbing his heart.

Who would have thought that the host it was bound to act nothing like the other hosts?

It would occasionally hear its peers joyfully say, “The president praised my host today, saying that the cake she made is very sweet and delicious, and that he wants to eat it for a lifetime. Wuuwuuwuu, the sweetness is messing with my code.”

Also, “The emperor praised my host today, saying that her culinary skill is really good, better than those of the imperial chef. She was promoted on the same day. My host is one step closer to the highest position in the harem.”

That’s right, the hosts bound to each love system were in different eras. The same thing was that the hosts they were bind to send out sugar every day. Unfortunately, the sugar made by its host was extremely hard and it must have better teeth to be able to eat it.

Moreover, there always seems to be something wrong with the sugar its hosts sends out, but its memory was too small, so it couldn’t figure it out.

Ning Xiaoyu prepared a cup of goji berry tea for herself, Shen Yueyue, and Lu Jingdu respectively.

It would have been too conspicious if it had only been brewed for Lu Jingdu.

Ning Xiaoyu quickly made three cups of nourishing tea and delivered one to Lu Jingdu at the first opportunity.

Seeing the cup of tea, Lu Jingdu’s brows went up slightly. “This is……”

Ning Xiaoyu casually explained, “It’s a drink for you. Barbecue at night is too greasy and this is just the right thing for it.”

【Wearing a salted fish onesie while giving Brother goji berry tea, why do I find this scene so funny?】

【The salted fish head is eye-catching! I want to laugh whenever I see it!】

【This outfit really matches Ning Xiaoyu perfectly.】

【This onesie paired with a cup of goji berry tea, I really can’t say anything else except that it’s perfect.】

Lu Jingdu looked at the red goji berries floating in the water, and the first thought that flashed in his mind was— so, besides melon seeds and pecans, she also carried goji berries with her.

Apart from these three things, what else could she pull out of her pocket?

Doraemon’s pocket, maybe that’s it?

The cup of tea looks very beautiful against the backdrop of a seaside bonfire. The clear goji berries sinking and floating in the water carried a kind of magic that makes people’s mood settle down.

Lu Jingdu took the cup from her hand and took a sip on the spot.

The love system watched this scene with a dreamy system face. 【It seems that this edible item will be unforgettable for the movie king. It would be great if the procedure for making this nourishing goji berry tea isn’t so simple.】

What Ning Xiaoyu wants was to make a simple thing. If it was complex, she wouldn’t make it.

After all, she’s lazy.

Edible items, naturally, include drinks. As for making the movie king unable to forget, she reckoned it was the first time he had received such a drink so this was possible.

Therefore, Ning Xiaoyu once again completed the task perfectly.

Although the sugar that the love system got today was still a little hard on the teeth, but wasn’t it better to have some sugar than no sugar at all? Thinking about it this way, it felt that today was a really sweet day because it successfully got a candy from its CP.

Ning Xiaoyu handed the other cup to Shen Yueyue, who readily took a sip and let out a comfortable sigh.

She’s not one for keeping good health, but it’s for relieving greasiness. She accidentally ate too much barbecue just now.

Seeing that they were drinking nourishing tea, Xi Rui couldn’t help but come over and ask, “Xiaoyu, do you have any extra?”

Not letting down Xi Rui’s expectations, Ning Xiaoyu took out a handful of goji berries from her pocket.

Xi Rui wasn’t polite and took five or six of them directly. “I’m already 29, I should drink more goji berry tea to maintain my health.”

Seeing Xi Rui took some, the other staff couldn’t help coming over.

After a while, the goji berries in Ning Xiaoyu’s hand were wiped out.

Looking at the bustling scene on the other side, Mu Jiajia said somewhat sourly, “Making it sound like she’s the only one who has goji berries.” Wasn’t that kind of thing cheap as hell? If they like it, she could give each of them a catty tomorrow.

Ning Yuwei’s complexion wasn’t pretty either.

After a while, she slowly spoke up, “No one stipulated that only Ning Xiaoyu can go this route, right?”

Wasn’t it just that she likes to eat melon seeds and carries goji berries with her?

Wasn’t it just dressing weirdly and coming out with salted fish pajamas?

Since the audience likes it, and other guests were also joining in, how about creating another ‘Ning Xiaoyu’?

Ning Xiaoyu didn’t know that Ning Yuwei regarded her as the number one thorn in Ning Yuwei’s side and even came up with a way to deal with her.

But even if she knew, she wouldn’t care.

After all, Sister Ning was in the jianghu[1]in wuxia, the subculture of the martial arts community; in a crime fiction, the subculture of the criminal underworld for a long time and has never been surpassed.


After dinner, it’s time for the bonfire party.

Ning Yuwei was wearing a black sequined mermaid dress, standing in a graceful and charming manner.

Looking at the beauty under the light, she appeared even more beautiful.

It’s a pity that most of the passerby viewers were used to seeing beauties in the entertainment industry and were somewhat immune to it.

Compared to Ning Yuwei, they were obviously more interested in Ning Xiaoyu. They look forward to seeing more unexpected performances from her.

In a bonfire party, some entertainment was naturally indispensible to livened things up. However, this was voluntary. Guests who want to perform could simply go up, and if they didn’t want to, they could just stay on their place and be a quiet spectator.

Xi Rui went up and did a hot dance number, which received a wave of cheers.

She was wearing a champagne colored short dress with some tassels underneath that sways as she moves.

The hemline of her skirt wasn’t long, revealing her slender legs.

She had on a pair of stilettos, expressing the word ‘hot’ to the fullest.

In the end, this dance added a lot of popularity and fans to Xi Rui.

After Xi Rui was Shi Chao, he was a well-known filmmaker of the new generation.

Previously, he hadn’t been getting many shots, so this time he seized the opportunity and went up to play four musical instruments.

Life wasn’t easy, but he has a lot of talents.

It was impossible to be a good director without having one.

Shi Chao performed brilliantly and also attracted countless fans.

After Shi Chao, Ning Yuwei and Xu Cheng went up to perform.

They sang a love song.

Ning Yuwei was talented in dancing but her singing level was average.

However, she’s beautiful and has a good tone, so many viewers buy it.

Originally, many passersby should have been attracted by her performance.

However, a few sharp-eyed viewers in the live stream suddenly noticed something. 【Guys, look at Xiao Yu, what is she eating again?】

【It has a red skin. It seems to be jujube?】

【It looks like it, but is it really?】

The cameraman noticed the comments so he thoughtfully gave them a close-up shot.

This time, the audience saw clearly that what Ning Xiaoyu was eating at the moment was indeed jujube! And it’s still xx jujube! The one that looks particularly sweet at first glance.

So, while listening to Ning Yuwei and Xu Cheng sing a love song, Ning Xiaoyu ate jujube to nourish her blood. She’s really enjoying herself!


1 in wuxia, the subculture of the martial arts community; in a crime fiction, the subculture of the criminal underworld


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