A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 115

Chapter 115


Perfect timing. I already had 2 plates of 3 slices of tucarus sashimi ready on hand that I was about to serve. Just as I was about to step in between the silver-rimmed glasses guy and Margo while acting like ‘good riddance~’, Bavarian-sama, accompanied by his guard, Donny, gallantly came galloping here with his horse. 



Bavarian-sama pointed his finger toward the silver-rimmed glasses guy as he spoke to him. He started scolding the silver-rimmed glasses guy about something in Lancaster language. This time, it was the silver-rimmed glasses guy’s turn to grow pale and paler. The look of relief was plain to see in Margo’s expression. 

Since I thought the timing was perfect, I offered both a Bavarian-sama and silver-rimmed glasses guy each a plate of freshly made tucarus sashimi. 

Please, feel free to enjoy them with grated garlic and garlic. Feel free to drink the ale too. 

They started to eat it using a wooden fork I had made. The two of them stiffened. It was a sight I was familiar with. The next moment, they got out of their stupor and started drinking the ale I had poured into a wooden cup. 

According to Margo’s explanation, those two were father and son. So that silver-rimmed glasses guy was also a nobleman. 

Well, I don’t live in the city so that kind of thing doesn’t really concern me. 

Apparently his name was Heinrich-sama. 

Since they were already here, I also invited Heinrich-sama and Bavarian-sama and the guards accompanying them to attend the wedding celebration. Perhaps tempted by the food, the two noblemen nodded their heads enthusiastically and then asked me to shake their hands. 

The three of us shook our hands simultaneously. You know, the kind of handshake the politician liked to do. We shook our hands together at the same time. Noblemen were also considered as politicians so I guess it wouldn’t be weird for them to act similarly like the politicians. 

Then we resumed the wedding preparations again. The soldiers also offered to help. They were being really helpful while the two noblemen were relaxing on top of the blue sheet. 

On a normal occasion, I wanted to chastise them that those who didn’t work wouldn’t get to eat but since their subordinates were working to help us, I decided to turn a blind eye on them. 

I boiled the water for the bath and implemented the ‘ladies first rule’. 

Elsa-san was in charge of the wedding dress. 

Out of the two noblemen, only Bavarian-sama took the bath. What a waste that Heinrich-sama didn’t get to experience the taste of drinking a glass of alcohol after you freshly got out of the bath. 


Now that the food was ready, I also changed my clothes to get ready for the main event. I was honored to witness a precious sight with my very own eyes. Margo in formal clothes. 

Sarasa looked beautiful in her blue dress. Her blue dress had the same hue as the moon in this world. It was the kind of blue that strangely made me feel calm. 

So this is what a wedding ceremony looks like in this world?

I felt so deeply moved to be able to witness this scene. 


T/N: Our first wedding! Congratulations to Margo and Sarasa! I guess next we will have Juno and Elsa’s wedding? 

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