Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 117

Chapter 117


Margo and Sarasa’s happy wedding ceremony had ended and dawn had broken. Everyone had drunk until they all became drunk. They were still laying in the blacksmith workshop, their faces were all pale. 

I went on with my usual daily job. I took care of the animals, stretched my body and started doing my daily training. Recently I felt the power of my ‘wind’ had increased. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Wind level 3.』

While I was training, Ash started making out a loud noise. Ash was showing a reaction he usually showed for any sign of hostility. He was directing it toward me. 

I surveyed my surroundings, looking for any sign of an enemy. Then from the direction of the river, I saw a serpent slithering over here in zigzag motion. 

This is bad. 

Right now, everyone but me was still down from a hangover. I could feel the cold sweat dripping down from all over my body. 

I need to do something. 

The timing was perfect though. I was in the middle of my daily training so I was already donned in my battle gear. 

Time to start the fight. 

I fired a ‘sharpshoot’ arrow at the serpent but my arrow was repelled because of the serpent’s hard scales. I let my arrow and bow go and switched to my sword and shield. Then, just to be safe, I appraised the serpent I was facing. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda has acquired Appraisal level 2.』

【Monster: Serpent. A snake monster. 

Skill: Deadly Poisonous Breath. It can melt almost everything. 

Weakness: It has no resistance against its own poison breath. Repelling its own Deadly Poisonous Breath with the magic ‘wind’ is highly effective against it. 】

At the very last moment, the skill I hadn’t been able to use effectively, ‘Appraisal’, rose in level. To my surprise, I was able to find out the weakness of the serpent. 

Then from the direction of the serpent, I saw two blue wolves gallantly appeared. They moved around while keeping their distance against the serpent. It was really reassuring to know I had a reinforcement. I carefully watched the serpent to find the perfect timing for when the serpent was about to blow its poisonous breath. 

However, the blue wolves couldn’t last for long. They were soon hit by the serpent’s tail, rendering them immobile. The serpent immediately turned its attention back to us. 

Finally, it’s coming…

The serpent leaned its head back, entering the motion for its poisonous breath attack. I outstretched my hand toward the serpent. Then, not long after that, the serpent shot out its poisonous breath toward me. I waited for the timing and….



The poisonous breath was repelled back. The serpent’s hard scales were hideously burned as it was on the receiving end of its own breath. The serpent then stopped moving. Without letting any moment go to waste, I quickly approached the serpent. 

Since the serpent’s head was pretty high up, I then unleashed a backward somersault kick attack, ‘moonsault kick’,  using my boots that I had improvised with iron. 


The serpent’s head was smashed. Then I thrusted my sword to finish it off since the serpent was still wriggling. 

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda is now level 15.

HP: 32→34

MP: 22→24

Vitality: 26→28

Strength: 37→38

Intelligence: 79→80

Dexterity : 37→38

Speed: 36→37 

Has acquired Moonsault Kick level 3.』

I wrote down my new status on a paper I had bought from Sarasa just to be safe. Then I hurried over to the blue wolves. I made them drink the HP potion I had made using irene herbs to tend to their wounds. 

Thank you for always helping me. I’m really grateful for your help. 

I was really lucky to be able to defeat a formidable enemy of mine, the serpent. 


The people who had been lying dead in the blacksmith workshop finally came out. I prepared bread and soup made from mylene detoxification herb for them. When the recovered people saw I had defeated a serpent, their mouth opened up in shock. 


The nobles returned to town. I loaded the dead serpent on a wagon and went to town together with Juno.


Elsa came to greet us when I dropped Juno at her inn. She was really surprised to see a serpent on the back of the wagon. I then went straight to the adventurers’ guild to report the subjugation of a serpent to Dan. Dan was also really surprised to discover I had defeated a serpent. His mouth was hanging open like everyone else. 

I received 9 gold coins and 84 guild points as a reward for subjugating a serpent. I now had 169 guild points. 

Maybe it’s about time for me to start thinking about the next skill I need to get? 

I left the serpent at the dismantling shop and then went back to Dan to discuss the skill I could get. 


T/N: How convenient~ The timing is so perfect for our MC~ Now MC only needs to learn how to utilize that crossbow gun to defeat the lesser dragon!

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  1. Doenyon has spoken 10 months ago

    How “inconvenient” for that Serpent to not be immune to it’s own poison.

  2. Paul has spoken 1 year ago

    I tried to take a quick look back at what the points are for other monsters:

    • The first time we see the points being mentioned was about chapter 9, but around 15 is when we see his amount of points change from 10 to 14. I’m assuming that Goblin’s are worth 1 and Blue Wolves are worth 2 through that alone.
    • Slimes seem not even worth it unless you got a bunch of them so maybe 2-3 slimes for a point each. (See Kobold Fighter)
    • Bats are either 1-3 at least because it gotten mixed with the herb requests.
    • A Kolbold Fighter is assumed to be around 15-16 based in the point amount in chapter 27…which amusingly is also 27 in total: 2 Goblins (2) 3 Blue Wolves (6) 8 slimes (3-4) and that one Kobold Fighter (15-16).
    • A Cockatrice he fought with his two friends was about 44 points (so if he fought one by himself, that’s POSSIBLY 132 points in total?) Chapter 32
    • A Battle Bull seems to be 7. Chapter 35
    • The ash wolf seems not to be counted since there wasn’t a request for it, but merman got mixed in with a goblin at chapter 40, whose total seems to be 127?!? If the Ash Wolf IS actually counted, then it’s roughly a 63 split to either one. I’m assuming that’s a huge error or something. Chapter 40.
    • A hellhound’s 29. Chapter 46
    • Now this is where it changes the merman point count, chapter 57. Point total is 24. From what could be 63 to 24. Since that could mean he didn’t get 127 points in chapter 40, but 27 in total, then the Ash Wolf is the same as a Blue Wolf, 2. HOWEVER, that’s only assuming that there isn’t points for discovery. If there is discovery points, since Keigo’s basically living in the wild and probably frontier, then the boosted points make sense.
    • Chapter 59 has him gain 28 points with Margo for a Grey Bear and a Kobold Warrior. If fought alone, then that could be 58 points total. Splitting the cost evenly would be 29 each without taking into consideration on who’s the more dangerous.
    • Chapter 62, the points get hazy again with the mermen, as the author states that Keigo’s points become 53. I’m going to assume he had brought two mermen (48) and had 5 points before the trade.
    • Lack of any new monsters that he can claim until this chapter. Serpent, 84 points. The highest points of a monster that he has gained solo.
  3. easykiln has spoken 1 year ago

    Levelling up in a true sense, finally being able to defeat a foe he could only cower away from in the past.

    He’s very much a “ranger” archetype, so I kinda want him to get “wood” or “nature” magic. There’s a decent chance magic in this world is only the four element system and non-attribute magic at the bottom level, possibly also with light and darkness, though, and something like that would be considered an advanced attribute synthesized from water and wind. That would put off any possibility for quite a while.

    He doesn’t formally have the taming skill yet, does he? It feels like the skill exp of taking down the serpent with the active assistance of wild wolves should be enough to acquire it, though.

  4. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas has spoken 1 year ago

    Thanks for the chapter! So proud of our MC, he’s getting stronger thanks to his hard work.


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