A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 119

Chapter 119



After I had finished my business with the adventurers’ guild, I went to the dismantling shop. Perfect timing. The people at the dismantling shop had just finished dismantling the serpent. The serpent was divided into its scales, meat, fangs and poison gland. 

They said the scales were pretty high in demand since it was used as a material to make scale mail armor. I should go to Margo’s store directly from here and sell the scales to him. The meat might be tasty but still, I’d have to decline. I sold the serpent’s meat to the dismantling shop for 8 gold coins. 

I didn’t know why the meat could fetch such a high price but remembering the wriggling, slithering sight of the serpent made me feel sick. I didn’t want to eat it. 

I kept the fangs and poison gland though since it seemed I could use it to make something.


When I opened the door to Margo’s armor and weapon shop, I was instantly greeted with the sight of Margo and Sarasa kissing intensely. They were so engrossed in their kiss that they didn’t realize I had come at all. 

This place feels so hot. 

I reflexively slammed the door shut. 

Come on, Ash. Us, hindrance should leave now. 

Ash stared at me with the eyes of a dead fish. Then he whined, seemingly sad. 

The only one who can comfort me is  no one but you, Ash….

While I was being healed by Ash’s cuteness, Margo opened the door, looking visibly flustered as he scratched his head. 

I carried the serpent’s scales inside. Using the paper from Sarasa, I wrote “Serpent’s Scale” and twirled my finger, in order to convey my intention to trade with him. 

Sarasa’s eyes immediately glistened, turning her merchant mode on. She then appeared to be arguing about something with Margo.

The two of you are already married so I don’t think there’s any need for you to fight about it though. 

I didn’t want to throw cold water into their passionate love moment so I decided to give the serpent’s scales to the two of them without taking any money. 

I wrote on a piece of paper “it’s a wedding gift” and showed the paper to them. 

With this, the problem will be solved. 

Margo then asked me if I wanted to have a drink with them but they were still in their honeymoon period after all. I didn’t want to disturb a newlywed couple.

I’m not that senseless. 

I said “going home” to them in Lancaster language. 

Sarasa then asked me to at least take the high quality liquor she had served during her wedding ceremony. I didn’t know how much the serpent’s scales were worth but I was grateful for the gift nonetheless. 


I put the serpent’s fangs and poison gland in the storage in the blacksmith workshop. The experiment would need to wait for another day though. I wasn’t in the mood to lick poison today. I was tired since I had done a lot of things today. 

I cooked a simple stir fry using dried deer meat and vegetables. 

I warmed myself beside the bonfire while munching on the stir fry and sipping the high quality liquor I received from Sarasa. 

Then, I sighed. 

“I’m so tired…”

Humans will finally realize how tired they are the moment they sighed. 

The high quality liquor penetrated my internal organs. The orchestra conducted by the insects and the crackling sound of the firewood. It was my first quiet night in a long while. 

I sat there in a daze for a while. 

After I started feeling drunk and pleasant, I decided to go to sleep. I wiped my body with a wet towel and Ash too while I was at it. Then I thoroughly brushed my teeth. 

I went under the cover, sighing once again. Ash was already deep asleep near my foot. I could hear the sound of him sleeping. 

I took the monster core from the lantern to turn the light off and then snuggled into my bed. After feeling the warmth of Ash’s body and loosening the muscle on my cheeks, I fell asleep without realizing it. 


T/N: I think our MC is feeling melancholic because he’s the only single in his group of friends. 

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