Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa Tsurumanee~
A Trading Company Employee Isekai Survival ~I’m Definitely Not Interacting With Other People~ Chapter 12

Chapter 12


The next morning, I had the same breakfast as usual, bread with eggs. After a quick morning stroll and taking care of the chickens, I decided to go out to gather materials. By the way, I felt like it was a waste if I only used herbs to feed my chicken so I mixed some bread crumbs from the bread I bought in a restaurant in the city.

As of now, my equipment consisted of leather armor, a small arm-mounted shield, short sword and a bow. While I was appraising plants and collecting herbs, I sensed a disturbing presence nearby.

The green monster was there. The ‘goblin’ has appeared. Fortunately, the goblin didn’t notice me yet. That monster was equipped with a dagger in his hand. Unlike a slime, a goblin possessed a somewhat more intelligence, making them a much more fearsome opponent.

But despite that, I couldn’t keep on running forever. I had to prepare myself to face it sooner or later. If there was more than one goblin then, it couldn’t be helped. I had to run away. But right now, there was only one goblin.

I took out my bow, preparing my stance and readied my aim at the goblin by focusing on the center of my body.


The arrow hit the goblin’s shoulder.


The goblin picked up the dagger he had dropped when the arrow hit him. He then turned his gleaming red eyes in my direction. For a moment, my body was engulfed in fear but I readied my shield while pointing my sword at the goblin.


With his dagger ready, the goblin came running at me in one straight line while emitting weird, grating noise.

I blocked the goblin’s dagger attack with my shield, then I countered him by slashing my sword diagonally. My diagonal slash hit the goblin but the cut was too shallow. Green blood was dripping from the wound but the goblin didn’t look deterred. The green monster thrusted his dagger at me in one straight line again.

….. Observe him well.

I took a deep breath, calming myself down so I could observe the goblin’s behavior. The goblin kept on coming at me with one, repeated pattern. 

If that’s the case then…

I blocked the goblin’s attack with my shield again but this time, I countered with a ‘bash’ attack. My ‘bash’ attack hit the goblin’s head.

I had successfully defeated my first goblin.

『Individual Name: Keigo Okuda went from lv 3 to lv 4.

HP: 8→10

MP: 3→4

Vitality: 5→6

Strength: 9→11



Speed: 10→12』

As I thought, the amount of experience I gained from defeating a goblin was different from the amount I gained from defeating a slime. Even though the goblin’s attack was monotonous, it’d still be quite dangerous hadn’t I had a shield with me. The fact that I was able to defeat the goblin now was thanks to my considerably good luck. 

Just in case, I appraised the goblin.

【Green Goblin: A demi-human monster that inhabits the entire Lancaster region.】

From the goblin, I collected his ear, dagger and monster core. The ear would serve as a proof of subjugation. In fact, I already confirmed it myself that submitting the ear was what they needed for confirmation yesterday. I didn’t want to hold the ear as it was so I wrapped it adequately with leaves. 

I did not run into any other goblin after that. I returned to my shed after I finished foraging and defeating slimes. One of the new items I acquired today was a fruit that resembled grapes. I decided to give it a try later.

Of course, I was ready with a plastic bottle containing the boiled mylene antidote herb in my left hand.

【Mylene Detoxification Potion: Can detox poison (small), can effect faster than just the leaves】

If the fruit was poisonous, I had to drink this antidote immediately or things would turn ugly. 

The fruit tasted a little sweet and sour. But, it didn’t taste like a grape. It tasted strange. I didn’t feel any discomfort in my body though. In fact, I actually felt better than before. 

I appraised the fruit I had just eaten.

【Delune Fruit: Can restore HP, MP and vitality. (very small)】

I think I could use this fruit to make potions too. I should try doing various experiments later.


T/N: One small step for humanity, one big leap for our MC! Defeating a goblin I think is the same as defeating a grade schooler with a kitchen knife. So props to our MC! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

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